The 5 Best Baking Pans


Whether you're a novice baker or a pro, using a high-quality pan is essential to the baking process. Although baking pans come in an array of shapes and sizes for different projects, there's one thing that all of the best baking pans have in common: durability. No one wants to buy a new baking pan only to see it rust, warp, or leak over time. That's why the best baking pans are made of high-quality steel or aluminum construction that is durable enough to withstand frequent use.

When shopping for a baking pan, you'll have to decide whether having a nonstick coating is important to you. Some baking enthusiasts prefer a nonstick coating on their bakeware as it makes cakes and breads easier to lift out of the pan. Nonstick coatings do have drawbacks, however. You should hand-wash them and avoid touching them with metal utensils in order to preserve the coating. On the other hand, non-coated metal pans are harder to remove baked goods from and can at times be a bit more of a hassle to clean.

But, let's get you ready to bake. For more details on the best baking pans you can buy, scroll to see the top picks below.