The One Essential Beauty Product Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse

by Deanna McCormack

Whether you're the type of person who embraces a 10-step skincare routine or abides by the "less is more" philosophy, a face mist deserves a place in your bathroom shelf and truthfully, your tote bag too. Why? Although they may seem like an indulgence, the best hydrating face mists are a quick and convenient way to maintain moisture throughout the day, which, as we all know, is the key to a healthy complexion. Plus, they just feel amazing — especially during a flight or after you've woken up in the morning. (Pro tip: store yours in the fridge for an even more refreshing effect.)

Face mists have become super popular in recent years because of their many uses and benefits. They are almost always water-based, but also contain additional skin-moisturizing and protective properties from ingredients like squalane and aloe. Hydrating face mists are great to use after cleansing, before bed, after a long day of travel, or anytime your skin could use a pick-me-up. They also double as makeup primers or setting sprays, depending on the formula, as they can extend the lasting power of your makeup and make your skin look luminous and dewy. Another great tip is to spritz your face with a mist before applying moisturizer, as it helps it soak into the skin better. Or, you can use one to dampen your beauty blender — the options are endless.

Below are five super hydrating face mists that are so good, it'll be impossible not to make them part of your everyday routine.


Best Overall: A Soothing Spray With Aloe And Rosewater For An Instant Pick-Me-Up Throughout The Day

One of the most popular face mists on the market is Mario Badescu's Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater. The formula comprises a blend of rosewater, aloe, and herbal extracts that act as a refreshing pick-me-up for skin that's dehydrated or feels tight. Rosewater is also known to naturally reduce redness and inflammation, so it's great for complexions that are feeling irritated, or itchy. This spray safe for all skin types, has a mild scent, and absorbs quickly. It's so hydrating, you can even spray it on dry parts of your hair!


Best For Optimum Hydration: A Thermal Water Spray For All Skin Types That's Essential For Travel

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to things like redness, eczema, psoriasis, breakouts and inflammation, a simple face mist like Avène's Thermal Spring Water is perfect for you. The cult-favorite French pharmacy spray is primarily made with thermal water from the brand's namesake town, which contains a unique blend of hydrating and skin-calming minerals as well as natural antioxidants for protection against environmental damage and stressors (fun fact: people have been visiting Avène's thermal springs for centuries to benefit from their naturally restorative and healing properties). An absolute must-have for travel, it comes in a convenient, TSA-friendly bottle and feels incredibly refreshing during long flights or strolling around in the heat. Keep one in your purse, fridge, beach bag, and by the side of your bed for instant hydration anywhere, anytime.


Best All-Natural Option: An Antioxidant-Rich Mist That Protects Against Photodamage And Does So Much More

Though the formula is plant-based, vegan, and all-natural, Mad Hippie's Hydrating Nutrient Mist is incredibly powerful. It contains an assortment of unique ingredients (like resveratrol, milk thistle, green tea, white pine bark, and pomegranate seed extract, to name a few) that prevents and repairs photodamage, reduces redness and discoloration, protects from free radicals, and of course, hydrates skin. The infusion of vitamin C results in a luminous, plump complexion, so it's perfect for spritzing on post-makeup application, but it can also be used on your entire body, specifically to help repair sun damage. Like everything else from the brand, this product is cruelty-free, which is always a huge bonus.


Best Option With SPF: A Setting Mist For Post-Makeup Application That Controls Oil Production And Has A Matte Finish

Supergoop's Defense Refresh Setting Mist is one of the only hydrating face mists on the market that contains SPF and can be used as a daily sunscreen. The mist, which offers a high level of UV protection in the form of SPF 50, is also unique in that it helps control oil and shine. It contains antioxidant-rich ingredients like rosemary and mint which, over time, improve the texture of the skin. Since it has a nice, matte finish, it's perfect to set your makeup with. This is an absolute beach bag essential.


Best French Pharmacy Option: A Refreshing Spray That's Made From Grapes Grown In The Vineyards Of Bordeaux

Another popular face mist from a French cult-favorite brand, Caudalie's Grape Water is a fully organic spray made with 100 percent grape water (direct from the vineyards of Bordeaux!). Grape water is enriched with moisturizing polysaccharides and mineral salts and has an intense ability to retain water; it's also rich in antioxidants. In addition to being a super refreshing pick-me-up on hot days, it doubles as a non-drying toner that reduces sensitivity and provides your skin with a heavy dose of moisture. It's also gentle and fragrance-free, so it can be used as a calming treatment for even the most sensitive complexions.

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