This Famous Female Serial Killer Will Haunt You After Watching 'Lore' Season 2


Spoilers ahead for Lore Season 2. Just in time for Halloween, Amazon is releasing the second season of Lore, their series based on the wildly popular true-crime podcast from Aaron Mahnke. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll like true crime (Too scary? Too chilling?), you’ll like this series — trust me. Every episode of Lore tells a creepy tale from the past through eerie historical reenactments, and just when you think you know the twist in the tale, Lore leads you another way. Sometimes the truth really is stranger (and much scarier) than fiction.

Every episode of the show starts with a warning: “Everything you are about to see is based on actual people and events." And it means it! Season 1 of Lore told the stories of Mary Hart, who was buried alive in 1800s New England; the man who invented the lobotomy, Dr. Walter Freeman; a look into the gross-out, voyeuristic world of public executions; and the “OMG please stop" tale of the haunted Robert The Doll.

Season 2 doesn’t disappoint, either. These are some of the creepiest, true tales from Lore Season 2. Oh, but consider this your last warning — you're definitely going to be sleeping with the lights on and one eye open after this TV marathon.

The Hinterkaifeck Murders

In 1922 Germany, someone murdered a whole family of farmers in their home and barn. That murderer then proceeded to live in the house with their dead bodies, eating their food and reading their newspapers, for several days. But wait, it gets worse — it’s thought that the very same murderer “haunted” the family like a ghost, watching their every move and possibly living in the attic, walls, and barn on the family’s property.

The creepiest thing? Even though hundreds of suspects have been interviewed in the case, it’s never been solved. In 2007, some German police academy students claimed they may have solved the murder, but they never released the results… so did it even happen?

The Story Of Burke & Hare

Two Irish men are living in Scotland, where they’re looked down on as grubby immigrants who can barely make a buck… that is, until they find the body of a fellow lodger and decide to sell it to a doctor to use as a cadaver for medical school autopsies. At the time, the only bodies that could be donate to science were those of criminals, orphans, and people that wouldn’t be missed, so there was big money to be made in trafficking bodies.

Seeing how much money they made off of one body, Burke and Hare (who were both named William by the way) decided to, you know, help along some others in the town. And murder them. One by one. Hare eventually sold Burke down the river in exchange for immunity, and Burke was hanged. His body was donated to science, and it still sits at the Anatomical Museum of Edinburgh Medical School. Irony is fun, huh?

Jack Parsons, The Demon Conjurer

Jack Parsons is considered the father of modern rocket science, and by all accounts, he was a mathematical genius. He was also a devil worshipper, believing that not only could he send a rocket ship into space (easy!) but that he can also conjure up a demon. He even hung around with Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard before Hubbard stole his girlfriend.

Thirty years later, Parsons had set out to do everything that he said, but he was stuck searching for Marjorie Cameron, the woman he allegedly summoned and lost. Parsons spent many an afternoon experimenting with ways to bring her back, but one of those experiments went awry and killed him. Oops.

Elizabeth Báthory, The Prolific Serial Killer

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed was just your average everyday Hungarian countess, if said countess decided that, in order to stay young, she needed to drink/bathe in the blood of virgin peasants. She was a prolific female serial killer (Guinness World Record touts her as the top-murdering, but it's been debated). She killed and tortured countless women, only getting caught when she set her sights on a noble to use in her youth-seeking sadism.

Welp, will you be able to sleep tonight? Probably not — you'll probably just be doing research on all of these creepy tales. Don't worry — you won't be alone.