These Leggings Can Actually Improve Your Athletic Performance

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OK, so you’ve been trying to beat your personal record for months but you can’t quite get there. You’re so close you can almost taste it. What if you could boost your performance just by wearing different clothes? It turns out that getting the best compression leggings for running might be the answer you've been looking for.

Although somewhat controversial, there is evidence to suggest that using compression technology can increase your aerobic threshold while running. Using compression panels that are built into the athletic fabric, the idea is that they hold your muscles in place, thereby increasing blood flow. The enhanced circulation is thought to improve the oxygen cost of running (also known as the running economy), which in turn improves your overall athletic performance. Other possible benefits include increased proprioception, better muscle coordination, a reduction in muscle swelling, and significant decreases in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

All sounds pretty great, right? Though the verdict is still out on exactly how much the technology improves your training, they don’t cost any more than regular running tights and they're super comfy to wear, so why not? There are tons of different features — like those that are moisture-wicking or suited specifically for certain types of weather — and they come in countless colors and styles, too. Here, we've gathered the best running leggings with compression technology to help you set that PR once and for all.


Leggings With Moisture Wicking Technology That Keeps You Dry While You Work Up A Sweat

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Nordic, $60, Amazon

You're a badass babe who works hard when she runs which means you also sweat — a lot. These fantastic compression tights from Nike have the seemingly magical ability to wick moisture as you run, keeping you dry and free of damp, sticky perspiration. The magic happens via Nike's Dry-FIT technology, which blends microfibers with polyester to transport sweat from your skin to the surface of the leggings where it evaporates. On top of that, these awesome running tights feature flat seams which make them ultra-comfy and flexible.


Leggings With Cold Weather Protection So You Can Actually Enjoy Winter Runs

Tesla Women's Thermal WinterGear Compression Leggings, $8-14, Amazon

If running in your neighborhood looks more like jogging through the set of The Day After Tomorrow, you'll be obsessed with these ultra-warm cold weather running tights. Constructed with TeslaGears winter technology, the fantastic compression leggings wick sweat while trapping and retaining your body heat, delivering excellent thermal insulation. They have an extra layer of non-abrasion protection to prevent chafing while you move, along with deodorizing properties to cut down on odor. All of this on top of getting your blood flowing with their compression fabric. The best part is that these awesome tights are offered at a budget price so you don't have to go into debt to afford them. One word of caution: they run small, so order a size up.


Incredibly Comfortable Leggings That Come In A Range Of Sizes

Women's Compression Capri Tights, $42, Amazon

Offered in convenient 0X to 3X sizing, these spectacular compression leggings feature quick-drying material, a high-waist, and four-way stretch fabric that's easy to move around in. If that's not enough, the flexible-fitting capri tights also have flat seams, making them perhaps the most comfortable running leggings on the planet. They are made mainly of nylon with a hint of spandex, offering stellar compression panels that encourage blood flow and boost circulation. Two more awesome words: machine-washable.


Leggings With A Heavy Compression Design That Also Have A Handy Pocket

Puma Women's Everyday Train Graphic Leggings, $30, Amazon

These thick polyester-elastane running leggings are built with a heavy Interlock compression material that offers total coverage during your jogs, getting your blood flowing in a major way. On top of intense compression properties, the material features dry cell technology that pulls sweat from your skin while you run, keeping you dry, too. They have a mega-comfy wide bonded waistband with power mesh and a convenient cell phone pocket in the back so you can listen to tunes while working out. As a final touch, the tights, which are offered in four colors including olive night, puma black, quarry, and turquoise, are also treated with a bio-based wicking finish.


Leggings Made Of A Lightweight Material That Feels Like Second Skin

Lululemon Align Pant 7/8, $138-148, Amazon

Made from whisper-light Nulu and lycra spandex, these spring and summer running tights will make you question if they're even on. So lightweight as to have a "naked sensation," the fabric offers moderate compression without the bulk. The super snug-fitting leggings are a 7/8 length — longer than capris but with a little room above your ankle for biking (and looking cute). The waistband is feather-light like the rest of the material, so it won't dig in or leave marks, and the high-rise fit won't slip down when you run. Another superb feature of the waistband? It has a secret pocket that fits keys, credit cards, or stashes of cash. This awesomeness doesn't come cheap, but if you can afford to splurge a little, you won't regret it for a second.

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