This Weird Grooming Tool Will Make You Want To Toss Your Razor

First, I want to say that I'm grateful we live in an era where hair removal is not seen as a necessity. When I feel like having a furry, warm self-growing blanket on my legs, I let it grow. When I feel like removing it, I rely on the best epilators for a smooth result that actually lasts more than a day. It took me a pretty long time to transition from razors to epilators (and there are some body parts that I still prefer to shave). But now I use epilators for hair removal on my arms, thighs, and face, and I'm never going back.

You might be wondering, "What are the benefits of an epilator?" For one, unlike shaving, epilation removes the hair from the root, so it takes at least a few days (if not a few weeks) to grow back. It's also less expensive than shaving because a good epilator should last you years, while you'd otherwise have to replace a razor every couple weeks. Some people also prefer it to waxing, because there's just you and your epilator, so you don't have to worry about a sticky mess or monthly appointments.

Curious about how it's going to feel? Think tweezing, but with multiple tweezers all rolled into one. It can be a little painful when you first start out, but personally, I think epilators make hair removal a lot easier because of the speed, efficiency, and convenience. I also love that my hair grows back slower and thinner. Check out these top epilators that take care of all your hair-removal needs, anywhere you choose to use it.


An Advanced Cordless Epilator That's Worth The Investment

Braun Silk-épil9 Epilator, $115, Amazon

Yes, it's expensive, but the Braun Silk-épil9 is one of the most advanced models out there, and it has tons of features that make epilating faster, more efficient, and way more comfortable. The pulsing vibrations give you an extra gentle sensation, while the extra-wide pivoting head adapts the contour of your body which helps it grab more hairs. It also has a light to show you the spots you missed, and it works both wet or dry. "This does a really great job at removing hair from the root," raves one reviewer. "I like it better than previous epilators that I've owned because it seems to do better at getting ALL the hairs - many others I've used would skip over short or thin ones."


A Epilator Designed To Prevent Ingrown Hairs And Protect Skin

Emjoi Dual Opposed Head Epilator, $80, Amazon

Thanks to its unique staggered dual heads, 72 tweezers, and innovative "lifting fingers," the Emjoi Dual epilator is not only a fast and effective way to remove hair, unlike other epilators, it also promises to prevents ingrown hairs. And if you take hygiene seriously, you'll appreciate that this is the first epilator to feature silver ion technology which offers antimicrobial protection for safer hair removal.


A High-Quality But Low-Cost Epilator

Braun Silk-épil 3 Epilator, $42, Amazon

The Braun Silk-épil 3 is my epilator of choice, and I love it for a whole multitude of reasons. For one, it's reasonably priced. For another, while it doesn't have every fancy feature, it has everything you need, including massaging rollers to grab the hair and stimulate the skin, 20 tweezers, two speeds, and a convenient LED light. It's also super easy to maintain because it comes with a cleaning brush and the head pops off so you can empty those plucked hairs straight into the garbage.


A Four-In-One Grooming Tool That Offers The Most Bang For Your Buck

Chainer 4-in-1 Epilator, $30, Amazon

This handy grooming tool has dual opposing heads to remove both long and short hair in half the time of a single-headed machine, and that's just the epilator. The Chainer four-in-one grooming tool has people raving because it's an epilator, electric trimmer, and callous remover all in one. It's also rechargeable and cordless, and uses a strong 300Mah battery that can run for up to 40 minutes at a time. Plus, the waterproof design means it's easy to clean and you can bring it in the shower with you.


This Tiny, Multifunctional Epilator For Hair Removal On The Lips, Chin, And Cheeks

Hangsun Face Epilator, $23, Amazon

Due to its lightweight slim design and four interchangeable heads, the Hangsun Face Epilator brings the spa home with you for a full day of pampering. The epilator head is slim enough to get into tight spots, but has non-irritating tweezers that grab hairs up to four times shorter than wax would. It also comes with a massage head for a brightening and stimulating facial, a callous remover to make your feet baby smooth, and a shaver head for delicate areas. This one's even rechargeable and waterproof, so you can use it in the shower.

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