The 5 Best Calcium Removers

When calcium (a primary ingredient in limescale) builds up around your fixtures, the average cleaning solution likely won't cut it. The best calcium removers, on the other hand, can get your bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor area looking like new again, but before you purchase any calcium removers, consider the best consistency and formula for your needs.

Calcium removers come in a wide selection of consistencies, including liquids, pastes, and scouring sticks. They all have their pros (and cons), but for the most part, liquids are easy to apply, pastes are especially concentrated, and scouring sticks work without unwanted odors or chemicals.

No matter the consistency, these formulas aim to break down hard minerals, either on a chemical level or a physical level. Most options claim to be relatively harmless, but if you're concerned about harsh ingredients and fumes, opt for a scouring stick or a more natural formula instead.

Ready to get your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond sparkling? Here are the five best calcium removers the internet has to offer.

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The Best Calcium Remover Spray: Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner Spray

If you're looking for something simple, fast, and effective, look no further than Lime-A-Way. The formula sprays on with ease and loosens up calcium deposits without scrubbing. You can use it on sinks, fixtures, tubs, tiles, showers, and glass, and it'll even remove soap scum and rust while you're at it. So far, over 500 reviewers have given it a 4.4-star rating. And while the name says bathroom, plenty of customers say that it works well in the kitchen and beyond, too.

  • Quantity: 32 fluid ounces

One reviewer wrote: "This was the only product that took calcium stains off a new stainless steel laundry tub. No scrubbing required. I spray it on and check the morning after and all residue is gone. Will order again."


The Best Value: CLR Cleaner

For those who have a lot of fixtures to clean, have hard water that's a recurring issue, or are just looking for a purchase that'll save them money in the long run, fan-favorite CLR cleaner comes in a gallon jug. CLR stands for calcium, lime, and rust, and needless to say, this formula tackles all of it. It's also septic- and plumbing-system safe.

  • Quantity: 1 gallon

One reviewer wrote: "This is the only thing that I have found that works on the calcium deposits inside the toilet from this terrible water in Las Vegas."


The Best Scouring Stick: Pumie Hard Water Remover Stick

The Pumie earned its fame because it effortlessly removed hard-water rings from buyers' toilet bowls when nothing else would — but it's also great for scouring away calcium on your sinks, tubs, showers, and tiles. The pumice stone head scrapes away buildup while the long handle gives you leverage and reach. That said, it's designed to work without scratching ceramic, porcelain, or metal, and it's a great choice for those who want to avoid odors and chemicals.

  • Quantity: 1 stick (5 by 1.24 by 1.24 inches)

One reviewer wrote: "I love this thing! I have had rings in my toilet for a few months that won't come off no matter how hard I scrub but sitting with the pumice stone for 10 minutes with minimal elbow grease and it looks like a brand new toilet bowl. Plus I used it on my sink - there was calcium build up or something along the back of our bathroom sink that was there when we bought the house over a year ago, and it came right off with this guy!"


The Best Natural Calcium Remover Paste: Shadazzle Natural Cleaner

It comes in a concentrated paste that works on just about any job around the house — but this all-purpose cleaner is environmentally friendly, made from natural ingredients, and won't harm pets or children. It is free of chemicals and phosphates and its natural ingredients include clay, soap, vegetal oil, vegetal glycerin, and lemon fragrance. As a result, it's a safe way to clean calcium, soap scum, and other buildup off of faucets, tubs, sinks, showers, glass, grills, and even pots and pans. Last but not least, a little goes a long way and each order comes with a free sponge.

  • Quantity: 10.6 ounces

One reviewer wrote: "I clean houses, and I am always looking for a cleaner that worked well. This cleaner is great on water stains on glass bath and shower doors. It may take a couple of applications at first, but you’ll have clean doors when you’re done. Same on that glass cooktop. It also works on those bathroom and kitchen faucets. Haven’t tried it on copper yet, but stainless steel sinks look great after cleaning with it. So far, I’m finding it to be a great cleaner. It also seems to last a decent amount of time."


The Best Cleaning Set: CLR Complete Cleaning Kit

Finally, if you're looking for an all-in-one set so you can hit the ground running with calcium removal, the CLR complete cleaning kit fits the bill. It comes with the same tough-yet-non-damaging formula (albeit in a smaller size) as the best value pick above, but this order also includes a heavy-duty brush, a detail scrubber, and a microfiber towel. When combined, you'll be able to clean everything from taps to boats with ease.

  • Quantity: 28 fluid ounces

One reviewer wrote: "CLR is the best at removing rust stains from our pool deck. It removes hard water stains, too. Appreciate that this kit has its own large and small brushes to keep together. The microfiber cloth is a bonus!"