This Multi-Tasking Kitchen Appliance Works Harder Than Your Instant Pot

Meals like juicy roasted chicken or sizzling filet mignon sound like delicacies that require a spacious kitchen with top-notch appliances to cook up. But that doesn't have to be the case... if you have one of the best mini toaster ovens at home! They're a simple little way to prepare fast, easy, and delicious meals — without taking up loads of counter space.

Even more appealing than their small size, however, is their multi-functionality. Aside from their obvious toasting function, they can bake goods, broil proteins, and do pretty much everything a regular-sized toaster oven can do.

While conventional ovens cook food a little slower by surrounding it with hot air, convection ovens — which is what most modern toaster ovens are — use a rear-placed fan to blow hot air directly onto the food and cook it super quickly. So, if you're frequently in a rush when preparing meals at home, having a mini one is going to be a game-changer. As for features, you might be surprised by how little you have to splurge for some really cool specs.

Curious as to what's out there? Below, find five of the best compact but functional options that will help you channel your inner chef in the smallest of settings.


The Most Affordable Convection Mini Toaster Oven For Small Spaces

This convection toaster oven, reserved exclusively for Amazon Prime users, is a great, affordable option for fast, even cooking. With four cooking functions (baking, broiling, toasting, and warming) and adjustable temperature and timer dials, it has everything you need from a mini toaster oven — without the lofty price tag. While this compact device fits nicely on any countertop, the curved interior is still spacious enough to fit a 9-inch pizza or six slices of bread. It even comes with a crumb tray to make cleanup a breeze!


The Best Two-In-One Mini Toaster Oven For Small Spaces

Another budget-friendly pick, this two-in-one compact toaster and mini oven will save you plenty of time and energy in addition to conserving precious counter space. It toasts 24 percent faster than a standard toaster oven while also using 73 percent less energy. Food-wise, the oven can fit up to two 16-inch pizza slices, and the 1.5-inch toasting slots can seamlessly brown bread and bagel halves in six different shades — just slide a lever to switch between the two functions. Plus, with an automatic shut-off, you can cook your food and simultaneously work on other tasks without worrying about burning or overcooking anything. It also comes with a handy crumb tray and is a steal for the price, to be honest.


The Best Three-In-One Mini Toaster Oven For Small Spaces

If your kitchen space is severely limited, go for a dreamy 500-watt, multi-functional toaster oven with a 15-minute timer. Not only does this one come in four color options including the blue shade above, but it can also be used to prepare small meals and up to four slices of toast in a customized tray; brew four cups of coffee in an included mini coffee pot; and fry eggs and keep food warm, thanks to a nonstick griddle on top. And it's only $35. Sure, you won’t be able to produce the same wide range of meals that you would with others, but this is an ideal, low-priced device for dorm rooms, RVs, or any particularly tiny kitchen.


The Best Slightly Larger Mini Toaster Oven For Small Spaces

With over 3,000 reviews and a near-perfect rating on Amazon, this large-capacity convection toaster oven is a solid investment if you're looking to cook quality meals in the shortest amount of time. It’s just as capable of facilitating a full broil at 500 degrees Fahrenheit as it is of delicately melting cheese. Though slightly bigger than your average mini toaster oven, it's perfect if you want some extra space for larger dishes like casseroles or roasts. Also included? A crumb tray, baking sheet, and interior light so you can see what's cooking. "It has virtually replaced my full sized oven," raved one happy Amazon customer.


The Best Splurge-Worthy Mini Toaster Oven For Small Spaces

If you’re looking to prepare a wide variety of foods that require multiple different heating and cooking methods, this smart mini toaster oven with nearly 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon is your best bet. Capable of converting between Fahrenheit and Celsius, it uses special heat-adjustment technology for even cooking and comes with eight different pre-set functions including roast, broil, bake, and reheat in addition to functions for specific types of food (e.g. pizza and bagels). The time and temperature control buttons are on an easy-to-use digital control panel, but there is one potential downside to note. Since this oven produces substantial heat — 110 to 120 volts — it needs some extra clearance at the top and can't be used under cabinets.

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