5 Analog Alarm Clocks That'll Make Your Morning Wake-Up Call Slightly More Bearable

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While most of us have succumbed to the jarring smartphone alarm, it's not always great to keep our devices close by. Good news: The best analog alarm clocks out there can get you out of bed without all the distractions.

The first thing to consider when choosing an analog clock is where you plan on placing it. While a bedside table is an obvious choice, some people prefer to take their clocks on the road with them when they travel. If that's the case for you, be sure to look for a smaller, durable clock that can easily be thrown in a carry-on. Also, something with a plastic frame is way lighter to take along than lugging a copper or marble clock with you.

Another thing to consider is what kind of sleeper you are. If you're a heavy sleeper who can't quit the snooze, consider a clock with a louder or brasher tone to get you up and moving. Or if you're someone who tends to wake up a lot at night, look out for a "no-tick" clock that won't keep you up as it keeps time.

It can be tricky to find the perfect fit for you and your bedroom. So, here are some of the best analog alarm clocks out there to help you narrow down your options.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

This battery-operated bell alarm clock features a "quiet sweep" second hand so it moves smoothly around the face with zero ticking noises. The shell is constructed with cold-rolled steel and a thin, metal coating protects this clock's colors from fading over time. There's also a nightlight button in case you wake in the middle of the night. Just press the button and the face lights up.

The one downside to this clock is the alarm sound. The ringing bells can be kind of jarring first thing in the morning, so if you're sensitive to that sort of sound, this may not be the right device for you. On the other hand, if you need an extra boost to get out of bed, this clock is sure to get you moving.


The Best For Traveling

This battery-operated tiny alarm clock measures at only 2 inches per side, making it super easy to slip into a carry-on (or your pocket!) when you're traveling. It's also made with a plastic shell, so it's ultra-lightweight. And like the best analog clocks, this one also features quiet sweep hands to eliminate ticking. There's a single button that activates both the snooze and backlight, but you may not want to hit that snooze too many times — the alarm gets louder every time it goes off.


The Best With Adjustable Sounds

If you're someone who can't stand blaring alarms in the morning, this adjustable, battery-powered alarm clock features a dial on the side so you can control the alarm level so you can adjust as needed. It also features six soothing sounds to wake to — including birds chirping — so you can have a softer wake-up call. On top of that, this alarm ticks all the right boxes with quiet sweep hands, a snooze button, and easy-to-use nightlight. As a bonus, it comes in several eye-popping pastels so you can match your clock to your decor.


The Best Electric Clock

This electric alarm clock functions like other analogs clocks without you having to replace the batteries regularly. At only 110 volts, it uses minimal power while still keeping time, and the soft-lit glow from the face is gentle enough to work as a nightlight while not keeping you awake. This clock is quiet, and features an easy-to-reach snooze button (which could be a drawback if you tend to overdo it on the snooze). This clock is also easy to read — it features crisp, bold numbers you can see from across the room.

Some reviewers note that the dial is bright, so if you know that will bug you, consider purchasing one with a dial that will eventually shut off.


The Best With An Extra Loud Alarm

This battery-operated, marble-patterned alarm clock features quiet sweeping movement so it won't keep you awake, and the hard metal shell keeps the clock face safe from breaking or cracking. It also boasts a super loud alarm sure to wake even the deepest sleepers, so you can be sure you'll wake up without worry.

This clock doesn't have numbers on the face, which gives it an elegant, polished look, but can be a downside for some. It also doesn't have a snooze button, but this could be a perk if you're the type of heavy sleeper that requires this clock's loud alarm, anyway.

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