The 41 Everyday Products On Amazon That Will Put Your Current Versions To Shame

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If someone told you there was a better version of a product you're using, you'd be curious, right? In this case, hundreds and thousands of reviewers are raving about these everyday products on Amazon that will put your current versions to shame — so why not make the switch?

For example: There is no reason you should own a bottle opener that only works 40 percent of the time. Nor is there an excuse for spending money on a bath mat that smells like mildew 30 minutes after you take a shower. It's natural to get used to certain products and even remain loyal to them, despite the fact that they aren't the highest quality or the most expensive version on the market. But you should never have to settle for something that isn't as effective as it could be — and you needn't break the bank to own a product that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

These gadgets and tools that you use every day are among the absolute best products on Amazon, with so many great reviews that it's impossible not to want to own them right this minute. They include some of the best kitchen gadgets you've never heard of, like a genius brownie pan that leaves you solely with crispy corners, and they share a lot in common with products you already own or need — only these are much, much better.

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