5 Hair Ties That Won't Snag Thin Hair

If you've ever taken your hair out of a ponytail to find a few strands stuck to your hair tie, or a massive bump left behind in your hair, then you know it's time to buy the best hair ties for thin hair. These occurrences aren't unique to thin hair — all hair types experience them — but because thin hair can be more fragile and more easily manipulated, people with this hair type may experience them more often.

When my hair was chemically processed, it became so thin that any ponytail resulted in bumps and hair breakage that seemed to be permanently stuck to my elastic. I was convinced the entire hair tie industry was against me until I found one that could secure and protect my styles well.

The right hair tie should wrap around your hair a couple times, leaving it securely in place without unwanted lumps around your pony. Basically, much like relationships, your hair tie should make you feel secure and it shouldn’t be a constant bumpy road that leaves you or your hair broken.

Because everyone deserves the security of a snag-free ponytail, these are five of the best hair ties for thin hair.


A 'Telephone Cord' Hair Ring For Maximum Comfort

Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

There’s nothing comfortable about snagging hair or a fallen ponytail, but the Invisibobble puts an end to the hair tying woes caused by harsh elastics putting a firm grip on your updos. These ringlets are comfortable to sleep in, so you can keep your hair protected from snags overnight, and rest assured there won’t be any tearing or pulling when you style your hair in a bun or pony. Designed to be completely traceless, you won’t find a bump, dent, or snag in sight when you use these trusty hair holders.


A Range Of Color-Blending Elastics For Brunettes

Goody Colour Collection Sparkly Metallic Elastic, Stay Put Hold, $7 (8 Pack), Amazon

With a slide-proof technology that provides maximum hold, these hair ties are an essential tool for anyone with thin hair. This brunette assortment has a metallic finish that picks up light and blends in with your hair color. It’s designed to work with all shades of brown hair. Reviewers are in love with the firm, gentle hold the braided fabric gives their hair.


The Perfect Elastic Ribbons For Blonde Updos

Cyndibands Elastic Hair Ties, $6 (6 Pack), Amazon

These elastic ties will give you a snag-free ponytail, a bump-less bun, and effortless braids without the frustration of redoing your style throughout the day. They’re super gentle, so you won’t need to worry about snagging or damaging your hair. Cyndibands actually come in over sixty colors, but this batch is perfect for an array of blond shades or darker hair that wants a bold contrast. They also allow you to individualize the size of your hair tie for you, and they won't leave a bump behind.


Ornamental Elastics For Long, Thin Hair

L.Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders, $10 (8 Pack), Amazon

This sturdy elastic can be comfortably worn on your wrist and wrapped around your strands. The bands are metal-free and durable, making them a great option for long, thin hair. They come in a set of eight with four versatile colors to choose from, and each has an ornamental oval bead. Of course, the bead stays as secure as your hair will be, and it won’t snag or fall out.


Clear, Strong Hold Elastics That Are Great For Workouts

ElasticU Reusable Clear Hair Elastics, $7 (200 Pack), Amazon

If your hair is getting as much of a workout as your bod, these clear elastics will hold it in place. With a strong, gentle hold, these bands are great for ponytails, braids, and buns. They come in a pack of 200 with a resealable bag for you to store in your gym bag. While they offer a few sizes, the 15mm is great for folks with thin hair when working up a sweat. Since they’re clear, they can also be worn underneath ribbons or other barrettes to subtly keep your hair in place.

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