5 Awesome Brushes Curly-Haired Girls Will Want ASAP

When it comes to curl maintenance, brushes have a bad rep — unless you're using one of the best hair brushes for curly hair, that is. Brushes are a great alternative to wide-tooth combs, especially when it comes to detangling, as they can reach the depths of your curls and removing tangles that combs and fingers often miss. Different curl patterns are going to require different features, but one thing everyone can get behind is a brush that’s gentle on scalps, yet hard on knots and tangles.

To get the most out of your natural curls, not only will you need the proper brush, but you'll also need to establish the best hair brushing method. With the amount of amazing curly-haired gurus on YouTube and Instagram, it’s easy to want to follow someone else’s lead, but remember: No head of hair is exactly the same. The only universal rule to preserving curls is to brush by starting at the bottom and work your way up to the root, always with a protective or styling cream. Keep your brush clean and your technique gentle, and you'll have happy, healthy, hair.

If you’re tearing your hair out trying to find the best brush for your curls, this list's got an option for every texture and style.


A Brush That Easily Detangles Afro-Textured Hair

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush, $7-$10, Amazon

This is easily one of my favorite detangling brushes. If you have densely packed afro-textured hair like me, you’re no stranger to breaking bristles as you brush. While some kinky-curl experts say detangling on wet hair is a major don’t, I love this brush’s ability to get the knots out of my freshly-washed hair. Just pair it with a heavy leave-in conditioner, and the hair loss will be minimal. It's an incredibly strong brush that's still super gentle on tight, fragile curls.


A Brush That Shapes And Styles Thick, Strong Curls

Denman Cushion Brush 9-Row Nylon Bristles, $9-$11, Amazon

This classic detangling brush is ideal for thick, coarse curls because it’s got nine rows of sturdy, anti-static bristles that will make sure every last tangle has been removed. The teeth are straight, so they’re great for distributing deep conditioners and natural oils. The Denman brush is known to shape and increase natural curl definition, and is generally more effective on wet hair, so it’s great for people that tend to style immediately post-shower. This is a must-have hair accessory for type three curls.


A Flexible & Gentle Teezer That's Great For Brushing Out Afros

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Detangle Hairbrush, $11-$35, Amazon

Using this teezer brush on dry hair is an amazing way to turn a twist-out into a glorious afro without the heat. The bristles are gentle, yet strong, and it fits in your hand comfortably so you can glide through tangled sections easily. The results are far better than any blowout, because you'll retain more moisture for the same look. Afros aside, this teezer is a great choice for anyone that prefers brushing or detangling dry curls.


A Teasing Brush That Smoothes Baby Hairs

Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush, $6, Amazon

There's no need to use your toothbrush to smooth down those fine baby hairs anymore — this teasing brush provides the same tapered down effect. The only difference? It's made for your hair, not your teeth. It'll work on most textures, and is great for people who wear their hair up, as it's specifically made for styling things like braids, twists, and buns.


A Styling Brush That Minimizes Static

Goody Frizz-Controlling Finish, $7-$20, Amazon

This styling brush is exactly why Goody's products have become a staple in the curly-haired community. It's an amazing tool to use on dry hair, because uses an ionic tourmaline technology that minimizes static and keeps hair smooth. It gets bonus points for having an ergonomic gel grip on the handle, which prevents from slipping as you blow dry. It’s an all-around great brush for all types of curls and styling habits, and it's nice and strong, too.

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