The 5 Best Extra Long Yoga Mats For Tall People

When it comes to their mats, tall yogis want the same level of quality, comfort, and security as everyone else does — they just also want a little extra real estate, too. The best extra long yoga mats for tall people are just as non-slip, cushioned, and durable as a well-made standard one. They're just bigger, because Savasana isn't half as relaxing when your head's hanging off the top.

A standard-sized yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. For someone of an average height, that's plenty of room to do a full sun salutation and still end up on the mat — but if you're taller, that's not going to cut it. Unfortunately, most mats that are marketed as "extra long" are only 72 inches, which is just 4 inches longer than the standard. For that reason, yoga mats for men or yoga mats for people over 6 feet can be pretty tough to find.

That being said, it's not impossible. They are out there, and a few of them come with all the features you'd want if you were shopping for quality as well as size. These five mats span from 72 to 85 inches long, and they're some of the best available, whether you're looking for longevity, value, comfort, pro-level traction, or tons of space.

1. This One Has All The Makings Of A Professional Mat, But It's Longer And More Affordable

Pros: If you're taller, the Kurma extra large yoga mat is the best overall pick for several reasons. First, at 80 inches long, it gives you significantly more practicing room than most other mats on the market. Second, it's made from a dense, non-toxic, medical-grade PVC, which is surprisingly cushioning for your joints, but won't squish and collapse under your weight — that makes it ideal for both traction and balance. Third, it's non-slip, odorless, and extremely durable, so this is an investment that'll last you quite a while.

Most importantly, buyers say it's just as good as some professional $150 mats. "As an instructor I see and have tried a lot of different brands," says one reviewer who's always been faithful to Manduka, but after buying this one for their tall husband, couldn't part with it. "I had to keep it for my daily practicing and teaching."

Cons: Since it's dense and long, it's pretty heavy. It also needs to be broken in before you get the optimal level of traction, and the $90 price tag might be too steep for some people.

Measurements: 80 inches long, 23 inches wide, .25 inches thick

Available Colors: Red, black, blue, green (but the blue and green are $10 more)

2. If You're A Beginner Or On A Budget, This Is The Mat For You

Pros: Usually, bigger dimensions mean a bigger price tag, but the YogaAccessories extra long mat is the exception. Even though it's 16 inches longer than your average mat, this one comes in at just $23 for most colors. It's free from latex and heavy metals, and instead uses a durable foam that can even be washed in the machine. Reviewers say it's sufficiently non-slip for standard yoga classes, and it's really nice to be able to lie down in Savasana and "still be entirely on the mat."

Cons: Since it's made from foam, it does sink down when you're standing on it, which isn't ideal for balancing poses. It can also get a bit slippery when you throw moisture into the mix, so it's not suitable for hot yoga or intense Vinyasa.

Measurements: 84 inches long, 24 inches wide, .25 inches thick

Available Colors: Teal green, black, blue, dark purple, forest green, maroon

3. This One Is The Best If You’re Looking For Extra Cushioning

Pros: It's not that much thicker than the other mats on this list, but it's marketed as "the cloud yoga mat" for a reason, and reviewers say "it definitely lives up to that description." It's made from high-performance memory foam, and it has two distinct textures on either side, so it's almost like getting two mats for the price of one. Not only is it recyclable and free from common toxins, but it's one of the few "cushioned" mats that doesn't feel overly squishy and still manages to provide traction even when you're sweating. "I can do stability poses easily like with thinner mats," one reviewer says, "but the mat is comfortable for my bad wrists and knees."

Cons: There's only one color option, and even though it's longer than a traditional mat, it's not any wider.

Measurements: 76 inches long, 24 inches wide, .31 inches thick

Available Colors: Black

4. This Cult-Favorite Manduka Mat Will Last A Lifetime, So It's Worth The Splurge

Pros: Manduka is hands-down one of the most famous names in yoga equipment, and that's because their mats are designed to last a lifetime. In addition to their standard sizes, Manduka also makes an extra long Pro mat that's a cult-favorite among particularly tall yogis. Just like their other Pro mats, this one offers cushioning, density, and some of the most impressive non-slip stability once broken in.

This durable, closed-cell design also comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means you'll never again have to purchase another mat, so thousands of buyers say it's definitely worth the splurge. As far as the extra long one goes, reviewers are raving: "I'm so tall and it makes a HUGE difference because I can fit my whole body toes to head on it." It's also available in a surprising amount of colors and cool patterns, so you can find one you'll love forever.

Cons: This one is a pretty big investment. It also needs to be broken in, so when you first get it, it's going to feel slippery for a while. (Here's the best way to break in a Manduka Pro mat.)

Measurements: 85 inches long, 26 inches wide, .23 inches thick

Available Colors: Transcend, Black, Magic, Verve, Chromite, Generosity, Harbour, Mechi, Odyssey, Sage

5. This 6-Foot Square Mat Ensures That Your Home Practice Is Unrestricted

Pros: For the tall yogis with a regular home practice, there's the Square36 yoga mat. It's three times as wide as your average one — a perfect square — so it gives you plenty of room for your Vinyasas, balancing poses, and restorative practices. (It's also great for partner yoga.) Even though it's half an inch thick to protect joints, reviewers say it's "very sticky" so they "don't slip at all." Most importantly, it's made using eco-friendly production methods and non-toxic materials. When you're not using it, you can roll it up and store it away with its two free straps and storage bag.

Cons: You can't bring this one into the studio with you. (At least not without making instant enemies.)

Measurements: 72 inches long, 72 inches wide, .5 inches thick

Available Colors: Black

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