Roll The Dice On These 5 Fan-Favorite Dice Games


After a stressful work week, there's nothing better than a relaxing (and sometimes rowdy) game night. The key? Choosing the right game for your group of friends or family. Luckily, the best dice games are fun, simple to understand, and easy to travel with.

Hear me out: While there are plenty of awesome board games out there, dice games are the best choice for game night. For one, most are compact and have fewer moving parts, making them easy to travel with. If you tend to gather at someone else's house to play, make sure to look for a game that comes with sealable sides, like a tin or sturdy box, so the die won't slip out when you're traveling. Even better if you can slip it in your purse.

There are a ton of different types of dice games on the market, so you'll also want to consider the group you're playing with. A lot of dice games are logic-based and require quick-thinking (and plenty of math). But if fast-paced games stress you out or you're playing with small kids, you may want to consider an adventure dice game that tells a story as you play instead.

With so many options, it can be tough to find the best dice game for your group. Here's a round-up of some of the best picks out there so you can grab one before your next game night.


A Fan-Favorite That's Great For Parties

Number of players: 3 or more

Age: 5+

What's great about it: This compact dice game is a lot of fun in a little package. Inside the lightweight tin, there are instructions, three dice, and 24 chips. The dice are labeled with L, C, or R instead of traditional numbers. Everyone starts out with chips and the dice are passed between players. Roll an L, and you'll have to pass a chip to the player on your left, and an R means you'll pass one to the player on your right. Roll a C and you'll place your chip in the center pot. The goal is to be the last player with chips. With thousands of positive reviews, it's easy to see why this game is a crowd-pleaser. You can play it with anyone 5-years-old and up, and it requires at least three players, making it the perfect game for just about any family gathering.

What fans say: "This game is so fun, and the more people playing, the more fun it becomes. We have played with up to 13 people so far. I have not played a game yet where all participants are not hooting and hollering towards the end as everyone takes turns rolling the dice."


A Logic-Based Game That Presses Your Luck

Number of players: 2 or more

Age: 8+

What's great about it: This dice-rolling game is a modern twist on Yahtzee, only with higher stakes. The tightly-sealed box comes with instructions, a dice-rolling cup, six dice, and a scoring pad. Each player takes a turn rolling all six dice, then applying their roll to the point system. For example, three dice with the same number earns up to 600 points, etc. The goal is to be the first player to reach 10,000 points, but watch out: If you roll three times and don't get any points, you Farkle, and you lose points instead. Reviewers love the combination of strategy and luck in this game, mentioning that it's just challenging enough to be fun without taking too much brain power to play.

What fans say: "Farkle is a fun game. I learned it this summer with a group of friends and just had to buy it for my family. While you could really just buy some dice, a cup, and scoreless separately, this game is fairly cheap and has everything you need for an evening of fun. I like that, while there is a huge element of luck involved, you still have to make some key decisions that will help you to either win or lose the game."


A Spooky, Super Quick Game With Zombies

Number of players: 2 or more

Age: 10+

What's great about it: Not only does this zombie-themed game go really quickly, but it's also easy to travel with. It's completely self-contained — meaning all 13 dice and the instructions fit inside the plastic dice cup. Gameplay is simple and each round only takes 10 to 20 minutes to play. The goal is to collect as many "brains" as possible. Roll one die of each color (green is the easiest die with the most brains on it, while red is the most difficult with several "shotgun blasts.") You get points for each brain, but if you roll three shotgun blasts, your turn ends with no points. The first to 13 points wins. Reviewers rave about how quickly this game goes, making it a great time-filler between activities or events. It's also a no-brainer (pun intended). There are no scoring sheets or pencils needed.

What fans say: "What a great game! I have an 8 year old who's just starting to get into horror stuff. She wanted this game because of the zombie on the front, but once we started playing the game, she fell in love with it.... I would recommend this to any parent with kids over the age of 5. It's a great counting tool. The zombie drawing on the front is as graphic as anything in the game gets."


A Fun Dice Game For Younger Players

Number of players: 2-5

Age: 8+

What's great about it: This fast-moving dice game is perfect for younger kids (or anyone who has a hard time waiting for their turn!). The goal is to check off as many numbers as you can on your scorecard to win, and everyone gets to participate on each turn. Here's how it works: The active player rolls the six dice — two white and four colored. All players get to mark the sum of the two white dice on their scorecards, and the active player can choose to mark off a colored die. The turns go quickly and the entire game lasts about 15 minutes, so you can play multiple rounds or kill some time while you're waiting. Reviewers love that this game can be played with a mix of adults and kids. Plus, it goes so quickly that it holds everyone's attention.

What fans say: "Our family received this for Christmas and has thoroughly enjoyed it! Ages 7 to 57 had fun playing it over and over again this Christmas. Turns are fast, and everyone gets to participate in each turn. It helps teach logic and strategy, but mostly it's just fun. In particular, Qwixx is a great game for those times when you want to do something fun with the kids, but you don't have a lot of time or energy for something complicated. Fun, fast, and simple."


An Adventure Game You Can Play In A Group Or Solo

Number of players: 1-4

Age: 7+

What's great about it: With this adventure dice game, it's easier than ever to role play without the time commitment. The game comes in a thin box and includes six specialty dice, maps, and a notepad. The goal is to explore and settle the various islands, and rolling the dice helps you collect the resources (such as grain, poultry, wood, etc.) to do so. The best part? You can play this one by yourself if you're traveling and looking for something to do. Reviewers insist this is the best on-the-go dice game. Between the small case and the ability to play on your own, this game hits all the right marks.

What fans say: "We are having to buy a second of this game; we love it so much and the first set keeps getting borrowed! This is a great game to keep in the car. We do a lot of traveling, and this is a fun and entertaining pastime for all of us when we stop at a restaurant or other location where we'll be sitting together with some time to kill."

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