These Ab Wheels Are The Secret To A Sick Core Workout At Home

by Kim Quindlen
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On days when the gym feels like a world away, an ab wheel is the type of exercise equipment that can help you get a workout any time, any place, or anywhere. As long as you have access to a flat surface, you're just one step away from a fantastic core workout — all you need is one of the best ab wheels at your disposal.

But not all ab wheels are the same. Not only can quality and construction differ from model to model but there are various features that cater to different fitness levels, athletes, and workout styles. For example, if you’re looking for a more intense and challenging ab wheel workout, you should consider an option with built-in resistance that will help you topple your ambitious fitness goals. Or for a total body workout, you should invest in an ab wheel with foot straps, that you can use to work both your upper and lower body. Then, there are travel-friendly options if you're looking to take your workout on the go, budget-friendly options if you're broke, and the list goes on! 

But if you're feeling overwhelmed by your options — don't worry. I've done the heavy lifting for you and found some of the best ab wheels no matter what your individual fitness goals may be.

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A Wide Ab Wheel With Built-In Resistance To Maximize Workouts

This wide ab roller wheel makes the most of your workout time with built-in resistance. Through the interior kinetic carbon steel spring, you’ll encounter additional resistance as you roll out and roll back, so you can further challenge your muscles in order to meet your fitness goals. And thanks to the width of the wheel, you’ll have more stability for multi-directional exercises, allowing you to customize your workouts to the intensity level that you prefer.

According to one reviewer: "Love the wide roller and the curved handles. Overall, it relieves the stress on my hands and wrists. Because of that, I have found that I use it far more than the last ab wheel I purchased. I'm starting to see results in my upper abs (been using it for about a month) and will continue. It isn't easy, but the challenge is worth it."


A Compact, Travel-Friendly Ab Wheel With Arms That Come Apart

With the ability to be taken apart, this portable ab wheel is the perfect lightweight workout device to take with you on-the-go. Not only is it small and easily transportable – it also has many features that facilitate a great workout. The wheel provides excellent stability, and the traction tread makes it easy to exercise on any surface. This ab roller also has comfort grip handles with finger ridges to prevent your hands from slipping, allowing you to focus all your energy on your workout.

According to one reviewer: "I workout six days a week and was looking for an ab roller to compliment my training, this product fits the bill perfectly. This is a quality product, very sturdy, ergonomic handles and has a non slip wheel that works great on both hardwood floors and carpets."


A Value Pack That Comes With A Jump Rope, Knee Pad, and Push-Up Bars Included

This three-in-one ab wheel kit is a great value to help you meet your fitness goals. The two-wheel ab roller is built with a longer handle pipe that provides anti-slip resistant foam, giving you additional stability and providing excellent support to your body as you roll. The push-up bar also has features that protect against slipping, including anti-slip lines and protective rubber at the bottom, which mounts it to the ground and gives you better support when doing push-ups. Additionally, this value set comes with a jump rope, so you can build cardio into the routine whenever you’d like. Combined with a knee pad that protects your knees from injury when rolling forward and backward with the wheel, this ab wheel will give you the full workout you were looking for, with the comfort and support you deserve.

According to one reviewer: "Good quality, very stable pushup bars, even when using them with elevated feet at steep angles, etc. Ab roller works very well and the padded mat is just enough to protect your knees. Fast shipping and a great price for what you get."


An Affordable Ab Wheel That Gets The Job Done

Perfect for any fitness level, this cheap ab wheel features two non-skid wheels and textured rubber-grip handles for extra stability and comfortable use. Even at such a low price, one reviewer said, “It works just as well as more expensive simple ab rollers.” Made of stainless steel and designed to accommodate all experience levels from beginner to advanced, this ab wheel is a great addition to any athlete's workout routine that won't break the bank.

According to one reviewer: "Used it twice now since I've got it and love it. I work out daily and It was getting harder to find something to switch up my routines. I know that your body needs change in order to gain. So I thought I would try this out. And it not only worked my abs but the next morning I felt sore in my arms, upper and lower back and even my thighs."


An Ab Wheel With Foot Straps For Upper And Lower Body Training

This ab wheel with foot straps is an excellent tool for anyone looking to build muscle in many different areas of their body. The multi-directional wheel allows you to complete various exercises and to move in multiple planes of motion with greater strength and better balance. Best of all, the foot pedal will give you a more versatile workout, and the opportunity to work on upper and lower body training in addition to core training. By placing your feet in the wheel’s secure and adjustable straps, you can add an extra challenge to typical push-ups or leg lifts, thereby getting a great workout not only in your core, but in your chest, shoulders, back, thighs, glutes, and other muscle groups.

According to one reviewer: "I have several ab-wheel/roller products in my garage gym. I find that each one has unique characteristics that suit certain exercises better than others. I purchased the Lifeline Power Wheel for the main purpose of doing glute-ham raises/curls. I have not come across a better exercise for targeting my hamstrings, without stressing my lower back. This thing will become a staple in my workout routine."

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