These Cozy Beds Will Be Your Cat's New Favorite Place To Sleep & They're All Under $30


Cats are pretty much known for their love of a good nap. Since the average feline sleeps for up to 15 hours a day, it's important as a pet parent that you give your furry bud a comfy place to nod off. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap cat beds that will put your pet at ease while they rest, without hurting your wallet.

While most cats would be happy with just a cardboard box to call their own, chances are you probably want to upgrade to a real cat bed to give your pet the best treatment possible. So, a few things to keep in mind. This may sound obvious, but you'll want to pick a bed in the correct size for your cat.

Beyond just size, think about how your pet prefers to sleep: A window-mounted bed is great for cats who love to stare at the outside world, but a bed on the floor is better for a cat that is less mobile. A heated bed is great for an older cat that might struggle to get comfortable, and a cave is a solid option for any kitten that loves its privacy.

Below are some of the top picks for extremely cheap cat beds that your furry friend is bound to love.


Best Overall, All Things Considered

This window-mounted bed can hold up to 50 pounds, installs in just a matter of seconds to glass windows and doors, and comes with a high-grade plastic frame so it's totally reinforced. This also features a cover that's polyester and made to be totally machine-washable and really durable. In short, it's a must have. More than 3,000 reviewers on Amazon give this window-mounted bed a big thumbs up: "My cats fight over the perch. It is definitely like a hammock but my 12 pound cat has yet to fall off/through it," one reviewer wrote.


Best Cave

This adorable cat bed isn't just a funny conversation starter: it's also got a cave-like design that makes it absolutely enticing for cats that love the feeling of being covered while they sleep. Made with soft microsuede and a warm sleep spot, it's also completely washable. This even has a self-warming function so cats feel insulated during rest. One reviewer wrote: "It lives by the front door and makes me smile every single day when I get home and see her in it. It's done fine in the wash, and there's plenty of room inside for her (9 lbs.). Worth the gamble."


Best Cube

This cat cube, which is just under 17 inches in height, is made with downy-soft synthetic sheepskin, faux suede, and has a sturdy construction that is still easy to collapse flat when you're traveling or moving. The cube comes with a house area, which makes for a great retreat for cats, plus a cushioned top that'll be impossible for cats to resist. The hanging ball included in this also helps push kitties toward more interactive forms of play, so they can have fun and then go to sleep, too.


Best For Burrowers

This two-in-one bed functions as either a mat or a tunnel bed, and has a soft faux Sherpa liner that wraps your pet in comfort with a protective tunnel shape to make cats feel more secure. It's small and compact, so it'll fit in virtually any corner and can be used on everything from a bed to the floor or the backseat of a car when you're traveling. It comes with a durable zipper to keep it from caving in, and easily unzips into a flat mat for use as a warm blanket or as the base of your pet’s bed.


Best For Older Cats

This self-warming bed is one of Amazon's top-selling cat beds, and it gets rave reviews for its affordability and for how well it works with thinner, smaller cats that relish more insulation in beds. But, because it features a thick padded base and is made of faux lamb's wool material, it's also great for older cats that aren't as mobile and need softer materials to sleep in. It even generates warmth without electricity, simply by reflecting your cat's own body heat. The bed also comes with a non-skid base so it stays where you put it. "All five of the fur-monsters love these beds. Sprinkled a bit of catnip in each bed to encourage exploration.... it worked," one reviewer noted.

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