Get Softer, Healthier Hair With This Under $15 Miracle Oil


As far as multi-tasking beauty products go, coconut oil is undoubtedly among the most versatile (I mean, you can even cook with the stuff). Not only can it be used to remove makeup, moisturize your body, and keep your mouth clean, but it also makes for a fantastic hair mask. Choosing the best coconut oil for your hair is pretty straightforward if you plan on using it as a mask since all you're really looking for is one key ingredient. However, if you're looking for a coconut oil-based leave-in treatment or styling product, your options widen up a bit.

Aside from using coconut oil as a hair mask, you can also buy it in spray or serum form. Usually, however, these formulas will be mixed with other ingredients — so if you're interested in the pure stuff, stick with a good old tub of cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil; it's one of the best things you could put on your hair, anyhow. That said, the options on this list comprise of a great, leave-in oil for daily nourishment, an easy-to-use spray to detangle knots and fight frizz, and a set of travel-friendly hair masks in single-use packets. Whatever coconut oil formula you wind up choosing, you'll be fast on your way to smoother, healthier hair in no time.


The Best Coconut Oil For Your Hair (& Everything Else)

For a standard tub of unrefined, cold-pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil that you can use for everything (cooking, skin care, et cetera), this pick from Viva Naturals checks all the most important boxes and then some. The coconut oil is USDA certified organic, non-GMO, and packaged in a large, 16-ounce jar — pretty impressive for less than $10.

For the softest, healthiest hair of your dreams, apply this coconut oil on freshly-washed hair and leave it on for anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight. To avoid getting it all over your pillow, pick up a pack of these handy processing caps (a 100 pack will set you back just a few dollars). Apply the oil, put on the cap, and go to sleep; when you wake up, rinse the oil out, and be amazed at how smooth and soft your hair is. This is especially recommended for anyone with dry or damaged hair — trying doing a coconut oil mask once a week.


Best Leave-In Coconut Oil

An Indian beauty secret, the Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil helps promote not only healthier hair, but also a healthier scalp. The first ingredient on the list is coconut oil, which is then combined with a blend of herbal ingredients like rosemary, lemon, and Indian gooseberry (or amla), which have scalp-stimulating properties. In addition to providing moisture and nourishment, this leave-in oil helps promote thicker, fuller hair and stronger roots. The lemon and rosemary in the formula can even help treat dandruff and itchy scalps.

For under $7, you get two bottles. Just keep in mind that, since it's made of a real coconut oil base, the product might solidify if kept in a cool environment. That doesn't affect the quality of the oil, however, so just pop some in the microwave or store the bottle in a warmer environment to keep it in liquid form.

"This is the ONLY product I can count on for no frizz and total weightless control. Leaves my hair extremely soft for days, not greasy or heavy at all," one reviewer commented. Another wrote, "My dandruff is totally gone. Not a flake or itch. My scalp is clear and my hair smells awesome. Like coconut macaroons. I love this product. It was so cheap and so effective."


Best Leave-In Coconut Oil Spray

If convenience is your top priority, you'll love this hassle-free spray from Shea Moisture. In this formula, coconut oil and coconut milk combine to fight frizz, detangle knots, and soften hair. Other key moisturizing ingredients include argan oil, sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, and keratin, which work together to restore hydration and enhance shine. Spray this treatment on damp hair and proceed to style or air dry as usual. It's a great choice for any hair type, and it smells delicious too.

One fan of the leave-in spray wrote, "Moisturizes and defines curls beautifully without extra weight. Smells great too." Another reviewer commented, "My favorite go to product for natural hair moisture. Helps to untangle tight curls and leaves hair moisturized."


Best Fractionated Coconut Oil

Without getting too technical, fractionated coconut oil is basically coconut oil in liquid form (unlike extra-virgin coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature). That's why usually it's sold in a bottle, as opposed to a jar. This fractionated coconut oil from Viva Naturals provides the same moisturizing benefits as extra-virgin coconut oil in a more user-friendly form. The bottle has a convenient pump top, making it easy to rub into your hands and comb through your hair when you're in a rush.

For those who are into creating their own DIY skin and hair products, this USDA certified organic coconut oil is the perfect carrier oil. Trying mixing some with tea tree and/or rosemary essential oil to create your very own scalp serum.


Best Coconut Oil Hair Mask For Travel

Though it's not pure coconut oil, this hair mask from St. Tropica still offers serious deep-conditioning benefits. Packaged in convenient, single-use packets, the formula contains a blend of botanical ingredients, like green tea, coconut butter, hibiscus, and amla, which work to soften hair, repair split ends, tame frizz, and enhance shine. Coconut oil is listed first on the ingredients list, meaning that's the most predominate ingredient in the formula, so you're definitely getting those hair-strengthening benefits. It's technically formulated to be used as a hot oil mask, so just place a packet in the microwave or in hot water to warm it up. Store a few in your gym bag and toiletry kit so you always have a treatment on hand.

"My hair was seriously dry after years of coloring, plus I get frizz from all the damage. This is the only product that helps my hair look smooth and shiny, without weighing it down," wrote one reviewer. Another commented, "Love this. Great for extremely dry hair and it has the highest EWG rating for a hydrating masque."

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