Take Things To The Next Level With These Double-Sided Dildos (& They're All On Amazon)

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Double dildos are the type of basic sex toy that can seem almost rudimentary. But there is actually so much more to them than meets the eye. If you're shopping for one of the best double dildos to buy, Amazon has one of the most impressive selections online.

These toys are great for double penetration if both partners have a vagina, sure. But that's not all they're limited to. If one partner has a vagina, and another partner is interested in anal penetration, you can use them that way; Or, they can be used on yourself during your next masturbation session, if double-penetration is something you're interested in exploring.

Just one point of warning for these dildos, though. You should delegate each side of the dildo to a specific person, and stick to using them in the same hole. So, if you're using one side for anal sex, don't use it for vaginal penetration as well. And if you change partners, you should change dildos. Since these are made of plastic, little bits of bacteria can seep in, and if you're using the same dildo with different partners, you can spread STIs or other infections.

With all that in mind, scroll on to discover the five best double dildos you can buy on Amazon.


The Best Double-Sided Dildo, According To Amazon Reviewers

With over 300 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon, the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies double dong is a clear fan-favorite. "I love this dildo for those times that I want to have deep pleasure without too much girth," wrote one reviewer, who pointed out that this dildo is a normal width. It's the length where it goes above and beyond: It's 18 inches long, making it a perfect choice for couples. You can get this dildo in five different colors, in veined or smooth textures. For an even more stimulating, realistic-feeling sensation, go with the veined pick. Additionally, the jelly dildo is flexible enough to be bent in half, so you can use it on the same person for double-penetration.


A Smaller Version Of The Same Dildo

If 18 inches seems like way too much for you, then grab the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies 12-inch double dong. It's the exact same dildo as the one above, except it's 6 inches shorter. Everything else is the same, including the girth, the flexibility, and the body-safe latex material. Get it in 10 different colors.

"Just the right length and width for two people to enjoy without trouble," commented one reviewer. Another wrote, "This dildo is very flexible but nice and hard all at the same time. My wife can actually use it for double penetration on herself without any discomfort."


The Most Realistic-Looking Double-Sided Dildo

For those who like a little realism when it comes to their sex toys, this toy from Shequ is a great option. This lifelike dildo is complete with two differently-designed heads and a veined shaft: one head looks circumcised, one doesn't. It's flexible enough to bend in half, it's waterproof, and it's an Amazon best-seller with an outrageously high 4.8-star overall rating.

"I love it: It's incredibly soft and very flexible. The details are great and I enjoy that both ends are a little different," one reviewer wrote. "I love how much both ends feel like a real dick, so soft" commented another.


The Best Double-Sided Vibrator

Take things to the next level with this double-sided vibrator. Each of the two shafts has a vibrating motor inside, and the ends are textured for even more stimulation. It's relatively flexible, though not as flexible as the other dildos on this list, but it does come equipped with 10 different vibration modes. Measuring at 14 inches long, it's also easily rechargeable via USB.


The Best Double Dildo With A Suction Cup

The Pipedream King Cock Dildo is perfect for solo double penetration, thanks to its strong suction cup base that adheres to any firm surface. The penises are positioned in a way that makes it easy to penetrate your vagina and anus at the same time, and they're textured with veins for a more realistic look and feel. The vaginal dildo has good girth, while the anal dildo is slightly thinner for easier accommodation. It offers 10 inches of length, making it a great option for beginners and pros alike.

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