No More Slamming: These Bumpers Let You Close Your Cabinet Doors In Sweet Silence


While all bumpers basically do the same thing — protect your cabinets from scratches and reduce that annoying noise when doors get closed too hard — the best cabinet door bumpers are durable, easy to apply with self-adhesive backing, and blend in seamlessly with your decor.

Cabinet door bumpers are usually made from rubber, plastic, or felt. While these options all offer good cushioning, plastic and rubber tend to be more durable than felt when it comes to repeated opening and closing. On the other hand, felt offers a little more noise reduction but can pick up dust more easily. As far as size, the thicker the pad, the more noise reduction you’ll get, but keep in mind: Thicker bumpers may make your cabinet doors stick out slightly when closed.

In terms of color, most of the bumpers on this list are clear or colored to blend in with your cabinets, so they blend in well. And all of these bumpers are easy to apply with strong self-adhesive backings.

In addition to making cabinets quieter, bumpers can be used on drawers, the backs of picture frames, on the bottoms of vases, and other items for added protection and reduced noise. Most importantly, with these cabinet door bumpers, everyone in your house can open and close the cupboards in sweet silence.

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These Classic Plastic Bumpers That Come In Clear & Black

These classic dome-shaped cabinet bumpers are made from durable polyurethane — a type of plastic — and they’re perfect for reducing noise and protecting any cabinet in your home. They’re waterproof, so they’re a good choice for under-sink cabinets that might get splashed. The clear bumpers in each pack are nearly invisible when applied, and the black ones blend well into darker cabinets.

According to reviewers: “These little pads have reduced the noise by 95%. Love it! Worth every penny. Took me a whole 10 minutes to do my entire kitchen and we have a lot of cabinets.”

  • Size: 10 mm diameter/3 mm thickness


These Durable Rubber Bumpers Designed To Reduce More Noise

Featuring a double buffer design with a raised cushion in the middle, these clear droplet-shape bumpers offer extra protection and noise reduction. They’re made from durable, waterproof rubber, but some reviewers have noted that the extra layer of protection can make cabinet doors stick out a bit more.

According to reviewers: “Love these little things. They are amazing since I have way old cabinets that slammed shut. Very happy with my quiet cabinet doors now!”

  • Size: 10 mm diameter/5 mm thickness


These Felt Bumpers That Offer Superior Noise Reduction

These felt bumper pads are a little thicker than some of the rubber and plastic bumpers on this list and blend in well with darker cabinets. Felt offers great noise reduction, but the drawback is that it isn't waterproof, picks up dust more easily, and may not be as durable as rubber or plastic. The felt pads are also available in beige for lighter wood cabinets.

According to reviewers: “My cats like to open the cabinets a bunch at 3 in the morning waking me up. With these, it is significantly quieter. They are a lot thicker than the ones on there previously.”

  • Size: 10 mm diameter/5 mm thickness


These Wide Plastic Bumpers That Offer More Coverage

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These clear cabinet bumpers are made from durable, waterproof polyurethane and have a slightly larger diameter than the other picks on this list, so they’re good for covering more surface area. This size is especially helpful if your cabinet doors don’t perfectly line up with the frame.

According to reviewers: “These bumpers are of generous size and substantially reduces wood to wood sounds when closing cabinet doors and drawers. Quality is A+ and very inexpensive.”

  • Size: 12.7 mm diameter/3.5 mm thickness


This Clear Rubber Bumper Set That Comes With 3 Sizes

For a variety of size options, this set of clear, waterproof rubber cabinet bumpers is a good choice. There are three diameter sizes to choose from — 6, 8, or 10 millimeters wide — so you can select the best one for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and other items around the house that need protection and noise reduction.

According to reviewers: “The different sizes really work great for different sizes of cabinet doors and drawers. Really helps make the cabinet doors quiet when closed.”

  • Size: 6 mm diameter/2.5 mm thickness, 8 mm diameter/3 mm thickness, 10 mm diameter/3.5 mm thickness