These Genius Gel Moisturizing Socks Will Revive Your Dry, Cracked Feet


Feet don't exactly get an off-season. From winters too often spent crammed in heavy boots to summers in nothing but sandals, they really take a beating regardless of the time of year. That's why it's so important to pamper your feet whenever you can with the best moisturizing socks for dry feet, because they help reverse the effects of all that damage and restore your skin's natural suppleness.

As an at-home spa treatment, gel socks are fantastic because you don't have to put your day on pause to use them. All you need to do is slip on a pair and then you can jump right back into your routine, which helps set them apart from other time-consuming solutions for dry skin and cracked heels. Unlike greasy creams or lotions that can be messy and expensive to use, gel socks are lightweight, affordable, and take just a few seconds to put on. Best of all, you can even wear them to bed, so your feet are getting the royal treatment even while you're busy catching up on your beauty sleep.

Don't let painful cracked heels keep you from flaunting your favorite footwear. Instead, just put your feet up and let this round-up of the best moisturizing socks for dry feet be your ultimate guide to smooth, hydrated skin you've always wanted.


The Longest-Lasting Gel Socks That Can Even Moisturize Between your Toes

Affordable, easy to use, and hypoallergenic, this set of gel socks from AYAOQIANG is the best you can find if you're looking for allover moisture from your heels to between your toes. Nourishing and squishy to the touch, the deep moisturizing gel you get in this set is formulated with vitamin E and a blend of mineral oils, including rose oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil, designed to enrich your skin. One thing that sets this sock apart from the rest on this list? Because all five of your toes are enclosed in this sock, they each get targeted treatment for maximum relief from dryness, plus cushioning to prevent the formation of calluses. With an incredible lifespan of seven months, these socks are the longest-lasting option on this list. Made from silica gel and spandex, each pair is reusable and designed for regular wear.


The Most Comfortable Gel Moisturizing Socks To Wear Around The House

One of the major benefits of gel moisturizing socks is that you don't have to stop what you're doing to start moisturizing. This is never more true than with these BelleSha gel socks, which have gripped bottoms that enable you to keep on the go while you use them. One reviewer raves about how easy it is not to slip or slide, "Those grippers really grip!" When it comes to their ingredients, these socks are packed with vitamin E and jojoba oil, which soften up coarse, hardened skin. "Wear the socks overnight and you'll be surprised at how good your feet look and feel when you wake up," wrote one reviewer on Amazon. "If you have really bad heels, cracked and calcified, it may take a week, but you should see a huge difference."


The Best Hydrating Heel Socks For Dry, Cracked Heels

Specifically designed to target dry heels, these heel socks by ZenToes work best when paired with your lotion of choice, to infuse even the coarsest heels with calming relief. Made from a durable and high-quality cotton-blend fabric that adds soothing compression and support to feet, these socks are one of the most popular and best-rated options available on Amazon for a reason: they actually work. Whether your heels are just dry or deeply-cracked and painful, these heel socks can deliver spa-level hydration where your skin needs it most. The toeless design of these socks was created to allow your toes to breathe while your heels are being moisturized, and their solid yet stretchy material won't slip or bunch, even during heavy wear. You can also choose between a cotton or a fuzzy option and between four different colors, so that you can pick a pair exactly to your liking. While these socks are offered in one-size-fits-all, reviewers with feet sized 10 and below found these most comfortable.


The Best Gel Socks Great For Larger Shoe Sizes

If you've ever tried gel moisturizing socks, you'll know that many of the most popular options are often made out of thick cotton fabric, which doesn't offer a lot of breathability. Enter these vented heel sleeves from NatraCure, which are available in blue or pink and were made specifically for those with active lifestyles who need a breathable fabric alternative for gel socks. Formulated with replenishing vitamin E along with skin-softening shea butter and soothing aloe vera, these heel sleeves are perfect for daily wear during the first week of use, then two to three times per week as needed. For a more intensive treatment, reviewers recommend pairing these sleeves with a nourishing cream. More than any other sock on this list, these NatraCure gel socks are proven to fit larger shoe sizes. Reviewers of all shoe sizes gush over these socks, "I wear a size 11 shoe and have pretty wide feet and they didn't feel tight or uncomfortable at all."


The Best Value Pack That Includes A Gel Sock And Glove Combo

For unbeatable value, you need to get this bundle, which includes a pair of moisturizing gel socks plus a set of gloves. Both of these work to protect skin and relieve the symptoms of dryness, but that's not the only reason you'll want to give this highly-rated combo a try. With a unique combination of ingredients including vitamin E, olive oil, and lavender essence, these socks deliver the quickest results out of any option on this list. You may even notice a difference after just minutes of wear. One reviewer says, "A few minutes with them on and you could tell the difference right away!" Amazon reviewers even say that wearing them every day for at least a week can help restore skin's natural radiance to the point where it reduces fine lines, making this set a truly versatile investment.

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