The Beauty Tool That'll Take Your At-Home Facial To The Next Level

Perhaps one of the most results-driven aspects of a facial is that 10 to 20 minute steam session. Relaxation aside, the steam loosens up clogged pores and makes your complexion look like you’ve been eating your greens and running five miles a day. The best facial steamers can help you get the same results at home, without splurging on a monthly professional treatment.

If you’re asking yourself why you’d add an at-home face steamer into to your beauty routine, there are numerous benefits that warrant the extra few minutes. At the most basic level, the way steaming your face works is simple. Warm steam breaks up dirt, sebum, makeup, and whatever else is clogged in your pores so it can easily be cleansed away.

It's important to keep in mind that when it comes to steaming your face, hotter is not better. You should never apply boiling hot steam to your face — it can burn your skin and leave permanent damaging effects, even if you can't see them right away. Steamers, however, regulate the heat level, which makes them much safer to use than a boiling pot of water straight off the stove.

Some of the top facial steamers also come with extra bells and whistles such as a built-in aromatherapy chamber or hot towel cabbie, a cool steam option, a design that makes it possible to give your hair a steam treatment, or one that you can use as a home humidifier.

So forget about getting into the spa for an appointment. These five facial steamers will deep clean your skin while you relax at home.


A Hot & Cool Mist Steamer With Aromatherapy

Lavany Facial Steamer, $40, Amazon

While all face steamers produce a warm mist, this model also features a cool mist option. The 20-minute warm steam deep cleans and hydrates — even more so if you throw on a face mask at the same time. The 70-minute cool steam session calms sensitive skin types and breakouts. No matter which temperature you choose, the steam being produced is ultra-fine nano ionic, meaning it has the ability to penetrate deeply for optimal results.

Another cool feature about this steamer is that it also has a chamber for essential oils, so you can reap sensory and skin-friendly benefits at the same time. The nozzle is adjustable to provide comfort from all angles, and as an added safety feature, the steamer automatically shuts off when it runs out of water.


This Multifunctional Steamer That Also Warms Towels

Kingdom Cares NanoSteamer, $24, Amazon

Along with being an effective steamer, this three-in-one model also warms hot towels and serves as a portable humidifier — perfect for those dry hotel rooms or even your pad when the heat is kicking at top-notch. The steamer pumps out nano ionic water particles which have been proven to be ten times more effective for skin penetration (including product absorption) and relieving sinuses.

The spa-like ozone function also makes it easy to sterilize so you can feel good knowing you’re breathing in a clean mist, while a high-tech ceramic heating element makes it possible for this device to produce steam in under 30 seconds.


A Facial Steamer You Can Also Use On Your Hair

Secura S-192 Hair and Facial Steamer, $67, Amazon

While this may look like an old-school beauty shop hair dryer, it’s actually a two-in-one face and hair steamer. Thanks to a built-in ozone generator, negative ions from the steam can help reduce scalp itchiness (which prevents dandruff) while hydrating hair and minimizing breaking.

It works even better when paired with your favorite conditioner or hair treatment as the steam improves the absorption. When you’re ready to steam your face, simply snap on the rod attachment and you’re good to go. The ultra-fine mist deep cleans pores and leaves skin glowing — which, like the hair treatments, can be enhanced with the use of treatment products and masks. Aside from being an excellent beauty tool, it can also be used as a humidifier to keep skin (and the inside of your nose and throat) hydrated.


A Quiet Steamer That Comes With Face Instruments For Cleaning

Krasr Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer, $40, Amazon

While this steamer has some of the similar bells and whistles as other models on the market (micro-fine ionic mist, quick start up), an ultrasonic atomizer ensures that each steam session is practically a silent one. As an added bonus, it also comes with a set of five surgical grade, stainless steel blackhead and blemish extractors. While you have to be extremely careful when handling these implements (many estheticians would advise that you leave these tools to a pro), they can be extremely effective after a good steam.


A Portable Steamer That Covers Your Entire Face

Kingdom Beauty NanoSteamer, $40, Amazon

You could consider any tabletop steamer to be portable, but this one kicks it up a notch by adding a handle and protective cover for the steam chamber. This warm mist steamer features a large opening so that the ultra-penetrating nano ionic steam can cover a greater surface area of the face at once. It can also humidify an entire room and warm towels — which are perfect for removing a mask or treatment product that you used during your steam session. A UV lamp sterilizes the steam which is obviously better for your skin, as well as your lungs.

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