The 5 Best Epilators For Your Face

From the time I hit puberty, I've been trying to figure out a way to remove the hair above my upper lip. The sensitive skin in that area gets inflamed and angry when I wax, but shaving with a razor often causes razor burn and bumps. And plucking is so painful that, after one misguided attempt, I've never tried to tweeze those hairs again. So when I heard about epilators, which are less painful hair removers, my interest was immediately piqued. I started researching the best epilators for your face — and, to my delight, discovered you can get plenty of these handy gadgets on Amazon.

But first, a quick note: removing any sort of hair from your face or body is a choice. So it may be my choice, but by no means am I saying that you, too, should remove your facial hair. If you do choose to go the epilator route, though, make sure that it's specifically formulated for your face. The hair on your face tends to be finer than that of the rest of your body, which is why facial epilators use smaller electronic tweezers. Using a body epilator on your face can result in injury or irritation, so make sure you're not crossing over — unless the device specifically says that you can.

With that in mind, I've rounded up five of the best facial epilators you can buy on Amazon. Check them out, below.