The 5 Best Korean Eye Masks

As many Korean face masks swarm our Instagram feeds, it's a real wonder that there's not more talk about the best Korean eye masks. While face masks are superb at addressing everything from dull skin to clogged pores, there's no denying that these full-face sheets and jars of bubble masks aren't designed with the sensitive skin surrounding our eyes in mind. After all, you'd never apply a drying clay mask to your under-eye area. Hydrogel on the other hand — now that's what we're talking about. Just like doctors and derms recommend skin care products specifically formulated for your eyes, finding the best Korean eye masks — which most often feature some sort of hydrogel formula due to its ability to deeply hydrate and nourish the area without drying out over time — is the next step in elevating your skin care routine.

Ready to slap on some of these cooling, ultra-hydrating, often comma-shaped masks? Here you'll find five of the best Korean eye masks to help you counteract the effects of every aggressor that impacts the delicate area around your eyes. Whether it's the sun's UV rays, forgetting to remove your makeup before bed, or not getting enough sleep, these easy-to-use masks will be a total eye-saver when added to your weekly routine.

Collagen Masks That Are Gentle Enough For Sensitive Skin

The area around the eyes is delicate, so if you have sensitive skin you'll want to be extra cautious about what goes near your eyes, and that's where these hypoallergenic collagen eye masks come in. Using collagen essence made of natural fiber and botanicals these masks will instantly awaken your under-eye area by deeply hydrating, brightening dark circles, tightening skin, and boosting elasticity. Infused with vitamins A and E, as well as green tea extract, you can also expect these stick-on under-eye masks work wonders at soothing the under-eye area after a long day. Whether you use them before bed or before your morning makeup routine, you can expect a plumped under-eye area that looks more radiant.

Circulation-Boosting Eye Masks That Diminish Dark Circles

Before you go reaching for a color-correcting concealer to combat discoloration under your eyes, consider using a set of these black pearl and anti-inflammatory gold hydrogel eye patches. Infused with black pearl and pure gold powders, these unique eye patches are designed to improve blood circulation, effectively diminishing the appearance of dark circles. What's more, since they're jam-packed with hyaluronic acid and rose, they deeply hydrate your under-eye area while simultaneously soothing to reduce puffiness and under-eye bags.

Gold And Snail Eye Masks For A Glowing Complexion

These anti-inflammatory, 24-karat gold-infused eye masks brighten and re-contour under-eyes for a bright-eyed appearance. What's more, since it's formulated with snail slime extract, aloe vera, ginseng, caviar, and green tea — all ingredients known for their highly hydrating and soothing effects — you can expect the skin around your eyes to look more hydrated than ever. And, if you want an extra soothing boost, try popping them in the fridge before popping them on.

Gold Eye Masks That Come With Spot Patches, Too

Designed to moisturize, brighten, nourish, cool, soothe, and tighten skin under your eyes, these hydrogel eye masks are formulated with naturally-dissolving, eye-boosting essences that slowly sink into skin, making the mask become thinner and thinner as time passes by. Instead of throwing the mask away once you've had your fair share of TLC, drop the masks in water to dissolve it and use as a brightening essence on the rest of your face. And, as for any other areas of your face that need a full dose of brightening, hydrating power, simply slap one of the round patches on and let it work its magic.

A Set Of Eye And Cheek Masks That Hydrate And Cool

Whether you're looking to deeply hydrate your entire eye area with a powerful hyaluronic acid-infused eye mask or soothe sunburn and irritation under your eyes, this set of paraben- and fragrance-free Korean eye masks has you covered. Both masks come packaged as a dry capsule and essence. You drop the capsule in the essence to bring your eye mask to life. Where the hydrating eye mask is designed to fully cover your eyes (including your eyelids!) for deep hydration, the soothing sun eye mask is built to nourish the skin under your eyes, extending into your cheek area.

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