5 Essential Oils That Just Might Help You Fall Asleep Faster

I'm that person who walks around with an arsenal of essential oil bottles, and the most common phrase out of my mouth is "I've got a blend for that." This includes the best essential oils for sleep. If you're tossing and turning at night, the right blend might be able to help you relax. On the nights where I can't get my thoughts to stop churning, this stuff makes all the difference.

If you're not yet familiar with the benefits of essential oils, it's a good thing to research. These heavily concentrated, plant-derived substances are thought to interact with the body and mind when used for aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil is often considered a natural sleep aid — some studies have actually shown that it may increase slow waves in the brain and lead to deeper sleep.

That being said, not all essential oils are created equal. Some are diluted with carrier oils (like coconut or grape seed oil), or use a lesser form of distillation that can break down some of the oils' properties. The ones listed here have high reviews, reliable purity standards, and botanicals that can help you relax and drift off to a great night's sleep in no time.


A Blend From A Trusted Brand That Puts Quality First

doTERRA Serenty Essential Oil Restful Blend, $38, Amazon

doTERRA is often considered one of the most trusted brands because their oils are carefully tested using strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol. They closely monitor their heat and pressure levels while distilling to ensure that the product is high-quality as possible. This doTERRA Serenty Restful blend uses nine different essential oils for a warm floral scent that calms the mind and soothes the senses. Some even say it helps to relieve tension and reduces stress at night before bed. "Truly works! I'm a believer in essential oils because of this blend," says one reviewer. "This oil really helps relax me and allows a peaceful, restful sleep."


A Blend That Even People With Sensitive Noses Enjoy

Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend, $9, Amazon

While many different oil mixtures can induce sleep, some people get turned off by the strong herbal scents. Words used to describe the smell of this Good Sleep essential oil blend? "Heavenly," "Amazing," and "Delicious." That's because it uses pleasant oils like chamomile, sandalwood, French lavender, and sweet marjoram, all of which smell incredible and help to prepare your whole body for sleep. It's also got over 3,000 reviews, most of which say things like, "It's one of those things that you think is doing nothing and then, BAM. You're waking up the next morning."


A Convenient Spray For Those With Sensitive Skin Or Who Don't Have A Diffuser

Pure Soothing Comfort Aromatherapy Mist, $14, Amazon

If you don't have a diffuser or your skin is too sensitive to apply oils directly, this Pure Soothing Comfort aromatherapy mist combines lavender, chamomile, and rosemary in a convenient spray bottle. The only other ingredients are water, witch hazel, aloe, and jojoba, so you know you're not getting things you don't want. Best of all, reviewers say it's "marvelous and really works... I rarely wake up in the night [anymore], and seem to wake up in the morning well rested."


An Affordable Blend That Still Retains Purity

Artizen Good Sleep Blend Essential Oil, $11, Amazon

Oftentimes, if you see a larger bottle for a good price, it's because the essential oils are diluted with a cheaper carrier oil. Even though it comes in a huge one-ounce bottle (and for a great price), Artizen Good Sleep blend uses only pure therapeutic grade essential oils. It's also routinely tested for quality, uses a tinted glass bottle to protect against UV damage, and comes with a dropper for easy application. As for the mix of chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang, marjoram, sandalwood, and vanilla, reviewers say it smells great and works wonders: "I am the type of person who normally wakes up every time I roll over in bed. Since using this in my diffuser, I get a sound nights sleep. Love it."


100 Percent USDA-Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Zongle USDA Certified Organic Lavender, $17, Amazon

Because this Zongle lavender essential oil is USDA-certified organic, microbial tested, and free of GMOS and preservatives, it's some of the purest stuff out there. It's even vegan-friendly and therapeutic grade. "I use a few drops in a hot bath right before bed and go right to sleep afterwards. Very pure, very fragrant. This oil is wonderful!" raves one reviewer.

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