If You Have A Low Cervix, These Are The Menstrual Cups To Use

I'm one of the biggest advocates when it comes to menstrual cups. For me, the switch meant less cramps, fewer leaks, and a low-hassle option that's a whole lot more eco-friendly. That being said, all bodies are built differently. The best menstrual cups for a low cervix aren't so easy to find, so if your cervix sits close to your vaginal canal, average menstrual cups are likely uncomfortable, stiff-feeling, and leaky. That's not a nice experience for anyone.

So how do you find the best menstrual cup for your body? There are a few different factors, like flow-level and type of material, but potentially the biggest determinant is the height of your cervix. To figure that out, wash your hands, sit down somewhere comfy, and prepare to get familiar with your anatomy.

Extend your middle and pointer finger outwards and insert them straight into your vaginal opening. Your cervix will feel dense but squishy, like the tip of your nose. If your fingers are inserted up to your fist and they're just barely grazing your cervix (or you can't feel it at all), you have a high cervix. If your fingers reach to the middle knuckle, it's an average height, and if you're just barely past the first bend in your fingers, you have a low cervix. It's also important to note that the height changes depending on where you are in your cycle, so to determine what kind of cup you need, measure as close to your period as possible.

The best cups for a low cervix will definitely be shorter. They're probably also more rounded, flexible, and petite, and you'll likely need something with a lower capacity so it fits comfortably in a smaller space. Check out some of the best options here, so you can experience menstrual cups the way they're meant to be — comfy, reliable, and hassle-free.


This Cup That's Made For A Low Cervix, But Doesn't Compromise On Capacity

Thanks to its rounded bulb shape and extra short design, this FemmyCycle menstrual cup is made for a lower-than-average cervix, but doesn't compromise on capacity. It's ideal for those who can insert their index finger only to the second knuckle before feeling their cervix, but don't have a particularly narrow canal, and it's constructed from 100 percent medical-grade silicone without latex, BPA, or animal products. Since it's no smaller than other cups on the market (just rounder), it offers up to 12 hours of protection in its no-spill design, and the loop stem makes it easy to retrieve. "My cervix would sit inside the cup completely and the stem of the cup would be hanging out because it would not fit in completely," says one reviewer who tried three other cups prior to this one. "This was the first cup that did not leak at all for me... No problems at all." According to other reviewers, it's also awesome for a tilted cervix, too.


This One Is Designed Like A Flat Disposable Cup, But It's Made From BPA-Free Silicone

The position of your cervix changes depending on where you are in your cycle, and for the majority, it's at its lowest during their period. As a result, many people can't get reusable menstrual cups to fit, so they default to the disposable disc-shaped ones. The Intimina Flat-Fit Ziggy cup mimics the general shape and size of disposable options, but it's made of FDA-approved, BPA-free silicone that you can use for up to two years. The petal-thin body and oval shape sit under the pubic bone and against the cervix for a fit that most people can't feel — even when worn during sex to minimize mess. It's also especially flexible, so reviewers say you can "pinch, fold, and manipulate this one much easier and with a lot less pressure."


This Short, Flexible, Bell-Shaped Cup That You Can Trim Down If Necessary

If you're set on a traditional-shaped menstrual cup, the Saalt cup is one of your best bets. It works well for those with a low cervix for four reasons: First, its small size is 47 millimeters long, which is less than 2 inches for a low-sitting cervix. Second, it has an extra flexible stem that can be trimmed down if you find it too long. Next, it has a bell shape with a rounded-out lip, which works to prevent leaks and naturally ride up as high as it can without causing discomfort. Finally, since this cup is designed for an active lifestyle, it's made from extra soft and flexible material, so it can adjust alongside your body. According to reviewers, "It’s more round and less long, so it doesn’t hang as low." The stem is also so "soft and bendy that you can’t feel it."


This Cup That's Extra Petite For Beginners, Teenagers, And Those With Narrow Builds

If you have a low cervix and a narrow vaginal build, the Intimina Cup One is designed to be one of the most petite options on the market. It's also totally collapsible for easy travel, and according to previous buyers, can be used partially collapsed for an especially low cervix. The soft, rounded sections are made to fit your body without poking or prodding, and the loop stem is easier to grab and won't extend as far as a stick-shaped one. Since it's made from FDA-approved silicone, it's phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean. It's also one of the best options for teenagers or those who have never used a menstrual cup before.

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