The 5 Best Organic Shampoos


It has taken a while for hair care enthusiasts to fully embrace organic shampoos. Though they're chemical-free and presumably healthier to use on your hair and scalp, the initial (albeit very limited) market options were plagued by an underwhelming reputation for leaving hair in an undesirable state: oily, stringy, and matted. The best organic shampoos on the market today, however, are just the opposite. This new breed of all-natural shampoo is packed with smart ingredients that — and this is the most important part — yield just as stunning results as their chemical-laden counterparts. You just have to know what to look for.

If you're an organic shampoo newbie, here's the main thing you should know about this niche beauty world: It caters to all hair needs.

To find the formula or brand that's right for you, you'll want to consult the ingredients list. Are you after a hydrating formula for your damaged tresses? Look for nourishing ingredients like argan oil, desert date, or shea butter. Does your scalp need a little TLC? Things like calendula, tea tree oil, and green tea will relieve any itching, dryness, or inflammation. Are you looking for something that's both organic and volumizing? Keep your eyes peeled for antioxidant- and vitamin-rich active ingredients like seaweed and sea buckthorn.

Now that you're armed with a glossary of ingredients, it's time to shop. Here, find a list of the best organic shampoos that will cater to your hair's specific needs with each wash, naturally.

1. The Best For All Hair Types: This All-Natural Restoring Shampoo With Argan Oil And Aloe Vera

Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Daily Shampoo



No matter your hair type, Art Naturals’ Argan Oil Daily Shampoo is a cruelty-free option that works like a professional shampoo... for a super affordable price. It's gentle enough for every day use, and the sulfate-free formula — which includes nourishing ingredients like argan and jojoba oils, aloe vera, and echinacea — promotes healthy hair growth in all hair types.

2. The Best For Travel: This Shampoo Soap Bar That Helps Keep Frizz Under Control

Ethique Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar, Frizz Wrangler



Unlike liquid formulas that are restricted to a measly 100 milliliters in carry-ons, TSA can't yell at you for bringing a solid product through security. As such, this soap- and cruelty-free shampoo bar from Ethique is ready to throw in your travel bag as is. Its no-bottle packaging is as good for the environment as its frizz-taming ingredients — including Samoan coconut and cocoa butter — are for your hair. Oh, and before you start thinking you're getting less product for your money, you should know that this 4-ounce bar of color-safe goodness is equivalent to three bottles of liquid shampoo!

3. The Best For Volume: This Antioxidant-Rich Formula With Sea Buckthorn And Seaweed

Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo



If your hair needs a volume boost, try Yarok's Feed Your Volume Shampoo. The plumping vegan formula features a blend of natural botanicals rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Its secret? Antioxidant- and protein-rich active ingredients like seaweed and sea buckthorn work to increase thickness and create that desired voluminous effect. Plus, it's made with specially purified water and has a naturally foaming consistency that won't weigh down your hair at all. As with most organic shampoos, this one is free of drying alcohols, parabens, sulfates. Bonus: It's safe to use if you have gluten sensitivities and even comes in a 2-ounce option should you need a liquid wash for travel.

4. The Best For Damaged Hair: This French Pharmacy Favorite That Treats Dryness And Split Ends

Klorane Shampoo with Desert Date



Don't let hair damage get you down. A gentle formula like Klorane's Shampoo With Desert Date will bring brittle strands back to life, thanks to a super creamy combination of fatty acids and proteins. Its star ingredient, desert date, is loaded with those aforementioned fatty acids and wheat-derived proteins (sorry, this one's not gluten-free!) that strengthen the keratin structure of the hair. As you massage the ultra lathering shampoo into your scalp, it silently works to repair damage (split ends, for example) for a super soft end result.

5. The Best For Scalp Irritation: This Tea Tree-Infused Formula That Balances Oil Production

Avalon Organics Shampoo, Scalp Treatment Tea Tree



Treating an irritated scalp requires simple-yet-balancing ingredients. Avalon Organics' Scalp Treatment Tea Tree Shampoo uses tea tree oil — in conjunction with nourishers like vitamin E and quinoa protein — to do just that. The organic, non-GMO formula soothes the scalp as it thoroughly cleanses the hair, promoting that much-needed moisture balance and banishing irritation sans parabens or sulfates. After using it, expect your hair to look and feel bouncy, clean, and comfortable. It's also a great option for overly-oily scalps.

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