5 Hella Quiet Hair Dryers That Won't Wake Up Your Roommate

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Clearly, there are many reasons why owning one of the best quiet hair dryers would make your life easier. Whether you live with roommates with alternate schedules or have a snoozin' infant, styling your hair with a loud hair dryer can yank anyone out of a peaceful sleep. Blow dryers use powerful motors that produce rapid airflow to circulate heat through your strands, but unfortunately most of them also circulate quite a bit of racket too. When you do come across a heat styling tool that promises a quiet lull of airflow, it’s likely to be a travel-sized model that isn’t as effective as your loud, yet trusty, blow dryer. Fortunately, a revolution of quiet hair dryers is among us to keep your heat styling on point without annoying your loved ones.

You’ve probably come across or even owned a blow dryer that promises a speedy hair styling routine and while those tools can be highly enticing for folks short on time, they tend to produce more noise. If you’re willing to add a few more minutes to your morning routine to give your housemates a few more minutes of blissful sleep, there are some effective dryers that have the ideal balance between noise, performance, and even energy use. Many innovative designs use more blades to create a higher sound that’s inaudible to the human ear: think dog whistles, but don’t worry, your pup likely thinks your current noisy dryer is a demon anyway.

If you are tired of getting passive aggressive text messages from your roomies about your ear-splitting hair routine, waking up your spouse, or missing a package because you didn't hear the doorbell, investing in one of the quietest hair dryers will give you the style you want while offering everyone some peace and quiet.

The Absolute Best: An Investment Worthy Dryer That's Energy Efficient And Has A Built-In Silencer

Equipped with a revolutionary engine that includes a built-in silencer, this lightweight hair dryer is going to be a dream come true for your ears and hair. It uses ionic technology to provide faster drying time breaking down water molecules. This ceramic blow dryer will eliminate static, prevent heat damage, and still allow you to easily achieve your favorite styles by feeling virtually weightless in your hands. From recycled packaging to energy efficiency, buying this blow dryer will show your appreciation for the earth, your hair, and your roomies.

An Ionic Hair Dryer With An AC Motor That Seriously Cuts Down On Dry Time

According to loyal Amazon reviewers, this award-winning hair dryer is as powerful as it is quiet. The professional AC motor and ionic technology cut down on drying time and the possibility of heat damage. With long-lasting salon-quality results, this heating tool has all the features of a traditional hair dryer without the noise. It offers two heat settings, three speeds, and includes a cool shot button to lock styles in place. This blow dryer comes with two concentrated nozzles for your hair preference as well as an extra long cord that gives you the flexibility to blow dry further away from your sleeping boo. Not that you need to as satisfied customers say that this blow dryer is much quieter than drug-store models.

A Professional-Quality Hair Dryer With A Unique Fan Design That Makes It Ultra Quiet

Thanks to its unique fan design, this hair dryer is quieter than most — but don't just take the company's word for it. More than 300 Amazon reviewers have left glowing reviews, with dozens of them specifically calling out how incredibly quiet this dryer is. It's sized for salon use, which means it's larger than your average hair dryer but only weighs 1.5 pounds and for a professional-quality hair dryer it's a steal for only $100. Like most of the models on this list, it also has ceramic, tourmaline, and ionic technology for healthy-looking hair and a faster dry time.

An Affordable Hair Dryer That Is Really Lightweight And Perfect For Travel

This quiet, lightweight hair dryer weighs less than 2 pounds, making it the perfect option for travel. It delivers airflow that’s three times stronger than most dryers so you can dry your hair faster and with less risk of damage. With thermostatic technology that provides an even airflow and ceramic tourmaline tech to cut down on static, this is one of the best bang for your buck quiet dryers you’ll find.

A Budget-Friendly Dryer With Diffuser And Narrow Concentrator

Ergonomically designed to comfortably style hair and economically priced to comfort your wallet, this may not be the quietest hair dryer on the list, but it is a great way to dry the hair without causing a disturbance. It comes with three heat, two speed settings, and a cool shot button; by using ionic technology this dryer dries hair quickly and keeps it shiny and moisturized. The diffuser is a great addition for folks that want to circulate heat and the narrow concentrator attachment allows for precise styling. With an unbeatable price, this hair dryer brings the perfect amount of volume to your hair and home.

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