These Are The Best Beach Umbrellas For Fun In The Sun — And Shade

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For having fun without catching too much sun, the best beach umbrella provides an abundance of shade and protection — and they'll stay put when planted in the sand. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when shopping.


Let's be honest, you want a beach umbrella that's durable enough to last more than one season, so it's helpful to understand the materials. Beach umbrella canopies are typically made of synthetic, weatherproof materials. Polyester is durable, dries fast, and is the most commonly used material, as well as one that can be found in many budget-conscious picks, but it's not as breathable as other materials. PVC is extremely waterproof, but heavier than polyester, polyurethane is also relied upon for its superior waterproof properties, and acrylic is considered by many to be the best high-quality umbrella material, but it can be pricier. All of these materials are often designed with built-in UPF to protect against the sun's UV rays. As for the umbrella poles, commercial-grade umbrellas use wood, which is sturdy and attractive but heavy; aluminum poles are lightweight and easy to carry, but steel is more durable. Poles made of PVC are breakable, unstable, and won’t last long outdoors, so I’ve skipped them.

The best beach umbrellas won't blow away on a breeze: Look for ones with either screw-like ends on poles or anchors simply filled with sand. For windy beaches, look for an umbrella that has been tested against high winds.


The walk to the beach will feel longer with a heavy umbrella in tow. Consider a lightweight beach umbrella, especially if you are already lugging other beach gear. Beach umbrellas can weigh as little as a few pounds or more than 10 pounds for larger or heavy-duty versions. Other features like a handle or carrying case make a beach umbrella easier to tote around, and ones that are easy to assemble and take down will always be a favorite.


Finally, how many people are joining your beach party? A canopy extending six or seven feet provides enough shelter for one or two people. For a group of five or so, look for a bigger umbrella extending up to 12 feet wide. A beach umbrella tent can provide even wider coverage, especially as the sun moves throughout the day.

Keep reading for the best beach umbrellas, including a pick with more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon.

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The Overall Best: A Budget-Friendly Umbrella With UPF & Extra Paneling For Maximum Protection

This beach umbrella is the best for offering a respite from the sun's intense rays. It extends 8 feet, with side paneling for additional coverage. The easy-to-clean polyester canopy has UPF50 protection. With more than 4,000 reviews, shoppers commented they especially loved this pick for its superior sun protection.

The canopy is strengthened with steel ribs and its extending pole has a metal tip (the pole's material is not stated) and steel screw for anchoring the umbrella in place, with tethers and ground stakes for extra stability. On hot days, wind vents provide airflow to cool you off. Because its canopy extends slightly more than the average six to seven feet, this umbrella-tent hybrid is ideal for two to three people. (Go with the extra-large beach umbrella for more room.)

This umbrella weighs about 9 pounds and comes with a convenient carrying case. Choose from blue, red or turquoise.

A helpful review: “We purchased this umbrella for an outdoor festival in west Texas. It provided shade and relief from the sun over 3 days. I'm redheaded and fair skinned and didn't have to put sunscreen on— the baby who can't wear sunscreen yet was fully protected also! It was easy to put up and came down quickly. We loved the umbrella retraction instead of messing with tent poles. A great investment!”


The Best Umbrella For Wind

Never worry about wobbly or runaway umbrellas again with this sturdy beach umbrella, designed to withstand strong winds. Though it weighs less than 9 pounds, the base uses a sand anchor to hold it firmly in place. With a UPF50 woven polyester canopy and an aluminum pole, this highly rated umbrella has been tested to withstand 35-mile-per-hour winds.

The canopy spans 7.5 feet, providing shade for about two people. It takes just a few minutes to set up and disassemble this beach umbrella, and the manufacturer includes a sand gopher and shovel to facilitate positioning the pole (plus towel hooks). The umbrella's carry bag has a padded strap and handle for a comfortable hold.

A helpful review: “Excellent umbrella — this thing didn’t move and my family kept talking about how great and sturdy it was at the beach. Saw others taking theirs down due to high winds and broken arms ... this thing is a beast! Didn’t move the entire day. Love the anchor and how deep the pole goes in the sand. As a survivor' of a few swept away canopies on the beach of other beachgoers I realize the safety of a good beach umbrella... this is a winner.”


A Super Lightweight And Portable Beach Umbrella

For a lightweight beach umbrella that's totally a breeze to tote around, this one weighs just five pounds and comes with a carry bag.

The UPF50+ polyester canopy extends 6.5 feet for comfortably sheltering one to two people, and it's vented for airflow. The aluminum pole has a handle and screw-like end to twist into place in the sand, and it also tilts for keeping you shaded as the sun moves throughout the day. This may not be the umbrella that you'll keep for 20 years, but it is the perfect beach umbrella for solo excursions and days when you don't feel like being weighed down while you walk and want to set up shop fast on the sand.

A helpful review: "I really love this umbrella! It's very lightweight so carrying it to and from the beach is a breeze! Also, the screw design in the bottom made it easy to put in the sand."


The Best Resort-Style Beach Umbrella

If you're a beach lover ready to invest in the kind of commercial-grade beach umbrella you see at resorts, this is it. The 7.5-foot canopy is made of marine-grade acrylic (a top choice for outdoor fabric) that resists mold and mildew. The UPF50 canopy is wind-resistant and reinforced with steel ribs and springs, and it connects to an ash wood pole with stainless steel joints designed to withstand the elements. (An optional sand anchor is sold separately for added stability.)

Quality, heavier materials make this umbrella a bit more difficult to carry than some (it weighs 15 pounds), but it does come with a carrying case. You can choose among two dozen vibrant colors and classic striped patterns, including red, navy, and turquoise, to provide shade for two to three people.

A helpful review: “Living near an ocean and frequent trips to the beach, we needed something more durable than the flimsy umbrellas you get at regular stores. This is a serious umbrella, very strong and durable. Quality is excellent, the wooden pole is strong, and the umbrella doesn't sway or have issues. The carry bag is snug, but adequately holds it and makes it easier to transport from the car to the beach. Highly impressed, if we ever need a second to expand the shade coverage, will certainly buy another one of these!”


The Best Large Umbrella Tent For A Party

For more than a few people, you'll want to consider a large beach tent. This heavy-duty pick's coverage is 10 by 10 feet with a UPF50+ waterproof polyurethane canopy and four sand anchors at the end of each steel pole. It also has three adjustable height settings, and it provides more than enough shelter for a party of five or more. (Though if you want even more coverage, there are larger versions covering 10 by 15 and 10 by 20 feet.)

Keep in mind this beach tent is by far the heaviest on this list at about 40 pounds, though its carry bag is equipped with sturdy wheels for rolling it to your spot on the sand. The tent has an impressive 4.5-star rating with more than 1,500 reviews, and shoppers commented it's easy to assemble and put away. You can choose from lots of colorways, including white, blue, and red.

A helpful review: “I'm the type of guy who loves to have friends coming over for parties and hang out at the beach.[...] I was looking for a spacious pop-up canopy that can be transported easily for places like backyard and beach. I got this ABCCANOPY 10x10 canopy tent and I have to admit that it is heavy duty and sturdy. Even though it weighs over 50 lbs, its wheels just made it easy to move around. The setup is easy, I've managed to get it done within 10 mins by myself. Each angle comes with a mounting unit which made it stable against the wind. More importantly, it fits my SUV easily. Does not take too much space when folded.”