5 Innovative Sex Toys That Mimic The Feeling Of Oral Sex


While plenty of sex toys on the market mimic the kind of stimulation you'd get from a finger or penis, sometimes, you might find yourself in the mood for something else. That's where the best oral sex toys come in: whether you have a vagina or a penis, there are many different types of innovative toys that were designed to simulate blow jobs and cunnilingus. Ahead, a roundup of the six top picks you can buy on Amazon.

The sex toys you'll find below range from clit-suckers to tongue-shaped vibrators to masturbation cups that mimic blow jobs, and more. All of them feel incredibly lifelike, all of them are highly-rated by dozens (if not hundreds) of online reviewers, and they all come packaged discreetly (courtesy of lightning-fast Amazon shipping). If you're not sure which one is right for you, think about what gets you off the most when it comes to oral sex (licking? sucking? thrusting? a combo of a few?) and go from there.

No matter what type of oral sex you're into, you're bound to find something to get you off ahead. Scroll on for the six best oral sex toys on the market to amp up your masturbation game.


The Best Wearable Clit-Sucking Vibrator

The Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator the toy to try for anyone with a clit who loves the sucking sensations you receive during oral sex. The great thing about this clit-sucker in particular is that its wearable: not only is this more convenient for hands-free play, but it also vibrates against your G-spot (in addition to sucking at your clit), giving you the opportunity to have a coveted blended orgasm. This vibe has gives you 10 different vibration patterns to choose from, and it's waterproof, so you can take it into the bath or shower. Made of soft, body-safe silicone, it's conveniently rechargeable via USB.

A number-one best-seller on Amazon, this clit-sucker/vibrator has over 1,800 perfect five-star reviews. "By far the best sex toy I've ever used and I've used a LOT of sex toys. I'd pay $300 for this. Easy. Mind blowing doesn't begin to touch it," commented one satisfied customer.


The Best Handheld Clit-Sucking Vibrator

If you don't really care for the added G-spot stimulation, try out the Satisfyer Pro 2. This toy is a cult-favorite for a reason. The little divot sits directly on your clitoris where it delivers an oral sex-like sucking sensation that will send you over the edge. Both quiet and discreet, it comes with 11 different intensity modes, ranging from gentle to intense. The waterproof toy is also oddly attractive, thanks to its sleek shape and rose gold finish.

"I cried because it’s changed my life," commented one reviewer. Another wrote, "I have a crazy hard time [orgasming]. As in at 25 [I've] never had one. Nothing did it, dildos or vibrators. This little magic wand here is my new best friend."


The Best Licking & Sucking Clitoral Vibrator

Good news: if you don't want to choose between suction and licking, this little toy does both. One side is similar to other clit-sucking toys in that it provides suction against your most sensitive bits, while the other is a tongue-shaped vibrator with little nubs that make it feel like you've got a real tongue lapping against your clit. It also offers seven different modes for you to play around with, and it's made from skin-friendly silicone. It feels great on nipples, too, so feel free to experiment with this powerful two-in-one toy.

With an overall rating of 4.7 stars, this sucker is a clear Amazon reviewer-favorite. Fans love how discreet and inconspicuous it is, making it a great toy to travel with. "Amazing little toy. My husband used the suction portion on me during sex and threw it into overdrive. The most intense, longest lasting orgasm ever from any toy we have used," one reviewer wrote. Another reported, "[Its] licking function is amazing and just as good as the real thing."


The Best Tongue-Shaped Vibrator

For a more traditional type of sex toy, there's this tongue-shaped vibrator. It doesn't suck your clit or anything, but its vibrating motions and unique shape are meant to mimic the lapping of a tongue. It's also whisper-quiet, small and discreet, and USB-rechargeable, and a single charge lasts up to two hours. You can also use this toy as a gentle massager on other areas of your body.

"Totally quiet even with such powerful vibrations," reported one reviewer. "There are different modes that can be changed as per need; the shape is perfect for different uses. The battery life is superb as it has lasted longer on a single charge. Overall highly satisfied with the quality of the build and functions."


The Best Blowjob-Simulating Masturbation Cup

If you have a penis and love blow jobs (or you're shopping for someone who does), the Tracy's Dog masturbator cup is the toy for you. While the user manual thrusts the cup, the design mimics the feeling of a real throat and mouth. It even has lifelike-feeling teeth, lips, and a tongue, the latter of which is 3-D printed to give it the same texture that a real tongue has. Even the silicone material with which the toy is made is designed to feel like real skin. Just remember: Use a lot of lube with this toy and make sure you wash it after every use to avoid the buildup of bacteria.

"The feel is shockingly life like. I still can't get over how real it feels," wrote one reviewer. Another suggests warming it in hot water first to make it feel even more realistic.

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