The 5 Best Cheap Vibrators

While plenty of people will say that one good vibrator is all you need, I'm of the opinion that it's better to have a wardrobe full of sex toys. Sometimes you want the power of a wand vibrator, and other times a simple bullet will do. And since no one vibrator can do it all, having more than one on hand ensures you'll never have to miss out on exactly what you're craving. But if you don't have a spare few extra hundred dollars to shell out on assorted sex toys, you'll be glad to know many of the best cheap vibrators work just as well as their more expensive counterparts. And luckily, Amazon has a whole host of wallet-friendly vibes for your masturbatory pleasure.

The most important thing to remember is that a good sex toy will be made of silicone, which is safe for use both on and in your genitals. If it's not made from silicone, you might want to be wary about putting inside of your body, since the skin in there is extra sensitive.

Many of the cheapest vibrators also tend to be battery-operated, which can wind up costing more money over time than investing in a more expensive vibrator that comes with a charger. It's up to you to weigh out whether or not the initial cost overrides the long-term expense of buying batteries over and over again.

Scroll on to discover five of the best affordable vibrators you can get on Amazon.


Best Cheap Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrators can run upwards of $100, but this cordless wand massager gives you the same bang for your buck at a fraction of the cost. This wand massager is great for people who are mostly looking for clitoral stimulation, and despite its affordable price, it's quite powerful. It has 10 different speeds for variety, is made of medical-grade silicone, and comes with a USB cable for charging — a rarity with cheaper vibrators.


Best Cheap G-Spot Vibrator

If internal stimulation is more your speed, then pick up this dildo vibrator. This $17 toy is shaped like a penis and ergonomically-designed to hit your G-spot. Battery-operated and made of medical-grade silicone, it has a realistic feel and offer 10 unique pulsation modes. And, like a lot of G-spot vibrators, this toy can be used in plenty of other ways: It feels great on your clitoris and can be used for anal penetration as well.


Best Cheap Bullet Vibrator

Whenever people ask me about my must-have sex toys, I always mention a bullet vibrator, like Gobest's bullet stimulator. Bullet vibrators are good for everyone — newbies and vibrator pros alike — and they're also great for travel, since they're typically small and discreet. This one is waterproof, made of silicone, and has 10 different speeds. Not to mention, it's another rare cheap vibrator that's rechargeable via USB. In addition to using it on your clit, you can slip it into your vagina for some G-spot action, too.


Best Cheap Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators tend to be on the pricier side, but this rabbit vibrator rings up for just $20 — but it doesn't skimp on quality. The head rotates and vibrates, while the little bunny ears tickle your clit, creating the ideal situation for the elusive blended orgasm — when both your G-spot and clit are stimulated at the same time. This battery-operated toy has six speeds total: three for its head and three for its rabbit.


Best Cheap Clitoral Vibrator

A clitoral-specific vibrator, like this waterproof rabbit vibrator, is great for folks who just want to focus on their love nub. But it's not just for your clit: You can also use it on your nipples, along the shaft of a penis, and under the testicles. It has nine vibration modes for a unique bit of variety and is made of waterproof silicone. Plus, it's USB-rechargeable — a major bonus.

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