The Mixed-Bristle Brush That Everyone With Thick Hair Should Be Using

by Emily Estep

For those of us with normal to thick hair, there's almost no better brush combination than a boar bristles and nylon pins. The best boar bristle and nylon hair brushes combine the conditioning power of boar bristles with the detangling power of nylon to promote healthy hair.

Boar bristle brushes are traditionally used to distribute your hair's natural sebum evenly, creating shinier, softer hair. These brushes are perfect for people with fine hair, but can pose a challenge when it comes to thicker hair. This is where the nylon bristles and pins come in. While the boar bristles distribute the natural oils, the nylon pins penetrate thick hair and aid in detangling.

If you like to blow dry with a brush, consider one with vents for more air flow. Or, if you're looking for an on-the-go option, there are plenty of small dual-bristled brushes. In fact, there's a huge variety out there, so be sure to really think about when (and how) you'll want to use yours most. After all, most women hold on to the same brushes for years, so you want to be sure you're making a sound investment.

These popular boar bristle and nylon brushes, below, all have a high reviews and tackle a diverse set of needs.

A Bamboo Paddle Brush That Amazon Users Love

A mixture of boar and nylon bristles makes this bamboo paddle brush perfect for detangling knots and preventing breakage while still distributing your hair's natural oils for a shiny, smooth appearance. Nearly 1,000 Amazon users are fans of the brush, which is particularly helpful for anyone with normal to thick hair. You can use it on both wet and dry hair, and its sustainable bamboo handle is sturdy and quick-drying.

A Set Of Vented Brushes For Faster Blow Drying

This set of vented boar bristle and nylon brushes includes two brushes that are curved for convenient hair styling. The vents in the brushes allow more air to reach your hair when you're blow drying, which makes the entire process faster and reduces heat damage. The large, curved shape of the brushes allows them to reach more points on your head at once for maximum distribution of the hair's natural oils. While these are especially perfect for thick hair, they'll work on any texture.

A Round, Vented Brush To Create Extra Volume

The round shape of this boar bristle and nylon brush makes it ideal for curling your hair and adding volume while you blow dry. It's even vented to allow more airflow, which dries your hair faster. While the boar bristles distribute the hair's natural, conditioning oils, the nylon pins help loosen knots and separate each strand. You can choose from a variety of sizes depending on your hair's length and texture, and it comes in two colors: gold and mocha.

A Huge Rounded Brush For Long, Thick Hair

If you have long, coarse hair that can be unmanageable, this enormous boar bristle and nylon brush is the way to go. It's more than four inches wide, so it can form both wide curls and bouncy waves. Plus, it has a tourmaline ceramic barrel, which reduces frizz and distributes heat evenly. Its large size makes it ideal for styling extra-long or thick hair, and it has a magnetic handle that was constructed to ease wrist pain.

A Teasing Brush For Small Details, Touch Ups, And Travel

This tiny brush has boar bristles to distribute shine and nylon pins to detangle, making it useful for more than just teasing your hair. It's perfect for touch-ups and for storing in your bag, so you can re-style throughout the day. You can use a teaser brush to add serious volume in a matter of minutes, instead of using hot rollers or styling while you blow dry. And because the brush is so small, it's great for anyone with short hair.

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