If You Have Dry Hair, There Are Flat Irons That Actually Benefit You

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If your hair is dry, you may find that using a flat iron leaves your hair dull, damaged, and even dryer than it was before. But it's possible that upgrading your straightener could be the secret to healthier-looking hair. The best flat irons for dry hair don't just straighten and smooth but actually moisturize and boost shine.

Dry hair tends to be more fragile and more susceptible to damage than oilier hair-types, and since the hair on our head is dead, that damage is not always possible to reverse. This means it's important to choose a flat iron that won't damage your hair.

It’s pretty clear that applying sealants before you apply heat is crucial to prevent the hair from frying, but thanks to modern technology you can take it a step further by picking up a flat iron that has a moisturizing steam function to infuse nourishing oils into your hair.

Also, if your hair is dry, it’s even more important to maintain a safe level of heat while using hot tools. Go to high and you hair will fry; go to low and your hair may look dull. Many say, the ideal temperature to straighten hair is 365 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature should prevent moisture loss in the cuticle, leave you hair shiny, and make the most each straightening-stroke. Ultimately however, different thickness' and textures will respond differently to temperature, so clearly, multiple heat settings are going to be a must-have for a dry head of hair. But that’s not all — folks with dry hair will definitely want to take advantage of flat irons that use ceramic plates and ionic technology to evenly spread heat and avoid more damage.

These are some of the highest-rated and safest flat irons for dry hair:


The Best For Split Ends And Frizz: A Vapor Flat Iron That Uses A Healing Agave Oil

With the agave plant’s natural ability to preserve moisture, it makes sense that this vapor iron would be a solid choice for folks to straighten dry hair. The mist technology infuses agave plant sugars deep into the hair shaft, allowing hair to receive vital nutrients and maintain moisture during high heat. The vapor infusion included can also help seal split ends, so it's suitable for damaged hair. The mineral coated plates help to protect dry hair ensuring safe heat styling during each use; this flat iron reaches a maximum temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit and has 1.25-inch nano-ionic plates.


The Best For Longer Lasting Style And Superior Heat Protection: A Cool-Mist Flat Iron With Conditioning Macadamia Oil

By adding Macadamia nut oil to a cool-mist function, this flat iron easily becomes one of the best tools to straighten dry hair. Macadamia nut oil is a great way to strengthen and nourish the hair and when you combine that with the cool-steam technology that protects hair, adds moisture, and locks in style, you have yourself and investment-worthy straightener that anyone can appreciate. The floating ceramic plates evenly distribute heat while gliding over hair without snagging or pulling. This flat iron comes with five adjustable heat settings and since it’s designed to straighten hair in one pass, it’s great for fragile hair that's susceptible to heat damage. Satisfied customers are loving the consistent shiny results from this straightener and finding it works great on coarse curls as well.


The Best Steam Iron Under $50: A Steam Iron That You Can Add Argan Oil To

Combining steam and a healing argan oil treatment, this ceramic flat iron is a great option to keep dry hair healthy — especially considering it only costs 50 bucks. Although this iron doesn't come with argan oil (like others on this list do) you can add a few drops to the water filter. The hot, argan-infused steam enhances moisture and helps to avoid heat damage. It uses ionic technology to help improve heat distribution of the tourmaline coated plates. It’s a great option for folks with thick and coarse textures because the steamy technology brings intense moisture and shine to each strand. This flat iron comes with six different heat settings to choose from and includes a cold steam conditioning function that helps seal in moisture while you straighten. It’s also helpful that the smart design includes dual voltage and a high-end rubber mat surface to firmly hold the flat iron in place.


The Best (Non-Steam) Flat Iron For The Heat-Adverse: A Gold Flat Iron With Micro-Sensors For Safe Heat Styling

Although steam irons can work wonders on dry hair, they aren't the only option. If you're looking for a classic iron that takes heat control seriously, this flat iron is your best bet. To guarantee evenly-distributed and accurate heat, each of the tourmaline-infused plates comes with four micro-sensors that regulate and evenly distribute heat safely through the hair. Speaking of plates, these floating ones have curved edges that help you reach the edges of your hair or bangs and prevent unnecessary snagging. This flat iron also uses ionic technology to reduce heat damage and increases shine. It heats up ridiculously fast and comes with multiple heat settings so you won’t need to worry about frying your hair.


The Cheapest Option: A Ceramic-Plated Iron For Even Heat Distribution And A Digital Display For Precise Temperature Control

If you're on a tight budget and looking for a solid, basic option sans the bells and whistles, check out this affordable ceramic flat iron. It's cleverly curved ceramic plates are great for dry hair thanks to their unique design that keeps the tool from pulling or snagging hair that is prone to breakage. With a convenient LCD display that lets you adjust the temperature accordingly, it’s easy to control the temperature and safe to use on dry hair. This flat iron comes with a helpful heat-resistant silicone pad that protects surfaces from burning and extended ceramic plates to protect your hair from singing. The thin, lightweight design is super easy to navigate, and even though it’s compact, it's designed to straighten the hair in one go, so you won’t need to retrace your steps.

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