5 Life-Changing Picnic Blankets To Use At The Park, The Beach, & Everywhere Else

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For a better outdoor picnic, the best picnic blankets are the perfect place to set up shop. These blankets are made from soft, comfortable, and durable materials — and ideally they should have a water-resistant lining or backing to help you stay dry on damp ground. They should also be simple to clean, either in a washing machine or by wiping or hosing them down. Picnic blankets come in a variety of different sizes, so choose one that can accommodate your group.

When purchasing a picnic blanket, pick the material that best suits your needs. Fleece is really soft, so it’s cozy to sit on, especially in colder temperatures. Nylon is water-repellent and breathable, and it’s a nice option for the beach since sand will essentially fall right off it. Polypropylene isn’t necessarily the coziest material, but it’s usually quite cheap and plenty durable. Some blankets come with extra cushioning, too.

You’ll also want to ensure that the picnic blanket you choose is easy to tote around. Features such as straps (to keep the blanket securely rolled up), a carrying bag, or a built-in handle can be useful. Some picnic blankets fold down to ultra-compact sizes, too, so they're easy to throw in your bag. Most picnic blankets are lightweight, so if you’re worried about it blowing away, look for one that comes with stakes to secure it, or built-in pockets that you can fill with sand to keep it weighed down.

These five picnic blankets are all super comfortable to sit on and easy to carry around. And Amazon reviewers adore them, too.

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A Padded Picnic Blanket With A Leather Handle & Straps

  • Size: 69 x 59 inches

When it comes to comfort, it doesn’t get any better than this PortableAnd picnic blanket. The blanket's soft and cozy fleece top layer is great, but the real difference maker is the sponge middle layer — it gives this pick the perfect amount of cushioning. The polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) bottom layer is totally waterproof, too.

When you’re done enjoying your picnic, this blanket rolls up and can be securely closed with two faux leather straps. The built-in faux leather handle makes for easy carrying. Amazon reviewers adore this stylish blanket, awarding it 4.7 stars on the site. To clean, just wipe it with a wet towel. Choose from two different pattern options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Very nice, my girlfriend and I took it to the dog park and had a picnic. Easy to use, easy to fold, comfortable. I am very pleased with this purchase."


A Fan-Favorite Durable Picnic Mat

  • Size: 78 x 60 inches

Amazon reviewers love this picnic mat from Camco, which is made from a woven polypropylene material that’s durable enough to last. The mat has a knockout 4.6-star rating on the site, among 3,000 and growing reviews.

The entire blanket is made of weatherproof material and should resist mildew. The picnic mat has built-in handles for easy transport, plus pockets to help you stow away necessities when it's all folded up. To clean it, simply give it a good wipe with soap and water.

You can choose from four colorful styles. And if you’d like a bigger blanket, this pick also comes in a 108-by-72-inch size.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Amazing accessory especially if you have kids! Easy to carry and throw in your bag. Great for picnics, beach, and practically anywhere! So useful and I always bring it with me when we have family outings. Price is amazing."


A Warm Picnic Blanket For Cool Or Damp Weather

  • Size: 79 x 58 inches

This picnic blanket from Oceas is simply the coziest. It's made of an ultra-plush fleece material, and it even has insulation to provide extra warmth. The polyester backing is double coated with polyurethane, so it’s totally waterproof. When not in use, the picnic blanket folds down into a compact, water-resistant bag that has a handle for carrying. And just in case the blanket gets dirty, it’s machine-washable — a convenient feature that most picnic blankets don't share.

With a solid 4.7-star rating on Amazon and hundreds of reviews, it's a superb blanket that comes in your choice of three colors.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "I might be more excited about a blanket than I should be. As a camper, you have to have the practical items. This is one of those. This blanket is awesome! and I'm a harsh critic. I bought a similar one a few years back and it was too small, just felt kind of low quality. This is great. The Oceas blanket is a really good size, (could comfortably have a picnic with 4-5 people, or wrap the blanket around 3 people) and packs away really efficiently - small and light. The pack-away size is like, less than 1.5 feet. The fleece sold me and I love it. It's warm, it's practical, it's portable, and the quality/durability is there. Thank goodness. Just do yourself a favor and go for this. You won't be disappointed."


An Extra-Large Picnic Blanket For The Beach

  • Size: 120 x 108 inches

Sand is no match for this WELLAX picnic blanket. It's made of a durable and breathable parachute nylon material that sand won’t cling to; simply give it a shake, and it’ll fall right off. Four built-in sand pockets and four stakes combine to securely weigh down the lightweight 16-ounce blanket so it won’t blow away. And the other great thing about this pick? Its extra-large size can accommodate up to seven people, so your whole family can enjoy it together.

To clean the blanket, machine wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. Available in three colors, this pick comes with an integrated travel pouch for easy carrying and measures only 8 by 4 inches when collapsed. It also comes with a waterproof case for your belongings.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "We bought this blanket last summer for beach trips and wanted to use it a bunch before writing an honest review. I love how this blanket is so easy to spread out onto a sandy beach and how the sand just falls right off when we're done. It's soft and silky to sit on and it feels quite large in person which is great for family picnics or beach days [...] And it packs into the stuff bag that is integrated into the blanket so you don't lose the stuff sack. The bag is small and lightweight so that I can take it anywhere with me without carrying a heavy blanket."


A Compact & Ultra-Lightweight Picnic Blanket

  • Size: 63 x 44 inches

When folded into the integrated storage pouch, this picnic blanket from Matador is 6 by 3.5 inches in size, making it the most compact blanket on this list — it literally can fit in your pocket. The lightweight blanket is made of a nylon material, and it has a polyurethane coating on the back side to prevent water from coming through. Sand pockets and metal ground stakes weigh down the blanket, so it'll stay put.

To clean this one, most Amazon reviewers noted that they just wiped it down with a wet towel or cloth. Choose from four colors: original red, ocean print, black, and alpine green.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: "Just tried this out at the park and I must say, the corner stakes are a game changer. It held up great against the winds, and was rugged enough for a picnic with the dogs. It kept me dry from dew, and it also dried out fairly quickly in the sun. I really like how compact it is. It's now my "go-to" blanket. Perfect for a day pack, but you really could fit it in your pocket."