Save Money & A Trip To The Nail Salon With These Professional Manicure Tools

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Doing your nails at home saves money and can make for a relaxing night in. But getting the same results as you would at a salon requires quality tools. The best professional manicure tools are durable and include essential tools needed to trim, file, buff, and shape nails. Whether you’re giving yourself a gel manicure, applying acrylic nails, or searching for a travel-friendly kit to simply keep your nails filed, here are some things to keep in mind while you shop.


Manicure tools that last the longest and are the most effective will be made of stainless steel. Many of the lower priced products will instead be made of non-stainless steel or aluminum. These products can be excellent value, but may not last as long or be as sharp.

Essential Tools

Most manicure kits will include approximately 10 to 12 tools. The most common and essential tools found in a quality manicure kit include nail clippers, cuticle nippers, a cuticle trimmer, polish pusher, tweezers, a nail file, an ear pick, and multi-purpose scissors. Some kits include pedicure tools and higher-end kits may include additional tools like a steel nail file and facial hair scissors.

If you want to apply gel polish or acrylics at home, a gel polish set often comes with a UV light to set polish — and an electronic manicure kit with interchangeable heads can shape and buff nails with more speed and power.

Below you’ll find the best options for professional manicure tools for all budgets and nail needs.

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1. The Overall Best Manicure Set

This 11-piece manicure kit includes both manicure and pedicure tools and comes at a reasonable price. All of the tools are made of sturdy stainless steel, unlike some other options you'll find within the same price range. The set includes two nail clippers (one for fingers and one for toes), cuticle nippers, ingrown toenail clippers, a cuticle trimmer, polish pusher, scissors, nail file, and a V-shaped cuticle trimmer, and it even comes with tweezers and an ear pick. Reviewers describe the tools as sharp and strong and they come packed in a zippered travel case.

Helpful Review: "This is a really good manicure set for what it costs. All of the edges of the clippers, nippers, and tweezers are sharp and meet up well. All of the tools feel well made and sturdy. A cool bit I found out was the nail clippers have a different file on them (and it actually looks functional unlike most)."

The Best High-End Professional Manicure Set

This professional manicure kit is more expensive than the others on this list, but it is also an investment kit that should last a long time. The tools are designed with durable stainless steel made in Seki, Japan, a city that is famous for producing quality steel. The kit includes 9 tools: nail clippers, nail nippers, cuticle nippers, cuticle remover, nail and cuticle cleaner, cuticle pusher, a steel nail file, and other tools like nostril hair scissors and tweezers. The tools are wrapped in a portable zippered case. Many reviewers rave about the quality of this kit, saying it stands apart from more affordable options because of its weightier tools that are extremely sharp.

If you prefer a high-quality kit with pedicure tools, this pick by the same manufacturer comes with toe nail clippers, though it only features six tools.

Helpful Review: “Just an excellent set. I really wished I had purchased this years ago. For the first time in my life, I have the right tools for the job. Everything in the set in beautiful and the sharpened instruments are very sharp and there is no flex when using [them].”

The Best On A Budget

If you’re looking for all of the essential manicure tools you need but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this affordable manicure set costs just $10 and boasts more than 700 reviews. It comes with 12 manicure and pedicure tools and even a skincare tool: a toenail clipper, nail clipper, diagonal nail clipper, multipurpose scissor, nail file, cuticle trimmer, single-edged double-sided push stick, V-shaped push stick, and other tools like an eyebrow tweezer, ear pick, peeling knife, and blackhead needle and loop remover. Its tools fit in a faux leather carrying case that snaps close and easily fits in a purse or suitcase.

Unlike pricier options, this set is made from steel, but not the more durable stainless steel. While reviewers say the tools are sturdy, they also say they are smaller than most manicure tools on the market.

Helpful Review: "Very good nail set for the price. Didn’t want to spend so much money at nail salons so I decided to give myself a manicure. With this set it was seamless and provided great results."

The Best For Gel Manicures

If you’re looking for a more long-lasting manicure, this gel polish grooming kit comes with manicure tools like three different nail files, a cuticle fork, and a buffer block, but it also features 10 gel polishes, base and top coats, and an LED lamp to set your polish. The set even comes with accessories for nail art such as stickers, rhinestones, nail glue, and nail art remover paper. Reviewers mention the 36-watt LED lamp does take longer than a typical salon light, but works really well if you’re patient. The tools are made with steel, though it is not clear whether they are stainless steel.

Helpful Review: “Works better than I thought it would. Yay. Gave myself a Mani/Pedi 3 weeks ago and the polish and everything looks great still!"

The Best Electric Manicure Set

If your nails need more TLC or you have acrylic or gel nails, an electric manicure set can more powerfully groom your nails. This battery-powered manicure set comes with 9 attachment heads for buffing, smoothing, filing, and shaping nails and toe nails and it lasts for up to three hours on one charge. The cordless tool has a built-in LED light to illuminate your nails while you work, making sure no spot is left unfinished and it comes with a zippered storage bag. You can select from one of the three speed settings and reviewers say it works as well as salon tools, especially when it comes to filing nails.

Helpful Review: “I hate filing my nails or doing them in general so I was looking for an easier way to do that at home instead of spending $40+ at a nail salon ... This is perfect for that. It is easy to use, I have no experience doing nails. I can watch TV and do this at the same time. Filing is the best part, but [it is] also good for removing excess skin/hang nails.”