Craving Pizza? Get A Gourmet Pie In Minutes With These Outdoor Ovens


Half the job of making a great pizza, comes down to your cooking method. The best outdoor pizza ovens are all freestanding, can reach temperatures of at least 700 degrees, and include a built-in pizza stone that will make even a frozen pie taste like a gourmet meal. But what makes one the best choice for you depends largely on your budget and what kind of heat source you prefer.

  • Gas models: This type requires a propane tank, which offers more convenience than wood-fired models because it's easier to ignite the flame and control the heat levels with a valve. It also doesn't need any additional babysitting, as once it's lit, the heat level stays consistent.
  • Wood-fired models: On the other hand, hardcore pizza enthusiasts who want to ensure they get that authentic charred flavor, may prefer a wood-fired oven. These use charcoal, pellets, or hardwood kindling as fuel, which means they demand more attention as you'll need to tend to the flames by refilling the hopper as needed.
  • Hybrids: You can now get an oven that works with both heat sources, so you can go back and forth depending on the recipe. However, these are the priciest models of the bunch and your upfront investment may also need to include purchasing separate parts.

No matter what fuel-type you go with, though, you'll also be happy to know that these cookers can also be used to roast meats, fish, and even bake breads.

If you want to bring joy and a little bit of Italian flavor to your outdoor space, check out the best outdoor pizza ovens on Amazon below.

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The Overall Best

Fuel source: hybrid

The versatility of this Bertello oven is unmatched at this price point as it's cleverly designed so that you can choose your own fuel source: wood, charcoal, pellets, or gas. Though you'll need to purchase its exclusive propane burner attachment separately in order to use gas, the overall cost of the unit still comes in under comparable models. It can reach the right high temps for creating the crispiest of crusts (930 degrees Fahrenheit) and is capable of handing up to one 12-inch pizza at a time on its cordierite stone. For easy portability there's a carrying handle, the legs fold up, and it weighs 29.4 pounds.

Keep in mind that Amazon users report the opening is on the smaller side, making it "challenging to put your pizza in there and more challenging to try and pull it out to rotate it," so in addition to a slight learning curve, you will want to consider also getting the right sized peel (12-inches wide x 14-inches long) to make the process easier.

Fan praise: "Great product! Cooks pizza FAST so pay attention and don't take your eyes off it! It also roasted potatoes perfectly. The fold-away legs make it easily portable! I purchased the gas attachment to use ours with propane Also a solid product."


The Most Lightweight

Fuel source: gas

Weighing only 20.4 pounds, this portable pizza oven is not light on features. In fact, this Ooni model, which won an award for innovation in product design and technology, has collapsible legs and requires minimal assembly. Inside there's a cordierite stone, and the oven can reach heat levels up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, serving you a perfectly cooked 12-inch pizza fast.

An insulated steel shell helps the oven retain heat and the oven has an adjustable temperature control dial that you'll appreciate when roasting vegetables or fish. The pizza oven is gas-only, so you'll need to attach a propane tank to fire it up.

Fan praise: "Ooni nailed it with this sleek, amazing oven. Our friends are blown away and we look like pros slinging 12" pies at the campground, in our driveway or anywhere we take this baby! Easy to set up. You'll burn the first one and master the second! Pre-heat oven for 25 minutes, then drop to lowest temp for 5 minutes. Slide in that pizza, turn it often and enjoy! Little sauce & minimal toppings are best on Neapolitan. Cheers!"


The Most Affordable Gas Oven

Fuel source: gas

The heat output on this Camp Chef model is significantly lower than the others on this list (700 degrees Fahrenheit), but Amazon fans rave that pizza still comes out "perfectly baked." Plus, as another user puts it, it's "by far the best value for the cost." The stainless steel, double-walled oven uses gas and comes with a stone, a built-in temperature gauge, and a valve so that you can adjust the heat accordingly. It weighs 47 pounds and will fit up to one 12-inch pizza at a time.

Fan praise: "This thing is awesome. We were considering outdoor gas pizza ovens that cost more than $4000 and we wanted to be sure we really wanted a pizza oven first. Now that we have it, we don’t see any reason to spend more. It’s fantastic. Heats up quickly, cooks pizzas in about 4 min. It does take some getting used to so that you don’t get it too hot and burn the bottom of pizzas before the rest is cooked. So far, we leave the door off and let the temperature come down a bit between pizzas and that seems to work. Definitely recommend!"


The Most Affordable Wood-Fired Oven

Fuel source: wood

You can save some serious dough when you go with this inexpensive freestanding stainless steel pizza oven, which can make 11-inch pies and heat up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a closed-firebox design with a stone inside and a helpful wooden door handle that stays cooler to the touch. It uses wood chips or pellets, features a useful temperature gauge display, and has a chimney, which helps smoke easily release. There's a helpful carrying handle on the top, though the weight is not disclosed (and according to a reviewer, might weigh up to 90 pounds), so if you're looking for a lightweight option, one of the other picks on this list might be a better fit.

Fan praise: "I was going to get a kit that would turn my name brand Charcoal kettle grill into a pizza oven, but I came across this for not much more in price. It is big and heavy, about 90 pounds. We just tried it tonight and the pizza came out great."


The Most Splurge-Worthy

Fuel source: hybrid

The Roccbox pizza oven is the most expensive on this list but worthy of its price when you realize just how many extras you're getting. First, you can choose your fuel type — attach a propane tank for gas, or feed your flames with hardwood kindling or charcoal — but unlike the first pick on the list, it's bundled with all of the necessary converter parts. It also includes an aluminum pizza peel for slipping your culinary creations off of the cordierite stone. Plus, there's a built-in thermometer (it heats up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit) and extra safety features like a rubberized exterior to prevent accidental skin burns. The oven itself is crafted from a thicker insulated, stainless-steel-and-stone box and can cook pies up to 11-inches. Note that while the brand describes it as portable— its legs are retractable— it still weighs about 45 pounds.

Fan praise: "This oven was on my chef-husband’s wishlist for a long while. He was ecstatic to use it and says it is the hottest oven he has ever worked with. He told me that it’s worth every penny and he would actually pay double."


Also Consider: A Pizza Oven That Fits On Top Of Your Grill

Whether you've got a gas grill or a charcoal BBQ, this pizza oven will use the heat from your cooker to toast perfect, 12-inch pies. Just place the oven on top of your grill, and preheat. The oven's pizza stone will work on the crust, making it crispy, while the domed oven cooks the cheese and toppings. This model can also be used to roast vegetables, meat, or make bread. Just note that in order for it to work properly, your grill must be larger than the dimensions of the pizza oven so it sits flat on top— this oven measures 15.75-inches wide by 13.75-inches long by 6.5-inches tall.

Fan praise: "Used this the first day. Just put it into my gas grill and closed the lid. It showed it heated up to 600 degrees. Put my pizza in and within 8 mins I had a excellent homemade pizza. I love this thing."