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In a perfect world, we would be able to take a new pair of tights on a trial run before committing ourselves to a pair that just doesn’t hold up — literally. Since most retailers wouldn't allow this (for obvious reasons), finding the best opaque tights remains a challenge when all you can do is evaluate new pairs through the packaging in stores.

Not only are opaque tights a transformative statement piece, they also have the power to add a dose of coziness to any outfit. So realizing a pair of what you thought were opaque black tights are actually transparent is a total drag. Another common woe of tights-wearers is finding a flexible, comfy waist that stays put without rolling down underneath your clothing, leaving you constantly tugging and shimmying throughout the day. But nothing annoys me as much a pair of tights that pills after a few wears — once that begins, all they're good for is wearing under pants.

When it comes to finding a great pair of tights, a little bit of research goes a long way. These five pairs are as opaque as it gets. And with colors like grey, brown, and navy, you may even get the urge to branch out beyond your basic black pair.


Super Warm, Fleece-Lined Tights That Are Available In Tons Of Sizes

Berkshire Women’s Cozy Tight With Fleece-Lined Leg, $11 - $18, Amazon

These opaque tights are fleece-lined to keep your legs cozy on those coldest of days. The lining fits snuggly without being constricting and the outer layer is smooth without clinging to your clothes. These tights come in medium, tall, petite, and 1X to 4X sizes. And, the color selection includes basic black, grey, navy, and chocolate brown. Reviewers are loving the warmth and durability these tights provide.


Mid-Weight Tights To Wear All Year Round

Stocking Fox Women's 70-Denier Opaque Stretch Tight (Sizes S - XL), $36, Amazon

These 70-den tights strike the perfect balance between opaque and lightweight so you can rest assured that they won’t leave you sweating. They also feature a high waist band that reviewers swear doesn't roll down and they come in a range of colors including beige, mocha, black, navy, and even a bold red.


Extra-Long Tights For Tall People

DKNY Women’s Control Top Tights Tall Black, $29 (2 Pack), Amazon

Made out of a nylon and spandex blend, these black tights are super-opaque and made to fit tall folks. The tights are very thick without being bulky. Reviewers who are six-feet tall are finding that these great-quality tights are long enough to fit them. Plus, the tights have a supportive elastic that fits like a glove without being too constricting.


Ultra-Opaque Microfiber Tights For Sizes 10 To 14

Manzi Women’s 200-400 Denier Classic Opaque Microfiber Tights (Sizes L - XL), $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

There’s no question these microfiber tights are super opaque. Denier is a unit of measure to reflect the density of fibers and under seventy is where transparent tights fall on the spectrum. These tights are labeled as 200 to 400 denier, so they’re going to be incredibly solid on your legs. Reviewers describe these tights as being very comfortable, totally opaque, and perfect for sizes ten to fourteen to keep their legs warm and soft.


Splurge-Worthy Matte Tights With A No-Dig Waistband

Commando Women’s Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights (Sizes S - XL), $36, Amazon

These opaque matte tights come with a dig-free, raw-cut microfiber waistband. Reviewers are finding the elastic band to be one of the best features and the fact that they are truly opaque. These tights are soft and comfortable and, while they do require hand-washing, it’s well worth it to protect your investment.

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