The Only 5 Mattresses You Need To Know About If You're On A Budget

You can drink warm milk before bed, read a good book, or spend an hour in downward dog — all will help you relax and sleep better. But nothing compares to investing in one of the best mattresses with the highest ratings that can cradle the curves of your body, support your back, knees, and shoulders, and prevent muscle aches and pains.

Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure out if you're sleeping on the right mattress. One person's dreamy firm mattress is another person's rock, and whereas you may despise feeling your mattress bounce even a little, your best friend may find that feeling comforting. The best mattresses on Amazon include a combination of mattress types like dense memory foam, which cradles the body, temperature-regulating gel foam technology, hybrid innerspring and memory foam mattresses, and adaptive foam mattresses that offer a firmer alternative to memory foam. Different strokes for different folks — and a mattress purchase is a highly personal one. But it always helps to find out what the people are saying about the mattress you're considering.

People on Amazon love these mattresses for a variety of reasons — and each has pros and cons, depending on your sleep preferences — but they're all winners among reviewers.


An Adaptive Foam Mattress That Sleeps Cool

Tuft & Needle Mattress, $325-$700, Amazon

If you're a sweaty sleeper who can't cool down at night, or you're just not impressed with memory foam because you find it too squishy, this mattress is the alternative you need in your life. It's constructed from something called T&N adaptive foam, which is supportive, but firm enough so your body won't sink into it. It also offers "localized bounce," which is a fancy way of saying that if your partner tosses and turns all night long, you won't feel a thing. The adaptive foam also stays cool, so it's ideal for anyone who tends to sweat or feel warm at night. It comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, California, and California king sizes, and boasts more than 11,000 reviews and a near-perfect Amazon rating.


A Memory Foam Mattress Infused With Green Tea Extra To Keep It Fresh

Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress, $189-$350, Amazon

Not only is this outstanding memory foam mattress hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars more affordable than most, but it also doesn't cut corners when it comes to providing a supportive, flexible construction that allows for the maximum amount of airflow to keep you cool. This 12-inch mattress fits most beds, from twin to California king, and is infused with green tea extract to help it retain its freshness. More than 11,000 Amazon reviewers ranked it highly, comparing it to far more expensive brands and assuring readers that it checks out when it comes to comfort and support.


A 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress That Regulates Your Body Temperature

LUCID 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, $163-$323, Amazon

The benefit of gel technology is that microscopic beads capture heat and transport it away from the body. But if you don't want to commit entirely to a gel foam mattress, this dual-layer mattress is the best of both mattress worlds. It contains 2.5-inch gel-infused memory foam with 7.5-inch high density foam for a combination of comfort, support, and temperature regulation that keeps your body cool and helps with moisture wicking throughout the night. It comes in an extraordinary number of sizes, including Olympic queen and full XL, and the company offers a 25-year warranty on this mattress.


A Medium-Firm Mattress That Combines Memory Foam With Traditional Innerspring Construction

LinenSpa Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress, $97-$200, Amazon

Hybrid mattresses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for anyone who doesn't want to commit to the softness of memory foam or the stiffness that often accompanies innerspring mattresses. This memory foam and innerspring mattress is medium firm and boasts 1.5 inches of foam beneath a soft, quilted layer that supports pressure points and prevents aches and pains in your back, hips, shoulders, and neck. It comes in twin through California king sizes (twin XL, as well) and has tempered steel coils that provide a bit of the old-school mattress bounce that's been done away with, thanks to so many newer memory foam models.


A 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress That Feels Like Sleeping On A Cloud

Perfect Cloud Elegance Gel-Pro 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, $470-$700, Amazon

When you want a mattress so light you can barely detect it, and instead feel like you're sleeping on a cloud, this is the one that deserves your investment. This mattress boasts a double layer of cool gel and layers of air-infused memory foam. Together, gel and foam form a temperature-regulating surface that contours to your shape and relieves pressure on your back and side. Its removable stretch knit cover boasts something called Mesh Gusset Air-Transfer technology that keep you — and your mattress — fresh and cool.

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