5 Hard-To-Find Japanese Mascaras You Can Buy On Amazon


Before Amazon came along, unless you traveled to Japan, it was nearly impossible to get your hands on most Japanese beauty products (unless you're counting the excellent, but oh-so pricey offerings from mainstream brands like Shiseido and SK-II). The country's local pharmacies are brimming with game-changing beauty products, and today, you can find many of the best ones right on Amazon. Like Heroine Make, for example, which many consider to be the best Japanese mascara out there (if not the best mascara altogether on the entire market). In fact, Heroine Make might be partly responsible for the J-beauty craze that's happening right now. Whether you've already heard about this cult-favorite beauty buy or you're interested in trying out another great Japanese mascara, this handy guide breaks down the top tubes worth trying.

And if you're interested in more J-beauty discoveries, be sure to check out these roundups of trending Japanese beauty products and the best Japanese sunscreens, too. But first, scroll on for the three best Japanese mascaras you can buy on Amazon — whether you're looking for a tubing mascara that washes off easily, a super-waterproof formula you can swim in, or a volumizing mascara that'll give you thicker-looking lashes.


The Overall Best Japanese Mascara

The holy grail of Asian mascaras, Heroine Make Long and Curl mascara is beloved around the world for its ability to, as its name suggests, lengthen and curl even the most stubborn, straight lashes. The most important thing to know about this mascara, however, is that it's "super waterproof," which can make it pretty hard to get off. But, for people who are all about budge-proof eye makeup, it doesn't get any more long-lasting this. You can literally swim in this mascara and it won't run — so be sure to pick up a tube of their specially-formulated makeup remover (which can be used to take off other hard-to-remove eye makeup, too).


Best Japanese Tubing Mascara

For an option that's a bit easier to take off, this tubing mascara from cult-favorite Japanese brand DHC slides off in "tubes" when it's time for removal — just massage your lashes with a little warm water. These tubes are also what gives this mascara its lengthening abilities, while the water-resistant formula prevents flaking, smudging, and fading throughout the day — that means no more annoying "raccoon eyes." This smear-proof mascara also has a thin brush that makes it easy to coat every single lash without clumping, including your lower lashes. In an interview with Into the Gloss, Emma Watson revealed that this is the only mascara she uses.


Best Japanese Mascara For Volume

If you're all about voluminous-looking lashes, you'll love the DUP Volume Extension Mascara. Another long-lasting Japanese mascara (this is another waterproof choice that won't smudge or smear, even when rubbed or exposed to moisture), it uses a unique, 3-D brush and fiber technology to thicken lashes with each swipe. The fibers in this mascara adhere onto your existing lashes to produce a fuller-looking appearance, while the brush's dual bristles enhance volume even more.


Best Japanese Mascara For Separated Lashes

The FlowFushi Mote Mascara Separate was made for anyone who hates clumpy-looking lashes. It has an innovative, two-sided comb brush that separates your lashes as you apply the mascara, so each lash is evenly coated and defined. It's a great choice for a more natural mascara look, since it won't give you overly dramatic looking lashes, but it does still add length. The tiny comb brush makes it easy to coat your lower lashes, too.


Best Japanese Mascara For Natural-Looking Lashes

On days where you're going for a super natural, "no makeup makeup" look, this mascara gloss and coat, also by FlowFushi, will be your new go-to. It can be used on its own, as a primer, as a top coat, or even on your eyebrows. It has a clear formula that's infused with black pearl for just a hint of natural-looking color, which basically gives you a "your lashes but better" look. Its brush was designed to curl lashes and the glossy formula enhances shine, which is why it makes a great base or top coat used in conjunction with another mascara.

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