These Nail Stamping Kits Will Upgrade Your Manicures — & They’re So Easy To Use

by Cliché Wynter

Nail stamping is a great way to get a unique manicure at home without the hefty price tag of a salon visit. They’re also considerably easy for beginners to use as you explore the nail art game for the first time, and you’ll find the best nail stamping kits will give you a good number of design options while providing the right tools to make nail art stamping application a breeze. Here are things you'll want to look for when shopping for a kit:

Stainless steel plates: Most stamping plates are made with stainless steel, which is durable and easy to wipe clean.

Stampers: Your best bet is a stamper with a soft head that rolls onto the nail bed smoothly and without smudging your polish. And a clear stamper makes things even easier, since you can see exactly where you're placing the design.

Scrapers: A scraper is a must have, as it scrapes away the excess polish on the stamping plate, so your stamper can pick up the design without any muddiness.

Polishes: While you can use regular polish for stamping, it's not as highly pigmented, so you'll get a less striking result. It's also less thick, so more prone to bleeding while it's drying. For the best results, opt for a stamping nail polish specifically designed for the job.

Amazon is chock full of the best nail stamping kits that offer unique designs, sparkles, and all that jazz. And of course — don't forget to grab a top coat to seal your design while you're at it.

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The Kit With The Most Design Options

This nail stamper kit comes with a 15 high-quality stainless steel stamping plates with a grand total of 250 patterns, such as mandalas, florals, geometric designs, Navajo-inspired prints, and even messages like "Thank you very much," and "I love you to the moon and back." The kit also includes two scrapers, carrying cases for the plates, and a clear stamper. The bad news: You'll have to purchase polish separately, and some reviewers report that the stamper isn't very durable..

A reviewer wrote: “I am in love with stamping thanks to these plates. I am a beginner and this was my first set of plates and you can see from the picture how well it came out. There are so many designs it will take me a lifetime to try them all."


A Kit With Rhinestones & Holographic Tape For When You Want To Go Glam

If you want to kick things up a notch, this nail art kit comes with two boxes of colorful rhinestones, 10 rolls of holographic tape, five nail dotting pens for creating polka dots and outstanding mandalas, and three sheets of water transfer nail decals (they're a lot like applying temporary tattoos). The kit also includes one scraper, one stamper, and three stainless steel stamping plates for a grand total of 132 designs. Design highlights include butterflies, beach scenes, lacy patterns, and several decals reminiscent of Japanese watercolor paintings. The only thing that's missing are some nail stamping polishes, and since the stamper isn't clear, it can be harder to place the designs.

A reviewer wrote: "This kit has about everything you could want! Some of the items are self explanatory but others I had to practice like the stencils to get it right. It has everything you need except for color to make your nails unique."


A Set of Nail Stamping Plates & Polishes

This stamping kit is a bit pricier and doesn't include a scraper or stamper, but it does have several things going for it, like a set of 10 stamping polishes and eight stainless steel plates engraved with remarkably unique designs, like crackle texture, marbling, fades, modern art-inspired faces, and — for the animal lovers — cats. Of course, you'll also get some classic flowers, butterflies, and mandalas too. To complete the kit, pick up a scraper and a stamper.

A reviewer wrote: “This is a FANTASTIC kit for anyone wanting to expand their nail art stamping kit. The plates are very versatile. It has party, geometric, cats (and funny cat butts), floral, abstract, and more.”


This Complete Gel Nail Polish Stamping Kit

If you're a lover of a long-lasting gel manicures, this gel nail stamping kit is for you. It includes eight gel polishes in rich colors like golden, emerald green, and rose pink, along with two clear stampers, two peel-off latex barriers (for a tidier application), and four stainless steel stamping plates. While the number of designs isn't evident, highlights include elegant roses, geometric patterns, and holiday designs —including some spooky bats and cobwebs for Halloween. Remember: Each application needs to be cured with a UV lamp.

A reviewer wrote: “The product is good in terms of price quality, spreads well, holds well on the nail, recommended for beginners, I will definitely buy it again.”


A Kid-Friendly Nail Stamper

Get kids in on the fun with a Cool Maker nail stamper kit recommended for ages 8-10. This foolproof, no-mess method features an automatic machine stamper: Pop your stamp in, insert your fingernail, then press the button to stamp. The kit comes with five stamps: unicorns, cupcakes, flamingos, hearts, and kitty faces, and since the colors are already built into each stamp, you'll automatically get a multi-colored and intricate design. The kit two included polishes and top coat, all of which are water-based and easy to remove.

A reviewer wrote: “I am giving this a 5 star rating for its easy use, good instructions, and final result but especially because of the enjoyment on the recipient’s face. As a special aunt to the recipient, I was thrilled to find a gift that was such a hit from the start!”


Good To Have: A Nail Stamping Polish Set

This stamping nail polish set is a great addition to kits that don't come with polish or for anyone looking to expand their color options. It includes a total of 25 stamping polishes that range from classic hues like pink and red to bold metallics and unique colors like sky blue and lime green. The colors are all long-lasting and feature a glossy finish. Plus, they're highly pigmented and thicker, so the beauty of your design will be vibrant and clear.

A reviewer wrote: “I always used regular polish for nail stamping and never knew what I was missing out on. What a difference using these polishes have made, they are so pigmented and transfer very well.”


Also Good To Have: A Stamping Plate Organizer

How cute is this iridescent stamping plate holder? It's great to have on hand as you stack up on plates and need a place to keep them organized. It has 24 rectangular slots and 48 square slots for storing small and large plates.

A reviewer wrote: “Just what I needed, an all-in-one organizer for different shaped stamping plates. If you are like me and have a basic/average sized collection this is great to store them all in one place that is easy to grab. If you double up in the pockets you can fit 32 round/square plates and 16 large rectangle plates.”