5 Pull Up Bars That Won't Destroy Your Door Frame

by Marisa Donnelly
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Pull up bars are incredible for upper body workouts. But they're also great at destroying walls and door frames. To prevent the latter from happening, it's important to make sure that you're not only getting the best pull up bar for your routine, but also one that can be properly and safely installed in your home.

In theory, choosing the right pull up bar seems pretty straightforward. After all, it's just a stationary bar, right? In reality, there are tons of options in terms of grip positions, installation, sizes, and price points. The very best pull up bars have multiple grips, are versatile in how they can be used, install and uninstall with ease, and are padded to add comfort, plus protect the surface on which they’re hanging.

Of course, not everyone needs the very best, some people may be more comfortable with a sturdier, wall-mounted bar over a more versatile door-mounted option. Others may be inclined to spend a little more money on a pull up bar that promises to be the least damaging to a door frame. And everyone needs to take into consideration whether their chosen unit will fit in there home.

With that in mind, the best pull up bar for most people, may not be the best pull bar for everyone, so I've included a pretty universal option as well as a few more that offer noteworthy features some people may find more appealing.


The Best Pull Up Bar For Most People (& Most Door Frames)

This Multi-Grip Heavy Duty Bar by Sportneer is the best overall pick for style, construction, combination of grips, weight allowances, and the ability to fit to thicker moldings (as well as standard-sized ones).

The first qualities that really sets the bar apart are its wide range of grip positions. With a width of up to 41 inches (longer than most pull up bars), it has 12 cushioned foam grips for the most versatility of any bar.

Bottom Line: Excellent Grip Options, Fits Most Doors, & Great Price

The different grips and U-shape helps work the upper body from multiple angles, and targets specific muscle groups. Plus, not only can it be used as a standard pull up bar when mounted, it can also be quickly and easily removed from its mount to be used for floor exercises such as sit ups and push ups.

This bar fits door frames 24 to 36 inches wide (which is wider than most) and can be mounted to thicker molding than standard bars (up to 6 inches wide). It also comes with J brackets for easy installation, holds up to 330 pounds, and is made of durable, high-grade steel. Plus, unlike a lot of pull up bars, this one ships the pull up bar as one piece (rather than two pieces that are slotted together), to ensure a sturdier construction.


The Best Budget-Friendly Pull Up Bar

If you are looking for a smaller, less intrusive unit, the Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar is a great pull up bar. Although it has fewer grip options than the Sportneer (the top pick), this model has three distinct grips — narrow, neutral, and wide — which is more than enough for most people.

Home renters will also appreciate that unlike the Sportneer, this model requires no screws or bolts to install. Plus, weighing just over 5 pounds, this lightweight bar can easily mounted and unmounted to transition from upper-body workouts to floor workouts for a total body routine.

The Iron Gym holds slightly less than the Sportneer bar (300 pounds), and is slightly more limited on what door frames it can adhere to (door frames 24 to 32 inches wide). Additionally, while the Sportneer can be constructed to fit trim up to 6 inches in width, the Iron Gym can only fit 3.5 inches. However, this bar is on the lower end of the price scale, only $20! And with over 4,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s a smart buy for all the standard features.


The Bar That Promises To Do The Least Door Damage

Slightly higher in price, the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro — with three grip options, a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and door frame fit of 33 inches wide (plus molding fit of 6 inches like the Sportneer) — has one distinct feature that sets it apart: the door frame guard. The bar has thick foam pads and flat-design patented guards that completely prevent frame damage.

The Multi-Gym Pro also has a crossbar that rests on the door frame, allowing for wider angle pull ups and removing issues with elbow room because arms are in front of the bar instead of inside the door.

Like the other models, this one can also be quickly and easily unmounted to be used for floor workouts, and doesn't require any screws or bolts to install.


The Best Pull Up Bar For Tall People

This extra large pull up bar is one of the rare models that curves upwards, which means taller people do not have to keep their knees fully bent while they hang. It also has a thicker bar, which is better for larger hands, and it can hold up to 300 pounds. The pull up bar is even one solid piece for a sturdier construction, making this the best choice for an all-around larger person.

In terms of the standard features, this model has four grips and can be easily mount and unmounted to transition from hanging workouts to floor exercises.

As far as installation, this bar can fit door fames from 24 to 36 inches wide (like the top pick on this list), but can only accommodate moldings 3.5 inches thick (unlike the top pick on this list). This is also another option that doesn't require screws or bolts to install, making it every easy to put up and take down.


The Best Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bar To Hold Up To 500 Pounds

The Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Pull/Chin Up Bar is for someone who wants more security than a simple door frame. Holding up to 500 pounds, it’s heavy duty and secure.

This bar is also the most customizable option. It allows for custom widths: 16, 32, or 52 inches apart and can be adjusted based on ceiling or user height (plus you can purchase an extra steel tube for even greater height, if needed). The bar itself has a matte powder coating to prevent slipping (unlike some of the chrome/steel materials of other bars). And spanning a width of up to 53 inches, it allows for a variety of grips and exercises, far beyond that of a standard pull up bar.

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