These Baking Sheets Are Your Answer To Burnt Cookies & Uneven Bakes

When it comes to baking, there are few things more frustrating than when you follow a recipe to a T and your finished product comes out burnt, uneven, or undercooked. But when you stock your kitchen with the best baking sheets available, you can minimize these kinds of mishaps.

Baking sheets generally fall into two categories: rimmed and unrimmed. If you tend to bake delicate foods, like cookies, an unrimmed sheet is a great option because you can easily slide the treats right onto a cooling rack. Unrimmed sheets also allow for better heat circulation.

On the other hand, if you want to prepare a much larger variety of foods, from healthy veggie snacks to baked chicken to a large selection of desserts, rimmed sheets are a better choice because their spill-proof edges will catch any excess juices or other liquids.

In addition to deciding between rimmed versus unrimmed, you'll also want to pay attention to the material your sheet is made out of. The ideal option is aluminum, which is durable, long-lasting, and provides excellent heat conductivity. But another great option is carbon steel, as it is tough enough to prevent your sheet from deforming and contorting in high heat.

No matter what you plan to whip up, the five best baking sheets can help you execute recipes perfectly every time.


The Best Overall Baking Sheet

This baking sheet has over 5,000 reviews on Amazon — and for good reason. Made from pure aluminum, it provides excellent heat conductivity for whatever you’re preparing, and the sheet will never rust. Additionally, the steel rim will prevent warping — something that can happen with thinner and less durable baking sheets when they’re exposed to high heat. Note that although many baking sheets are dishwasher-safe, the Nordic Ware sheet is hand-wash only. In addition to the “big sheet” option listed here, this product is also available in a half sheet (or a half sheet two-pack), a quarter sheet (or a quarter sheet two-pack), and a jelly roll baking sheet.


The Best Unrimmed Baking Sheet

If you’re less interested in preparing a wide variety of meals and are mostly focused on baking items like cookies that need to slide right off the pan, this set of unrimmed baking sheets is a great choice. Both sheets are made out of 100-percent aluminum, with a “no-rust promise” from the manufacturer (in addition to a 10-year warranty). Each one is composed of two heavy-weight aluminum sheets with a layer of air in between them, which acts as an insulator to reduce the temperature of the top layer that comes into contact with your food. This protects your baked goods from any unwanted burns or scorch marks. And thanks to the “micro-dome” technology of these sheets, bake times can be decreased by up to 15 percent compared to traditionally-insulated sheets.


The Best Non-Stick Baking Sheet

If you plan to bake an assortment of meals, from cookies to salmon to roasted vegetables, this non-stick baking sheet set is a solid choice. In addition to two non-stick sheets, this set also comes with a non-stick cooling rack. The material is composed of a heavy-weight carbon steel, which provides excellent heat distribution for a consistent turnout with each use. And while the non-stick coating makes cleanup a breeze, these sheets are still dishwasher-safe. One important thing to note with non-stick sheets: Because they’re darker in color, items will cook more quickly than other standard aluminum sheets, so be sure to pay extra attention each time you test out a new meal.


The Best Budget-Friendly Non-Stick Option

If you want to get even more value out of your investment, this non-stick baking sheet set offers three different-sized non-stick pans for just 15 dollars. The three options include a small sheet measuring at 13-by-9 inches, a medium sheet measuring at 15-by-10 inches, and a large sheet measuring at 17-by-12 inches. Like the set above, each of these sheets is made from a heavy-weight carbon steel material that will provide even heating and prevent warping in high temperatures. Each pan is oven-safe up to 450 degrees, but because of the darker color, first-time recipes should be monitored closely to prevent overcooking. While the previous set is dishwasher-safe, be aware that these three sheets are hand-wash only


The Best Disposable Baking Sheet

If you’re tired of bringing your baked goods to social events and then never seeing your cookware again, this set of disposable baking sheets is a smart solution. While the default option is a pack of 15 durable, aluminum foil pans, you can also select a pack of 30 if you’ll be using them even more frequently. The aluminum material provides great heat conductivity so you can still execute delicious meals. Another perk is that these sheets are all recyclable, so you can experience convenience while still being eco-friendly. Keep in mind that some Amazon reviewers found that the sheets aren’t as sturdy as they’d prefer, but as a solution, they simply double-layered the sheets and then threw out the top one when they were finished cooking or baking.

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