Stomach Sleepers: These Pillows Were Made Just For You

Stomach sleepers are used to being lectured about all of the reasons why they should sleep on their backs — but it's not that simple to just change your sleeping habits. Investing in one of the best pillows for stomach sleepers, however, might just be the solution you've been looking for — one that'll save you from those pesky aches and pains developing in your neck and back.

An ideal pillow for a stomach sleeper is one that's fairly thin (because imagine the strain on your neck when you're lying face-down for eight hours on a big, puffy pillow). A non-existent pillow isn't going to work, either — it's important to strike a balance between too soft and rock hard.

Materials are also important to keep in mind. Memory foam pillows (as long as it isn't too firm) work well because they allow you to sink right in, but still retains their shape when you lift up your head. Allergy sufferers should look for pillows that are made from hypoallergenic fabrics like natural bamboo, which will prevent allergens and dust mites from keeping you up all night.

Below, you'll find options for every type of stomach sleeper — those with back problems, those with allergies, and those who only believe in resting their heads on the softest down feathers.

Best Overall: A Fluffy, Supportive Pillow Designed Specifically For Stomach Sleepers

eLuxurySupply I Am A Stomach Sleeper Pillow, $35-$40, Amazon

For the average stomach sleeper (meaning, one who doesn't have any particular issues, like back pains or allergies), the I Am A Stomach Sleeper Pillow is a solid choice. It's a soft/medium pillow that provides just enough support for your head without propping it up too much (as that can hurt your neck). With a 233-thread count and made of 100 percent cotton, this pillow uses "Never Flat fibers," so it'll stay fluffy, no matter how many times you wash it. It comes in two sizes — standard and king — and prevents the dreaded stiff neck that most stomach sleepers are all too familiar with.

A Thin Pillow Made From Bamboo Memory Foam That's Ideal For Allergy Sufferers

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow, $40-$50, Amazon

If you suffer from allergies, or simply prefer not to sleep on pillows that are made with nasty chemicals (yes, that's a thing), this hypoallergenic memory foam bamboo pillow is perfect. Constructed without ozone depleters, flame retardants, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and other heavy metals, the natural bamboo cover is dust mite-resistant and keeps allergens at bay. Its shredded memory foam construction ensures it retains its shape to support your head and neck, while its thinner-than-most design prevents neck strains and pains. Other standout features include micro-vented "Kool Flow" technology, which keeps the pillow's surface cool, and it's also machine-washable. Choose from standard, queen, and king sizes.

An Adjustable Pillow With Soft, Stackable Inner Layers So You Can Customize Its Height

The Pancake Pillow, $80-$150, Amazon

The Pancake Pillow is super unique because it's adjustable — you can customize its height with the six included down-alternative inserts, depending on your preferences. Add more if you're trying to train yourself to sleep on your back, feel other pillows are too thin, or want more to be propped up while you read a book or watch TV. It has a 300-thread count, cotton outer case, and is hypoallergenic. Choose from a one or two pack in size queen.

An Extra-Soft Face-Down Pillow That Compresses To Become Flat

Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow, $46-$70, Amazon

If you're someone who likes a flat pillow — to the point where you almost want to be able to feel the mattress — this super-soft down pillow compresses to become super thin (though you can also fluff it back up). Stuffed with luxurious duck feathers, it comes in three sizes (standard, queen, and king), is machine-washable, and has 525 to 550 fill power. It has a near-perfect rating among sleepers who prefer a "super squishy" pillow they can sink right into.

A Spine-Straightening Down-Alternative Pillow For People Who Struggle With Back Pain

Sleephi Collection Microfiber Pillow, $40-$45, Amazon

This microfiber pillow is especially suited towards stomach sleepers who struggle with back or neck issues, thanks to its unique design that's flat in the middle and puffier on the sides, which helps to keep your spine straight. With a down-alternative filling, it's hypoallergenic to prevent dust mites and allergens. Plenty of reviewers with chronic back and neck pain say this is the only pillow that offers proper support and eliminates and prevents aches. Choose from standard and king.

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