Take The Strain Off Your Dog's Back & Legs With These Elevated Bowls Pet Parents Love


Throughout their lives, a dog’s needs can shift dramatically from one stage to another, and the best elevated dog bowls can be a beneficial pick, especially dogs with arthritis or other issues with their back, legs, or neck since they reduce the strain of having to bend down.

However, it's important to note that while elevated dog bowls can be beneficial for some dogs, they may not ideal for others. If your dog is a large breed, eats very quickly, or if bloat is a concern, it may be best to avoid elevated dog bowls.

When choosing the best elevated dog bowl for you and your furry friend, consider the following:

  • Size and shape: When purchasing an elevated dog bowl, be sure to pay attention to the capacity and height. Many of these come in multiple sizes so it's a good idea to measure before clicking "add to cart." But there are also adjustable elevated feeders if you're not sure or if you have a pup who is still growing.
  • Ease of use: You want to purchase a sturdy elevated dog bowl that won't easily tip over when it's dinner time. You might also prefer dishwasher-safe bowls.

Scroll on for five of the best elevated dog bowls on Amazon for you to consider. And to make shopping easy, the capacity for each one is listed (per bowl).

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An Adjustable Feeder So You Can Get The Perfect Height

This elevated feeder adjusts to three heights from 2.75 to 12 inches, allowing you to find the most comfortable feeding position for your dog. The legs of this feeder conveniently fold for easy storage or travel, the stainless steel bowls are dishwasher safe, and it's available in three colors. One user also pointed out that because it’s adjustable, this would be an ideal feeder for puppies seeing them through all stages of life. "Sturdy material, quick and easy setup, and huge bowls. I also really love the three heights--perfect for a growing puppy," they wrote.

  • Capacity: About 3 to 4 cups of dry food

According to pet parents: “I have been looking around for a while for a raised dog feeder, some didn't sound sturdy enough, some seemed to move when the dog ate from them. I took a chance with this one even though it is more expensive than some. I am not disappointed it's great, my Frenchie loves eating from it, it doesn't take up a lot of room and the bowls are a good size. Would highly recommend.”


A Budget-Friendly Elevated Feeder In 3 Sizes

Coming in at under $20, this dog bowl is a budget-friendly option for supplying your dog with an elevated feeder. This elevated dog bowl set comes with two stainless steel bowls; however, pet parents have the option of providing a steady stream of fresh water for their pups by simply removing one of the bowls and attaching a water bottle instead. This elevated dog bowl is available in three sizes with heights of 4, 8, and 12 inches. The bowls are rust-resistant and dishwasher safe, too.

  • Capacity: About 1, 3, or 5 cups of dry food

According to pet parents: "It's the perfect height for my Senior Boxer Mix. I had a different one that was lower & needed a higher one due to his arthritis [...] Very pleased with the product at a great price. Would highly suggest this for anyone with older pets, makes a world of difference for them with eating & drinking."


A Sturdy Bamboo Feeder That's Tough To Topple

With its wide base, this premium feeder made from durable bamboo is virtually topple-proof so it's a good pick for excitable dogs, and the open design makes it easy to clean the surrounding area (and looks nice). This elevated feeder comes with a total of four stainless steel bowls for easy switch-outs — two bowls have a 1.5-cup capacity and two have a 2.5-cup capacity. While this particular feeder is 4-inches tall and best suited for smaller dogs, there is a taller version standing at 7-inches tall with bowls that have 4- and 6-cup capacities. Multiple customers report that the bowls are dishwasher safe, but you might want to hand wash them just to be safe.

According to pet parents: "This is SUCH a beautiful, and well-made product. And you cannot beat the price. Unlike my puppy’s previous (plastic) feeder, this one doesn’t move around with the weight of his energetic attention [...] Best of all, because the makers have generously included two sizes of bowls, I can use the shallow one for food and the deep one for water. Perfect configuration, so I just have to change the water when it becomes dirty instead of having to constantly refill the bowl.”


An Elevated Feeder With Storage

This elevated dog bowl comes equipped with a storage container base, so you can effectively create a feeding station with everything in one spot, saving you tons of space. The airtight lid keeps food fresh, and the see-through bin comes in handy for keeping tabs on your supply. While a few reviewers have run the removable stainless steel bowls through the dishwasher with no problems, the bowls are not noted as being dishwasher-safe, so it might be best to hand wash these bowls.

  • Capacity: About 2, 4, or 8 cups of dry food

According to pet parents: “I love this thing! My little family lives in an apartment, and when you're tight on space, having this dual-purpose container is a blessing. The bowls are removable and easy to clean. The lid is removable and easy to clean.”


A Sleek Single Feeder With A Dishwasher-Safe Base

This sleek single feeder has a small footprint making it ideal for apartments and small spaces. The high rim around the bowl prevents spills, and the nonslip rubber bottom keeps the bowl stationary while your dog eats. This bowl is available in a variety of fun colors, and the bowl and melamine stand are both dishwasher safe. Choose from three sizes — from 5.4 to 8 inches high — which can hold about 1 to 4 cups of dry dog food.

  • Capacity: 1, 2.5, or 4 cups of dry dog food

According to pet parents: “I have gone through A LOT of elevated dog feeder options. My dog currently eats dry and canned food and has trouble getting the canned foot out of any dish. Previous feeders rust, rot, tip, move or end up looking gross. This product is amazing and has none of those problems! She is a large golden retriever (tall) and this is [the] perfect height for her.”