The 5 Best Hair Brushes For Wet Hair

Whether you’ve got a bob or cascading hair that you refuse to cut, tangles are likely when your hair is wet — but there’s no need to be subjected to snags, breakage, and scalp irritation from brushing wet hair. The best hair brushes for wet hair gently detangle without sacrificing your hair in the process.

While dry hair is surprisingly strong, wet strands are far more fragile. Brushing with the wrong brush, towel drying too roughly, or using a fine-tooth comb can all lead to breakage. That's why brushing your hair when wet used to be a universal industry no-no, but that rule was changed once brushes designed for wet hair were created — there are even vented kinds you can blow dry your hair with and ones that actually help dry your hair faster by absorbing moisture.

Sure, you still have to take care when running the tool through your fragile strands, but thanks to specially-designed bristles that won’t tear or snag, removing knots is easier than ever. For extra protection, spritz a little leave-in conditioner or detangling spray on your hair first.

Owning a brush for wet hair is one of the best ways to prevent hair breakage. These five fantastic options are ouch-free and affordable.


A Flexible Vented Brush You Can Use With Your Blowdryer

Wet Brush Flex Dry, $12, Amazon

The vented design of this wet brush allows the air to flow through evenly, so you can blow dry up to 30 percent faster without snagging your hair. While it's still not a good idea to blow dry soaking wet strands, this brush is perfect for drying damp, towel-dried hair — and because it speeds up drying time, it helps limit heat damage, too. Heat-resistant flexible bristles bend to remove knots without tugging or tearing while you dry. Reviewers love how it detangles with little effort.


A Holy-Grail Brush With Two Tiers Of Bristles That's Gentle On Your Scalp

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Hair Brush, $13, Amazon

Thanks to an innovative two-tiered teeth design, the Tangle Teezer is great for detangling wet hair without breakage and damage. In fact, this holy grail brush has become so popular that it's pretty much synonymous with "detangling brush" at this point. It’s also a great option for those with sensitive scalps because it won't pull your hair, and the bendy bristles don't feel scratchy against your scalp. And, the ergonomic shape fits snugly in the palm for easy handling.


...And A Version For Thick & Curly Hair Types

Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly, $14, Amazon

If you have and abundance of tendrils that tangle easily, a traditional hair brush simply won’t do. The Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer features much longer bristles than the original Tangle Teezer. The patented teeth formation allows the bristles to bend and flex through every lock to fully detangle the hair without damage. One reviewer with "very thick and curly hair" said that "this brush untangles knots very fast and with no pulling."


A Quick-Dry Brush With Microfiber Bristles That Absorb Moisture Without Snagging Hair

Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush, $10, Amazon

Roughly towel drying hair is known to cause damage, but this unique brush eliminates the need because microfiber bristles soak up excess water, which reduces drying time without snagging hair. The paddle design can handle a lot of hair at once, and it features a long, easy-to-hold handle, which makes it great for blowdrying.


A Sturdy Brush That Works Well On Extensions & Wigs

Wet Brush Pro Detangle Hair Brush, $9, Amazon

While all hair types can benefit from this brush, it can also be used to detangle extensions and wigs (even synthetic varieties) because the gentle, flexible bristles won't damage them. The sturdy handle makes it easy to work through wet hair while styling with a blow dryer, too. With over 5,500 positive reviews, it’s one of the most popular wet brushes on the market.

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