The Secret Way You Can Get A Workout In At The Office

by Kim Quindlen

For anyone who wants to bring the gym directly into their home or office, an exercise ball is a great tool to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. The best exercise balls out there not only provide you with a wide range of workouts you can include in your routine — they also help with balance, stability, and circulation.

When choosing the best exercise ball for you, start by thinking about what kind of workout you want to use it for. There are fitness balls that come with add-ons like resistance bands to diversify your workout, as well as exercise balls that can withstand up to 2,000 pounds if you’re looking to incorporate weights. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to help improve your circulation and strengthen your muscles while you’re multitasking, there are also chair-based exercise balls you can use daily at the office.

Additionally, think about your size preference. Some exercise balls come in one or two sizes, while others offer various options if you’re looking for something more specific. And finally, think about your budget. Balls with chair or stability bases will cost a little extra, but there are also plenty of options available at a lower price if you just want something simple and efficient.

Now that you know what you’re looking for, here are five of the best exercise balls that will help totally revamp your workout.


A Gym-Grade Fitness Ball That’s Available In 5 Different Sizes For Peak Comfort

Available in multiple colors and five different sizes ranging from 45 to 85 centimeters, this core-strengthening exercise ball provides dependable firmness for even the most intense workouts. The anti-burst design is capable of holding up to 2,000 pounds, so you can include a wide range of weighted exercises and challenges in your routine. With a rubberized, high-grip surface, you can safely and effectively perform all sorts of exercises including yoga, pilates, core strengthening, and balance training. And thanks to a quick dual-action inflation pump, this ball is easily transportable and can be deflated and pumped up in minutes with minimal effort.


An Exercise Ball That Comes With A Stability Base And Resistance Bands

This heavy-duty exercise ball includes a removable stability base that provides a safe and beneficial workout every time. The base prevents the ball from rolling during trickier exercises, helps you to keep perfect form in each of your routines, and even provides a great foundation if you’d just like to work on your posture while sitting in front of your television or computer screen. This exercise ball also comes with attachable, 15-pound resistance bands to add strength training and provide more exercise options during your workout. Plus, with a bonus exercise poster that details workouts for all intensity levels and a tape measurer that ensures your ball is inflated to the perfect size for your body, you’ll have plenty of support in meeting your fitness goals.


A Fitness Ball With A Chair Base For Practicing Balance And Stability At Work

With a rolling base that features four lockable wheels, this exercise ball and chair base combo is a great way to weave fitness into your workday. Featuring a sturdy base that eases your body into an ergonomic position, this ball-chair has tons of health benefits, including reducing stiffness, improving circulation, helping with posture, and preventing spine disorders. For anyone who doesn’t have much time to hit the gym but is still focused on balance and stability, this is the perfect way to practice stretching and strengthening muscles during that nine-to-five.


An Exercise Ball That Facilitates Strength Training At A Great Price

This anti-burst affordable fitness ball is perfectly versatile for all types of activities. Whether you’re looking to master yoga, practice pilates, strengthen your core, or simply switch up your workout, this ball is designed to withstand regular use and has the durability to last for years. And not only is it perfect for standard intensity workouts — it’s also safe for pregnant women and is great for low-impact exercises centered around strengthening back muscles to reduce pain from arthritis or other injuries.


A Convenient Balance Disc You Can Place On Any Chair

This posture-improving inflatable balance disc is like a mini exercise ball you can take with you anywhere. It’s a convenient and easy-to-use device that allows you to perform a wide variety of strength and balance exercises, no matter where you are. At 16 inches in diameter, it can be placed on office chairs, hardwood or carpet flooring, or even outdoors. And with an easily adjustable firmness, you can adapt the disc to suit your fitness needs and intensity preferences.

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