Rain Or Shine, These Are The Best All Weather Floor Mats To Keep Your Car In Mint Condition


Keeping your car floors in tip-top shape can make a huge difference, and the best all-weather floor mats are made from durable, easy-to-clean material, like heavy-duty rubber or carpet. Just as importantly, they'll give your floors enough coverage to protect them from the elements — and anything else your shoes may track in.

With all-weather floor mats, you usually have a choice between two materials: rubber or carpet. Rubber floor mats are more resistant to moisture and have deep ridges for trapping mud and water, making them a great choice for rainy and snowy climates. They're also easy to wipe clean with a wet towel. Carpet mats, on the other hand, will more seamlessly blend in more with your car’s interior, and the small fibers do a great job of trapping dust, dirt, and sand, so they're a better pick for lighter use.

These all-weather car mats are universally compatible with most cars, trucks, vans, and more, and they're also easy to trim, so you can create the perfect fit. Plus, you'll have color options, so you can match your car floor completely, or opt for a fun visual contrast. Whichever you choose, these are the best all weather floor mats on Amazon that’ll protect your ride, come rain or shine.

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The Overall Best

A great choice for all-weather protection, these heavy-duty floor mats are made from thick, durable rubber and feature extra-deep grooves for catching mud, water, and dirt. They're resistant to cracking and warping, and the anti-slip spikes on the back keep them securely in place.

Plus, with this set, you can choose from all-season or heavy-duty liners in black, gray, and beige. The mats are also available in a two-piece set for the front seats only, a four-piece set for every seat, or a full-coverage set for every seat plus the floor in between the two back seats. One note: Be sure to double check that the style and number of mats is available in the color you want, as options vary.

According to a driver: “These were so easy to cut [and] to fit to the size of my car. I drive a GMC Terrain and the front mats fit well and had to cut the back a bit to fit, but it was so easy. Definitely recommend, especially to save the carpeted floors from snow, dirt, and dog hair!”


The Best Carpet Mats

If you want something that blends in with your car interior a little more seamlessly, these carpet floor mats are just the ticket. The all-weather mats are thinner than rubber, but are still great for tapping dust and dirt, and they're easy to vacuum clean. And while they're not as heavy-duty when it comes to mud and snow, they're super affordable, so it's totally possible to replace them a little more frequently.

Like the above option, rubber spikes keep the mats firmly in place, but these universal mats are only available in a four-piece set: two mats for the front and two for the back. But here's the fun part: You can choose from 13 colors, including neutrals like black, tan, and gray, as well a wildly unexpected zebra prints in four different shades.

According to a driver: “I’m a Lyft driver, so I have 200-300 people in my car during the average month. The floor mats are cool and a great value, but of course they’re thin and lightweight. I did give them ***** for ease of cleaning because although you have to hold them down with one hand, the dirt comes out easily.”


A Set With A Mat For Your Trunk

If you want to shield your trunk or cargo space from dirt, spills, and weather conditions, this four-piece rubber floor mat set includes protection for the front, rear, and cargo areas. Made from durable rubber with deep ridges to trap snow, water, and mud, the mats feature non-skid backing to keep them in place. They're easy to trim and come in black, gray, and beige.

According to a driver: “Excellent for winter and the trunk piece is key to keeping muddy cleats and sports gear out of the carpet!"


The Best For For Minivans

To protect every row of your minivan, opt for this four-piece floor mat set with deep grooves and contours to trap water and mud, along with stray snack and drink spills. Resistant to cracking and warping, the mats feature non-slip grips to keep them from sliding around, and they can be trimmed to fit your minivan perfectly. Choose from gray, black, and beige.

According to a driver: “Bought these for my 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan and they are wonderful. Great quality and fit wonderful.”


These Futuristic Metallic Mats

If you're looking for some flash, check out these metallic floor mats that come in shades of pink, red, and blue. Although they're not the most heavy-duty on the list, they do feature channels and ridges to effectively trap water and dirt. The four-piece set includes front and rear mats that can be trimmed to fit, and anti-slip backing keeps everything in place.

According to a driver: “The red color almost glows when light hit them and they go perfectly with my red Cruze. They are a rubber material but I didn't notice any strong smell and they do a great [job] keeping dirt and mud from getting into the carpet.”