These Foot Massagers Will Give You A Spa-Quality Massage In Your Own Home

by Andrea Hannah

Let's be honest, there are few things that feel as luxurious as a good foot massage. And, thankfully for all of us, the best foot massagers out there can deliver a spa-worthy massage without us having to repeatedly spend on appointments with a masseuse.

But, before you choose a massager that's right for you, keep a few things top of mind. In this choose-your-own-adventure book where every path ends in a relaxing foot massage, you'll have to choose first whether you want an electric or manual massager.

What's the difference? While electric models can provide a high-quality massage akin to the kind you'd get at a spa, manual massagers offer a more budget-friendly price tag, but require a little more effort to use and don't have heated capabilities.

From there your decision will just come down to price, and which features you want. Top-tier massagers will have high-tech control panels, multiple pressure settings, and adjustable heat. But, if you're searching for the bare-bones essentials, you'll find affordable (electric and manual) massagers on this roundup that will bring serious relief to your feet.

Whether you work on your feet all day, run long distances, experience foot pain, or are looking for a luxe way to relax, the right massager can change your life. Here's a list of the best foot massagers out there, ranging from top-of-the line electric massagers to portable models you can take with you anywhere in your pocket.


The Best Electric Foot Massager: A Top-Of-The-Line Option With Deep-Kneading Nodes

Belmint's Shiatsu foot massager has deep-kneading nodes that work synchronically on your feet to relieve even the most intense, chronic foot pain. And get this: it features a full control panel to customize heat, intensity, and duration, all with the touch of your toes. That means you can change up your massage or even turn the machine on and off without ever leaving your chair or moving your body. This massager is also completely rechargeable and durable enough to stand up to plenty of use (one reviewer uses it up to six times a day without it showing any wear). While its $140 price tag may scare off some, over 1,000 five-star reviews concur: "it is 100% worth the price."


A Budget-Friendly Electric Option: A Shiatsu Massager With Heat Capabilities

The Gideon Shiatsu foot massager isn't just budget-friendly, it's seriously powerful. This massager delivers a deep pressure with its eight mini massaging balls that rotate at 360 degrees to reach every part of your foot. It also targets specific acupuncture points at the heels and toes to sooth achey feet and relieve tension. Its simple, two-button control panel regulates the heat and speed of your massage and can be adjusted at anytime. The only drawback to this affordable massager is that you can't personalize the pressure of your massage. That being said, it's easy to lift your feet off or apply additional pressure to the machine to DIY the pressure of your massage. For the price, this electric massager can't be beat.


The Best Foot Spa/Massager: A Quality Tub With Multiple Settings

To truly simulate a spa-quality experience, Kendal's foot spa and massager can give you a relaxing massage while circulating water to clean your feet. This all-in-one massager comes with two removable rollers so you can soak and massage, or simply soak your feet. It also features a temperature timer and heat range that can go up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Built-in lights on the side of the tub indicate when the water dips or rises below your set temperature and then automatically adjusts itself to your preferences. There are even multiple different massage settings, like bubble mode or high-frequency vibration, and the unit is self-draining for easy clean-up when you're done pampering yourself. One thing to note with all foot spas is that as you use it you'll have to keep on top of disinfecting it. That being said, most reviewers find it super easy to clean, and even praise that as one of the things they appreciate most about this massager.


The Best Manual Massager: A Wood Roller That's Durable And Lightweight

TheraFlow's foot massage roller is an upgrade on your standard manual massager that you can use on both feet at once. Made with durable Theaceae wood that won't deteriorate over time, it features two notched rollers that can massage both feet at the same time. This massager has a lightweight frame (less than 2 pounds!) and a lifetime guarantee that set it apart from other manual massagers out there, and has over 2,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. In summary: "this massager help(ed) me more that I could have imagined! I would give it 10 stars if I could!'


A Budget-Friendly Manual Massager: A Ball You Can Fit In Your Pocket

You can literally take this simple massage ball from Due North with you anywhere you go. This uniquely-designed massage ball features little notches all around its surface and is sculpted to fit perfectly against the arch of your foot. You control the depth of the massage simply based on how much pressure you apply when you're rolling it. Bonus: this ball also can be used on your hands and arms, making it a truly versatile purchase. This massager differs in a lot of ways from other options on this list, but the biggest things to note about it are that while it doesn't need to be plugged in (making it even more portable), it won't give you a heated massage. That being said, 1,300 five-star reviews say this "little ball is a miracle." And at a price of $11 for a pack of two, you'll be hard pressed to find a better bargain on a manual massager.

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