A Mattress Made With Tree Sap — & 4 Other Organic Mattresses Reviewers Swear By


Finding a comfortable mattress that’s certified organic can be tough, but thankfully Amazon has several high-quality options which can be delivered to your door. While many mattresses claim to be eco-friendly, the best organic mattresses meet rigorous testing requirements and provide comfort and support to help you get a good night’s sleep.

When shopping for an organic mattress, there are a few labels that can help you figure out which options are truly organic. Mattresses with a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification (or Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification if the mattress is made with latex) have met rigorous testing requirements. To earn this certification, mattresses must be made with at least 95% organic fiber, be free from potentially harmful chemicals, and be produced in an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Other mattresses have an OEKO-TEX certification — while this doesn’t guarantee the mattress fibers are organic, it does mean the mattress is free from harmful substances like formaldehyde, chemical flame retardants, and dyes that might cause allergic reactions. Other certifications — like CertiPUR-US and Greenguard Gold place limits on certain materials that can be harmful to the ozone, the air, and your health — including chemicals that can get released from the mattress due to body heat.

Below, I’ve included GOTS- and GOLS-certified mattresses, as well as some more affordable options that still meet high standards for eco-consciousness and human safety. Plus, I've included plush, firm, and medium-firm options, so you can feel good when you tuck yourself in each night no matter how you prefer to sleep.

If it’s time to upgrade your bed, scroll on for the best organic mattresses to keep you comfy and supported while you snooze.

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The Overall Best

A great mid-price option, this natural latex mattress offers medium firmness that molds to your body for a supportive sleep that's easy on your pressure points. The moldable material is similar to memory foam, but some people find that latex is cooler to sleep on. And since latex doesn’t transfer motion, it'll help you stay asleep even when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed. The soft quilted cover is made with breathable cotton and wool, both of which are both GOTS-certified.

The mattress itself is OEKO-TEX and Greenguard Gold-certified, so it’s free from harmful substances and flame-retardant chemicals, but since wool and latex are naturally flame resistant, the mattress still offers fire safety without the use of chemicals.

According to a reviewer: “Bed is exactly what we hoped for! My wife is a stomach sleeper and I have occasional back pain, we wanted a firm bed that sunk just enough to support you but didn't swallow you whole like a memory foam one! It's an added plus that its one of the healthiest beds out there, with no added "fire proofing" chemicals.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king


The Best Plush Memory Foam Option

While this gel memory foam mattress isn’t as rigorously certified as other picks on this list, it’s a good option for anyone who likes a more plush option (and it's a great price). It features 7 inches of supportive high-density foam, topped by 3 inches of cushiony memory foam. Memory foam molds comfortably to your body and also offers good motion isolation, so it can help you stay asleep if your partner moves during the night. And to keep things from getting too warm, this memory foam is ventilated and infused with cooling gel. There’s also a soft and ventilated top layer made with TENCEL — a material sourced from sustainably harvested fibers.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US-certified, so it’s free from ozone depleting materials, potentially harmful substances, and non-approved flame retardants, opting instead for a flame-resistant cotton cover.

According to reviewers: “This is soft and comfortable - I sink into it a little bit - but it's still firm enough to offer good support.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, king, California king


The Best For Firm Support

For more firm support while you sleep, this memory foam mattress is a good choice. It features a high-density support foam base, a middle layer of cooling gel-infused memory foam, and a top layer of air-infused memory foam. While memory foam can get too hot for some people, the gel-infused layer helps regulate body temperature throughout the night. And because memory foam isolates motion, you're less likely to be disturbed by movement. There’s also a soft, breathable cotton cover.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US- and OEKO-TEX-certified, so it’s free from many potentially harmful substances, as well as certain flame retardants, but the manufacturer states that the mattress is fire resistance-tested.

According to reviewers: “I found all sleeping positions to be comfortable and I do have a bad back, hip and rotator cuff in my shoulder. It is firm, I did not find myself sinking down in to the mattress, nor did I find myself having trouble rolling around and changing positions. But, although firm, it also doesn't feel like you are laying on top of a hard surface.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, short/RV queen, king, California king


The Best Budget Hybrid Mattress

This medium-firm hybrid mattress features a layer of springs topped with a layer of antimicrobial, copper-infused comfort foam. On top of that, a layer of bamboo charcoal memory foam offers molded support, while keeping mold and mildew at bay. The springs are encased in foam pockets which reduce motion transfer. However, while memory foam offers great support, it's not the best option for hot sleepers.

The mattress is CertiPU-US-certified, with a breathable, flame-retardant cotton cover that's OEKO-TEX-certified. It’s available in three thickness options — 8-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch.

According to a reviewer: “When we first sat on it we were a little concerned that it wasn't going to be any good since you kind of sink into it when you sit on it, but once you lay down on the mattress the weight gets distributed better and the mattress is actually quite comfortable and supportive.”

  • Available sizes: twin, full, king queen
  • Available thicknesses: 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch


The Best Splurge That Meets The Most Stringent Organic Standards

The Happsy 100% organic hybrid mattress meets the rigorous requirements for GOTS and GOLS certification, so you can be sure it’s made with organic materials and free from potentially harmful substances.

The medium-firm mattress features supportive pocket springs topped with latex and a layer of temperature-regulating wool batting for plush softness and breathability. The soft and stretchy cover is made from organic cotton and is flame resistant. Thanks to the combination of pocket springs and latex, which is similar in feel to memory foam, this mattress contours to your body, provides support, offers pressure point relief, and reduces motion transfer. The latex here is made from renewable tree sap and features air channels throughout to keep it from getting too hot. And since the mattress is made with latex, cotton, and wool, it's naturally flame retardant.

According to a reviewer: “I've bought from Amazon for YEARS, and never write reviews. But in this case, I had to let everyone know just how wonderful this mattress is. It's supportive, but not firm, and the pillowtop is very soft, but not squishy. It's the perfect blend. To us, it's more comfortable than a conventional mattress and box spring, minus all the smell & toxins! We were nervous about ordering, but were soooooo pleasantly surprised when we opened it up."

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king


Also Great: An Organic Mattress Topper

This organic mattress topper can add a layer of comfort to any bed without costing a lot. The soft and supportive mattress topper is made from GOLS-certified organic latex to offer molded support with a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, and it helps make firm beds feel softer without having to buy an entirely new mattress. Latex can also reduce motion transfer, and since natural latex and cotton are not highly flammable, the topper doesn’t require flame-retardant chemicals.

According to a reviewer: “As soon as I started sleeping on the topper, the stiffness getting out of bed was gone. It's not squishy like a waterbed feel. It just feel like it "holds me" with a little give, but also provides support. I am so glad I purchased it!"

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available thicknesses: 2-inch, 3-inch