These Genius Brow Kits Combine All Your Makeup & Grooming Needs In One

by C Mandler

When I was 12, I started doing my eyebrows myself with zero prior knowledge of what an arch even was and unsurprisingly, I ended up with half an eyebrow missing for most of high school. Now that I know better — though my bleached eyebrows might imply otherwise — I'm not only meticulous with tweezing, but have a veritable repertoire of information on eyebrow maintenance sitting in my brain. I know you folks want the best brows possible, and for that to come to fruition, you're going to need one of the best brow kits to make your dreams come true.

The first eyebrow kit I ever owned was a powder/wax duo from e.l.f. that cost me under $3 and worked like a charm, though since then, I've graduated to the more expensive and complicated stuff, opting for higher price ranges and moving beyond wax and powders towards gels and pomades. Even my first set of tweezers from the utilitarian Japanese retailer MUJI has been replaced with a set of fancy Tweezermans, with one for normal run-of-the-mill plucking and another for pesky ingrowns.

Because everyone's brows are different — varying in factors like length, thickness, volume, and growth patterns — a set of bushy black brows are a different beast to tame from sparse auburn brows. That's why I've selected a variety of products in myriad shade ranges, including a universal brow kit that's perfect for beginners who might not know whether they're a "dark brown" or "medium brown." Additionally, while not all brows are created equal, neither are our budgets, which is why you'll find prestige options and wallet-friendly products alike. After all, everyone deserves great eyebrows.


The Best Prestige Brow Kit

While your bank account may take a bit of a hit with a purchase like this, your eyebrows sure as heck won't. This kit — complete with a cute AF carrying case, making it a perfect on-the-go product to throw into any purse — has literally everything you could ever need to achieve the perfect set of brows. The ABH clear setting gel alone ($22) is a holy grail product that I can't recommend enough to tame even the unruliest of brows and those stencils ($20) will make sure you get the shape you want every time without fail. Plus, the powder duo ($23) comes with not one, but two full shades to help you match your brow color to a T and can be applied with the dual 7B brush ($18) for setting and blending perfection. Oh, and those tweezers ($28)? Forget needing another pair ever again. For those who haven't done the math, these products on their own add up to $111, but this kit on Amazon? $65. Iconic.


The Best Cheap Brow Kit

I mentioned this lil puppy earlier as my ~perfect~ starter brow kit, but I don't think I communicated to y'all just how much of a godsend it really is. This e.l.f. brow kit is by far the least expensive option on this list and works double time with both a brow wax and powder. This means that you can not only make your brows look darker and set them for the day, but that you can also fill in the gaps where hairs are sparse without having to reach for a second product. Plus, this little kit comes with a double-tipped brow tool that's perfectly-sized for controlling exactly where you want to place the product. The only drawback is that the shades are sold from different Amazon retailers at varying prices, but fret not! I've done the work for you and included links to all the available shades, here: Ash, Light, Medium, Dark.


The Best Universal Brow Kit

This universal brow kit from Wet n Wild is the most comprehensive product we could find for folks who may not know their exact brow shade or preferred style... or even really why they want to buy a brow kit in the first place, but they'll figure it out later. But whether you're a seasoned pro or an excited amateur, this brow kit comes equipped with five powders to help you find your perfect shade, a stencil to make sure the shape is perfect, and — my personal favorite part — the tiniest, most adorable brow tools of all time. A tiny round wand helps brush brows upwards for maximum volume, while the double-ended shading and brush tool help apply the product in all the right places. Last, but most certainly not least, it comes with the cutest, tiniest tweezers of all time to pluck stray hairs.


The Brow Kit With The Most Shade Options

With price points relatively consistent across six different shades, this NYX Eyebrow Kit topped my list in terms of color range, providing an option for many different kinds of brows, whether they're brown or black, ashy or grey. With a brow wax that'll keep those puppies in place all day long and a powder duo that'll give you not one, but two different colors to play with — allowing you to truly find your perfect shade match — you couldn't ask for more from a perfectly basic brow kit. Even so, this tiny set delivers with the added bonus of two tools: a slanted brush for product application and a round wand to help brush brows into the desired shape before you apply the wax.


The Best Eyebrow Grooming Kit

Because I recognize that not everyone in the market for a brow kit is looking for a new gel, wax, or pomade, I included an eyebrow grooming kit that isn't makeup-centric, but contains every tool you could ever conceive of to shape, trim, and pluck your brows. This 11-piece toolkit comes with two differently-sized eyebrow razors, two pairs of eyebrow scissors, an angled brush, an eyebrow brush, tweezers, three eyebrow stencils, an eyelash curler (?!), and because we couldn't help but pick something with at least one basic makeup option, this kit has a standard eyebrow pencil in brown, too! All of this is stored in an adorable AND waterproof makeup case, making this set truly the best bang for your buck at a price point under $15.

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