These Easy-To-Use Popsicle Molds Take The Cake — & They're All Under $20

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Whether you’re making healthy freeze pops for your family, boozy pops for you and your friends, teething popsicles for your baby, or something in between, a mold is a handy gadget to have around. The best popsicle molds can make delicious treats that you can enjoy year-round easily and without much mess.

When it comes to picking a mold, one of the main considerations is the number of pops that the mold can make at a time. Is making four at a time good enough for you? Or are you looking to feed a crowd with your icy treats? Also pay attention to how much liquid you can fill into each freeze pop slot, which is usually somewhere between two and six ounces.

Another consideration? The material of the mold. Plastic is the most common and often the cheapest option. However, it tends to be less durable. Not all plastic molds are BPA-free either, if that is a concern of yours. However, all of the picks below are BPA-free.

Silicone is another option, and is less likely to break since it's more durable than plastic. It also tends to be a bit easier to get the frozen desserts out of a silicone mold since you can gently flex it to loosen the treat, but some people find them a little more difficult to fill. Silicone molds may be a bit costlier upfront, too. There are also stainless steel popsicle molds available, but they tend to be the most expensive, heavier, and tougher to clean so they're not the best choice for most households.

Some molds boast special features like a guard that catches drips. Disposable bags can be a great choice if you’re bringing the pops to an event like a birthday party or tailgate, too.

From novelty molds to disposable ones, here are five great popsicle molds that are highly rated on Amazon and all are $20 or less.


The Best Overall Popsicle Molds, All Things Considered

These BPA-free plastic popsicle molds are easy-to-use and even easier to love. And Amazon reviewers can’t help but agree, with one even writing, “They are a great size for an adult and [I] love that they are individual pieces so that they can be detached from the base after freezing for easier space management in the freezer.” The freeze pop molds can make six at a time and when you're done enjoying your treats, simply toss the molds into the dishwasher. Each treat features a special drip guard, so you don’t have to worry about a sticky mess on your hands or clothes. And that price? You can't beat it. Reviewers say each slot holds about 2 ounces of liquids.


The Best Overall Silicone Popsicle Molds

Made of food-grade silicone, these BPA-free popsicle molds can make 10 pops at a time (each with 3.2 ounces of liquid), which is great if you have a group of people who can’t get enough of the delicious icy treats. An included funnel makes filling the molds super easy, and the silicone allows for breezy removal once frozen. However, these popsicle molds use disposable wooden sticks for the handles, so make sure to always have them on hand. To get you started, this kit comes with 50 sticks as well as 50 bags you can use to store the frozen pops you’ve made. With more than 260 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating, it’s safe to say that these molds come highly recommended. “This was such a nice package: It came with the sticks (handy) and neat plastic bags to put the popsicles in later, so they look just like the ones from the store! The soft mold has a nice spill proof top, that also holds the popsicle stick perfectly centered and upright. The best thing is that the popsicles are EASY to remove,” one reviewer wrote.


The Cutest Popsicle Molds

These popsicle molds from Tovolo make the cutest popsicles out there; choose from a variety of fun shapes like penguins, monsters, and zombies. The BPA-free silicone molds allow you to make four pops at a time. The base tray is designed to fit in a freezer door and even has handles, so you can move it super easily. When it’s time to remove the popsicles, simply flex the silicone and they should pop right out.

Reviewers on Amazon can’t get enough of them. “We have several sets of these popsicle molds. They work very well. We've used them with juice pops, pudding pops, smoothie pops and jello pops. All of them came out easily and the shapes turned out really nicely,” one wrote. Reviewers say that each popsicle slot holds about 2 ounces.


The Best Popsicle Molds For A Crowd

With 125 bags that hold 3.5 ounces each, this set of disponsible popsicle mold bags from Frozip are perfect to take on the go for a gathering. The 100 percent BPA- and phthalate-free bags are super durable and can even be zip-sealed for extra convenience. They’re also easy to fill: simply pour in fluids (the pouring is made even easier thanks to the included funnel), lay flat in the freezer, and let them turn into icy goodness. With more than 800 reviews on Amazon and a 4.3-star rating, reviewers say that these bags are super solid and won't burst open. “These little bags are terrific! I've gone through quite a few with the little ones in my family. We've made all sorts of frozen fruit pops. I haven't had any issues what so ever. [...] They close easily and freeze great. I just laid them out in a little tray and stuck them in the freezer over night and voila! Fresh, frozen, healthy treats,” one reviewer explained.


The Best Popsicle Molds For Kids

The 4.6-star rating on Amazon proves just how much reviewers adore these popsicle molds from Zoku — and they can’t help but to rave about how great they are for kids. “Good quality and perfect size for my kids. We love the ring pop look; it's fun and easy for little hands to hold,” one reviewer wrote. The circular handle is easy for little and big ones to hold, while the drip guard helps keep messes to a minimum. These popsicle molds are made of BPA-free plastic, and you can make six popsicles at a time (with 2 ounces of liquid in each one). The slim tray fits easily into your freezer door, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space either. Zoku also makes a variety of other popsicle molds including fun designs (like dinosaurs) and even round pops.

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