PSA: These Butt Plugs Can Make Vaginal Sex Feel Even Better

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When people hear about butt plugs, anal sex is most likely what comes to mind. And it makes sense — this sex toy is inserted into your anus and typically used to stretch that body part to accommodate a penis. But that's not the only way butt plugs can be used in a sexual setting. Women especially (although, by no means exclusively) can find pleasure in using butt plugs, and not just in order to get themselves ready for anal. In fact, adding one of the best butt plugs for women to your sexual routine can actually make vaginal sex better. I know, it sounds suspect. But hear me out.

When inserted into your butt, a plug presses against your vaginal canal, making it more narrow. This makes your vaginal canal tighter, which creates a more snug fit for your partner if they've got a penis. That tighter fit can also help provide a bit more friction against your G-spot, which means you've got a greater shot at experiencing the elusive G-spot orgasm.

Butt plugs are also great for couples in which a partner with a smaller penis. Again, this has to do with the narrowing effect butt plugs have on your vaginal canal. The tighter fit means your partner's penis feels larger, which could lead to a better time for all.

Another reason plugs should be a part of your sex routine? They just feel damn good! So with that in mind, scroll on for the best butt plugs you can buy on Amazon.


The Best Butt Plug Kit For Beginners

If you're new to the world of butt plugs, this four-piece anal plug set should be the first kit you add to your cart. Anuses don't stretch the same way vaginas do, so they can't immediately accommodate a large plug the way a vagina can adapt to a large penis. Experts say you should start by penetrating with just a finger, and then, once that feels good, work your way up to a small plug, increasing the size as you become comfortable. This kit comes with four different size plugs, ranging from itty bitty to extra large to aid in that training. Each plug is made of soft, flexible, medical-grade silicone — another thing that makes them great for beginners. They all have strong suction cups at the base, so they can securely affix to any hard surface, and the kit even comes with a bottle of lube, which is an important part of anal play of any kind. Remember — you can't use too much.


The Best Inflatable Butt Plug For Anal Training

Another option for anal training? This YossPoss inflatable anal plug. Because it inflates (using a pump), it functions like multiple different size butt plugs in one. Because the pump hangs out of your anus while the plug is inside, it's better as a training tool than a tool to be used during sex, because the cord could get in the way. But it inflates from 1.5 inches to 5 inches, making it a very versatile choice. It has a narrow head, so it's easy to insert, it's made of quality silicone, and it's both waterproof and easy to wash. Like with most other sex toys, just make sure not to use this plug on more than one person: Each new partner should get their own plug so as to not spread infection.


The Best Bead-Shaped Plug

A bead-shaped butt plug, like this Oolong crystal plug, is another great option for beginners. Since it's tapered, you can insert as much or as little as is comfortable for you. As you're able to accommodate more length, you can insert more and more until you're using the entire length of the plug. The silicone material this plug is made of can be heated or cooled, which makes it perfect for experimenting with temperature play. Plus, at just over $5, it's by far the most affordable option on this list.


The Best Vibrating Butt Plug

Vibrators aren't just for vaginas. Case in point? This vibrating butt plug, which looks and acts like a typical plug but with one special surprise — it buzzes! This vibe isn't for beginners, though: It's definitely for folks who are on the intermediate or advanced end of the butt plug spectrum. The vibrations actually come from a bullet vibrator that you insert into the plug. That bullet can be removed and used on its own (and the plug can be used sans bullet, too), so it's really like you're getting multiple different toys in one. The spiral design allows it to be inserted easily, and it also provides added stimulation. But since it's made from silicone, make sure not to use it with a silicone-based lube.


The Best Butt Plug For Furries

Whether you're into a little roll play or are fully invested in the furry community, this fox tail anal plug makes for a fun addition to any sex toy collection. The small, stainless steel plug is connected to an oversized fox tail that's made of synthetic fur. Its tapered head makes it easy to insert, and the tail itself sits outside of your anus while you use it. Almost every reviewer gave this furry little toy a perfect five-star rating, garnering an impressive overall rating of 4.9 stars.

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